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There’s those jeans again, slowly getting those knees worn in…whoohoo! But what I’d really like to talk about today is hats! There are several components to finding a hat that fits. There’s the circumference, which is the actual measurement around which dictates if it’s fits your head. Then there’s the brim length, which can do all kinds of crazy things visually to the size and shape of your face, kind of like how sunglass shapes compliment or detract from different face shapes. Then there’s the crown height, which is how tall the hat sits on your head.

Having a pretty small head relative to the rest of me, I’ve learned a few things while hat shopping. First, finding hats that come in multiple sizes is always nice, because as we all know, one-size-fits-all does not indeed fit all. This hat, for example, came in sizes xs though xl (the one I’m wearing is size xs). Second, a 2 1/2″ brim seems to be my sweet spot. I’ve yet to find one bigger that hasn’t looked comical on me. Third, a shorter crown height is the way to go for me, and the hardest to find! Not many online stores will list the crown height (although Shopbop does!), and most hats I’ve tried measure in at about 5″ or taller. Having such a small head, a crown that height just looked funny on me, and it took me a while to figure out the secret sauce for why this hat worked on me, but every other hat I tried looked weird.

The magical crown height was the key for me, which is why I found a keeper with this fedora (Nordstrom had size xs, and it was on sale. Check stores if you’re interested). The crown measures in at 4 1/2″, which looks a bajillion times better on me than one with a 5″ crown. That little half an inch makes a big difference.

For anyone else looking for hats with a smaller crown, Rag & Bone is a favorite of mine (also here). The floppy brim fedora styles I’ve tried have pretty consistently had a 4 1/2″ crown, and come in multiple sizes.

— Outfit Details —

Shirt J.Crew (on sale!)
Jeans Rag & Bone thanks to Shopbop
Hat Brixton (also here, here & here) (with black band)
Belt J.Crew
Shoes Givenchy (this season’s version)
Handbag Givenchy (different leather) (LOVE the grey!)
Watch Michael Kors (on sale!)
Bracelet vintage
Necklaces vintage and Stella & Dot (gifted)
Rings vintage & Catbird

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: Echo

    I just discovered your blog today and I am hooked! I love the way you dress and the way you carry yourself. I am also very petite, 4’11, (though I sometimes say I am almost 5 feet :P)

    I love high heels, pumps, but with very small feet(I wear youth size 2 in running shoes!)I can almost never find the right size. can you share where/how you find those shoes?

    Thank you for the blog.

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