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Hello, everyone! This is a continuation in my experiment in different ways to wear a dress shirt. After first exploring the merits of leather (layered on for texture), I’ve moved on to the feminine contrast of lace.

And speaking of lace, let me just say, Zara has some great lace right now. I’m a big fan of larger patterned, sheer lace, especially when used in unexpected ways and contrasting colors (this lace paneled Carven sweater is a great example).

Exhibit A: this shirt (product link) caught my eye right away, in a summery linen with asymmetrical lace shoulder detail. Beware that the lace is sheer, so undergarments should be chosen wisely (I’m still working on what exactly works best, but I’m determined to figure it out!).

Exhibit B: these lace camisoles, which come in deep blue and blush (I’m hoping they add black to the lineup). I’m not brazen enough to wear these cropped, sheer babies as a stand alone top, but I love the layering possibilities. A peek of sheer lace from under a menswear style dress shirt gives it a relaxed feminine touch. The straps are non-adjustable and way too long for me, but two hastily-tied knots made a quick fix until I can sit down with a sewing kit to shorten them up.

— Details —

Shirt Banana Republic (old) (similar & similar)
Camisole Zara
Jeans Rag & Bone
Shoes Kate Spade
Belt J.Crew (on sale)
Handbag Sophie Hulme (same size) (similar & similar)
Watch Michael Kors (also at Zappos)
Necklace Rachel Zoe (Nordstrom Rack find) (similar)
Rings vintage & Catbird
Sunglasses Oliver Peoples (also here)

— Altered —

Shirt has had darts added

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  1. says: Angela

    You may want to try a nude sticky bra (if they still make them). It’s not that weird silicone kind, it is just like a bra that sticks on.

  2. says: Deb

    I was wearing an almost identical outfit today! You look good as always! Since I started following your blog, I have been endlessly surprised at how similar our taste and wardrobes are…..and our height….and our hair! Your handbag collection is divine.

  3. I saw your Instagram post on the Zara tee and ordered it immediately – thanks for sharing the great find! I was also wondering about the bra situation with that tee…I’ll wait till it makes its way to me, but I’d love to hear what you come up with!

    1. Thanks Roxanna! Hope you like it as much as I do! So far, I’m thinking a lace black bra looks best, because a lace bra just feels like something you don’t mind showing off a little, plus its lace mixes with the lace of the shirt, so it works. A nude bra works too, but it feels kinda weird to me since nude bras feel so…naked. But a nude bra looks great because you don’t see it, so the contrast lace pops.

  4. says: Anita B

    I love this look on you, I’m going to give it a try this week.
    Can you do a post on rolling sleeves for blazers and button down shirts? I can’t get mine to scrunch up and stay up grr

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