Mail Monday – How Many Sizes Can You Tailor an Item Safely?


Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Once again, here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

– questions have been paraphrased, combined, or shortened for brevity.

I found an item I love but can only get it in a size that is four sizes too big. Can it be tailored down to my size?

A:As a general rule, most tailors will tell you they can only really alter down an item up to two clothing sizes. Anything more than that and the garment will need some pretty extensive surgery to whittle it down to size. I’ve seen a tailor alter an item down four sizes, but it cost a pretty penny. I’ve also heard that certain exceptional clothing items, like the famous Chanel tweed jacket for example, are crafted with enough seam allowance that they can be tailored up to two clothing sizes in either direction. I’ve read accounts of women having their tailors up-size their Chanel jackets during pregnancy, and then whittle them back down afterward.

Is it true? Did Jean just get engaged?

A:Yes!! Okay, this isn’t a real reader question, but come on! How cute are these two?! ;)
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