Mail Monday – Paris Travel Apps & Taming Bulky Scarves


Happy Monday, everyone! Here are some more questions I thought might be of interest to others. Enjoy! =)

– questions have been paraphrased, combined, or shortened for brevity.

I remember reading on your trip to Paris, that you had a map on your phone that you could use offline. Would you be able to tell me what app or website it was?


Of course! The app I used is called “Pocket Paris” (in iTunes store), and there is also a “Pocket Earth” (in iTunes store) with more locations. These appear to be Apple IOS only, but I’m sure there are similar ones on other networks (search for “offline map gps” and you should find some). The website for the Pocket Earth app is here.

I am petite and love the look of scarves. How can I eliminate some of the fabric? Do you ever cut them down the middle (lengthwise) to get some of the bulk out? Or do you have ways for petites to tie them so they don’t look bulky?


I’ve never cut a scarf in half so it’s thinner but it’s definitely something you could have a tailor do, or do yourself if you’re good with a sewing machine. What I do with bulky scarves is I twist them a few times before putting them on. I hold the scarf lengthwise, one end in each hand, and then spin it a few times like you would to a towel if you wanted to snap it. The twists take out some of the bulk from the fabric. The more and tighter the twists, the less bulk. Usually works just fine for me! ;)

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