Holiday Outfit Ideas For Girls Who Don’t Like Dresses


I don’t like dresses, so every year around this time, panic sets in because the holiday parties are a’coming and I have to scramble to find something to wear. I always thought I had to wear a dress to that holiday office party. Or on NYE. And I always felt frumpy and uncomfortable because I was in a dress I didn’t really like and scraped together at the last minute.

Then, for last year’s holiday party, I had an epiphany…and an awesome pair of navy tweed pants. I was warm, at ease, and got lots of compliments, probably because I was more confident in clothing that better fit my personal style.

So, for all you  non-dress-girls out there…here’s a little cheat sheet to easy holiday outfit ideas that aren’t dresses.

More Holiday Outfit Ideas For Girls Who Don’t Like Dresses (Updated picks for Dec. 2015!)


Perfect White Shirt


Fancy Pants


Black Tie Tuxedo Dressing


The “Carolina Herrera” Full Skirt





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