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Hi, everyone! I was in the midst recently of a jewelry re-organization project (meaning…my dresser top was overflowing, jewelry was getting lost, and I wasn’t taking very good care of some of my more expensive stuff), and realized I needed a better way to organize and display my jewelry. Around the same time, I unearthed some old cigar boxes I had stowed away for some unforeseen reason. A little Amazon shopping later, I was able to repurpose those old cigar boxes into pretty cool jewelry displays and thought some of you might be interested in the DIY.

Here’s what I used:

1) Old cigar box  –  lots of cool vintage ones can be found on eBay and Etsy, or use an unfinished crafting cigar box for your own design.

2) Foam jewelry display pads. I used these velvet top ones. I like these because you can insert rings, stud and hook earrings, and even small pendants into the foam slots.

NOTE: These foam pads are cool because you can turn anything into a jewelry box just by trimming and inserting one. It’s a cool way to create a unique gift for someone, or create a secret, inconspicuous jewelry hiding place.

3) Chalk.

4) Scissors. The ones pictured are Nate Berkus for Target.


What you do:

1) I added a few pieces of cardboard at the bottom of the cigar box for the foam pad to lay on top of, so it would sit a little higher.

2) Run the chalk along the inside edge of the bottom opening of the cigar box. You want to leave a light layer of chalk.

3) Line the foam pad up to the cigar box as you’d like it, and lightly press the underside of the foam pad down. The chalk layer along the opening of the cigar box will leave a light outline on the foam pad.

4) Use scissors to trim the foam pad along the outside of the chalk outline (error on the side of cutting the foam bigger rather than smaller, because a larger foam piece can be easily squished into the box, but a too small foam piece will look funny).

5) Wipe off any chalk residue.

6) Insert the trimmed foam pad into the cigar box.

7) Add your jewelry and enjoy your cool new jewelry box!

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  1. says: Ana

    What a cool idea! Back in the early 2000’s, we used to convert cigar boxes into clutches. I think my sister might still have mine, but this is such a great idea and I also have the same problem of lost and damaged jewelry. Thanks for the idea!

  2. says: Kblossoms

    Super creative idea! I’m all for hand made jewelry boxes and jewelry. I normally hang all my necklaces on a manzanillo tree that I got free from a friend’s wedding. I glued cherry blossoms on it to make it prettier. I also made one for my wedding to hang all my nature inspired jewelry that I make here:

    Check out my cherry blossom wedding tree I hand made for my wedding and I used it afterwards to hang my jewelry

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