Naturally Unnatural – Do You Distress Your Distressed Denim?






I’ve been wearing these jeans non-stop with a clear purpose…to wear in the distressed knees in the most natural looking way possible. Which, when you think about it, is pretty absurd. I mean, I want my unnaturally distressed jeans to wear in naturally. Duh. Come on. They’re store-bought to look like I’ve had them forever. How is that natural? But do you get where I coming from? I’m obviously looking for that lived-in jeans look, except without all the years of abuse it takes to get them there (as is everyone buying distressed denim these days). Often times, denim that is purposely slashed up by its owner just looks contrived and like a craft project, so I want my fake-old jeans to look as non-fake-old as possible. Err…does that even make sense?

Anyway, my plan with these jeans has been to let the distressing naturally break down over wearing and washing, but now I’m thinking that may not be the way you’re supposed to do it. Take this look from Intermix for example. The jeans look perfectly lived in, but when you look at the non-styled jeans, you can see that the stylist took some liberties with the distressing and tore up the threads even more to achieve that perfectly worn-in look.

So, now I’m wondering…should you distress your distressed denim for the perfect distress? Or is naturally unnatural the way to go?

PS…Amazon has this watch on pretty good discount right now. ;)

— Outfit Details —

Blazer Theory outlet (old) (similarsimilar)
Shirt Zara (another cool lace detail tee & in petite)
Jeans Rag & Bone thanks to Shopbop
Belt Sid Mashburn
Shoes Kate Spade
Handbag Sophie Hulme (same size)
Watch Michael Kors (on sale!)
Bracelet vintage
Necklaces vintage and Stella & Dot (gifted)
Rings vintage & Catbird
Tie Bar (as brooch) vintage

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Oona

    I always, always go through the right knee first! So… No, I don’t do a thing to my jeans, because I don’t want to go flapping around with one knee all the way out while the other one waits in the wings. :)

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