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Every year for Opening Day at Del Mar, San Diegans put on their fanciest garb to drink and act a little stupid. That means seersucker suits for the guys (with a few poor misguided souls looking like something out of Miami Vice) and floppy hats and tight dresses for the gals. I’ve never been the type to wear tight dresses, and I look goofy in big floppy hats, so I’ve always gone a different route. Last year I wore a seersucker short suit, and this year, I wore this.

And, just as the photos above start, I too started the day in heels (not the ones shown here, but another pair I hadn’t worn in years…hmm…now I know why) which went rogue on me very quickly. My feet are still healing from the giant blister they gave me. Luckily, I had the foresight to throw foldable flats in my handbag which relieved my feet during the last legs of the day.

Earlier this month, I found a great shirt on Pinterest and after some sleuthing, discovered the source was a newly launched company called California Tailor. The brains behind the brand is a Londoner living in Los Angeles, who melded her love for both cities into one brilliant idea…the perfect shirt, rooted in British tailoring, but instilled with the causal laid-back vibe of California. As someone who is infatuated with traditional British tailoring, and in love with my home town of LA, this concept was right up my alley. The fabrics are beautiful, and attention to detail is superb. This shirt, for example, is made of a double cloth fabric that is plaid on one side, and polka dot on the other. I love the little peek of polka dots at the collar and rolled sleeves, and the fabric is heavenly soft. Add to this that every shirt is made in the USA (Los Angeles to be exact), and I’m a big fan. The fit is meant to be slouchy and boyfriendy, so keep that in mind if you decide to give them a try.

— Outfit Details —

Shirt thanks to California Tailor
Skirt Torn by Ronny Kobo thanks to Shopbop (also here)
Heels Cole Haan (old)
Flats thanks to Tieks
Clutch wallet thanks to Emerson Fry
Belt J.Crew
Sunglasses Oliver Peoples
Watch thanks to Daniel Wellington
Necklaces vintage & Downtown LA
Rings Catbird, vintage & Downtown LA

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Flora

    Kelly, I am SO happy to have stumbled across your blog today.

    I’m 4’11 too and have been completely fed up on the clothing front. I’ve been finding it so hard to find things to fit, and to find my own sense of ‘style’. I’ve struggled with the whole not wanting to look any younger (I’m 22, baby-faced and ALWAYS asked for identification!) and shyed away from anything girly…I hate being called ‘cute’, especially in the office!

    Anyway, I’m really pleased to discover your blog, and it’s great to see how you incorporate some masculine pieces in to lots of your outfits. You’re really inspiring me to be a bit braver and try out different things, and helping me find brands that fit!!!

    Will be following you on Instagram & Twitter for constant inspiration ;)

    Have a great day,


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