Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Now Live!


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Finally! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially live for everyone! Here’s a fresh round of picks, and be sure to check out my first round, since a lot of those are still hanging around as well. The sale goes until August 3rd, after which prices go up!

PS…here’s the link about those faux diamond earrings on Feather Factor. ;)

Happy shopping!

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  1. says: Erica

    Do you find the seam on the top of the cup of the bras shows through under t shirts? My biggest pet peeve is when the edges of the cup curl out after a few washes and makes a ridge. It looks terrible! Maybe this stitching would prevent that?

    1. says: AlterationsNeeded

      Hi Erica! I’ve been buying, wearing and washing those CK bras for a few years now and never had a problem with the cups curling. The only time they show under shirts on me are those post “time of the month” size fluctuations when I don’t fill out the cups quite as well as I normally do…not the bra’s fault. ;)

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