Today’s post is an opportunity for two things…to wear red for American Heart Month, and to chat about the awesomeness that is Tieks!

While late to the game in getting this post up (Time is flying! Where did the month go?), consider this a reminder to everyone already fallen off their get healthy New Years resolutions to give your heart some tender loving care. February is American Heart Month, and as someone who has family affected by heart disease , it’s a good reminder to “heart” your heart. =)

Since I’m wearing red Tieks for American Heart Month, let’s talk about ’em!

Let me start by telling you all how I put dents and bruises into my shoulder when I visited New York for the first time two years ago. Since I was going to be out and about all day, running between sight-seeing, dodging rain storms, dinners, and events, I ended up schlepping a heavy, bulky pair of loafers around in my handbag for emergency shoe switch-outs. Walking all over the city with those things taking up space and weight in my handbag was not fun, and absolutely killed my shoulder.

When Tieks was nice enough to send me a pair of their flats (in a super versatile matte black leather), my first thought was to how much I needed these things in my life earlier (no more bulky loafers in my handbag! Yay!). Tieks are durable leather flats that literally fold in half, slip into a compact little pouch, and can be tossed into a handbag for later. And while there are cheaper, thinner alternatives out there, anyone who needs a thick sole and substantial materials to protect their feet from questionable urban grit will appreciate Tieks durable construction. When folded and pouched, they are a tad too big for my small shoulder bags (like my Chanels), but fit easily into bigger clutches like the Clare Vivier (which is back in stock on Shopbop FYI).

Tieks now find their way tossed into my luggage or handbag anytime I suspect a change of shoes to be necessary or convenient. They also make great gifts for people who travel often, and are common bridal party gifts (’cause chances are, those strappy sandals are coming off around the time the music gets good).

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  1. says: Cynthia

    I’ve been wanting a pair of Tieks but been waiting for them to have a special promotion.I know they had 20% off for the holidays. Do you know if they’ll be having something like that soon?


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