J.Crew Double-Breasted Schoolboy Blazer Overhaul


I had been eyeing the J.Crew Double-Breasted Schoolboy blazer for the last few seasons, always hopeful it would be released in petite sizes to mitigate the amount of tailoring I’d need to invest. Petites never popped up, but a decent sale on it did, so I picked it up in the regular size and took it for a complete tailoring overhaul.

Why I didn’t think to take “before” photos of this sucker, I don’t know…but the alterations were pretty extensive. This bad boy had the torso slimmed, sleeves slimmed, sleeves shortened, the shoulders narrowed, and the whole blazer raised up at the shoulder for more petite proportions. Once again, I owe this amazing tailoring job to Wendy’s favorite LA tailor, Hector, and definitely would not have had a tailor attempt such alterations if I wasn’t sure he was so talented and capable. Hector also tailored my Rag & Bone Bailey Jacket, and Zara Crossover Tuxedo Style Blouse.


My first attempt at a navy double-breasted blazer was a knit version from H&M, which this one will replace as a better quality wardrobe upgrade.  If I were in a position to be really serious about upgrading, I’d do the beautiful Balmain version, but that’s just wishful thinking. =P



Blazer J.Crew Shirt Banana Republic Jeans Rag & Bone Shoes Givenchy (in smooth leatherHandbag Trussardi (similarNecklace vintage via eBay Watch Michael Kors Bracelet Stella & Dot (c/o) Rings Daisy Knights (similar) & Gorjana

Altered: Blazer has been completely tailored down Shirt has had darts added


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  1. says: Shannon

    Love love love this outfit, especially the blazer. You look great – I wish I could rock skinny jeans like you do!

    Question: I just found your site while scouring the web for bracelets for women with small (read: tiny) wrists…I really love the silver bangles you’ve posted about (and given away/sold) and was wondering if you’d mind revealing where your mother found them? I’m dying to have some!

  2. says: Anna

    I recently bought a school boy blazer from J Crew and noticed that even though it fit well, when I raise my arms in front of me the sleeves in my upper arms are tight and restrict movement. Is this typical with slim sleeves or does the blazer not fit properly?

    1. Blazers are usually at least a little bit restrictive, because the fabric is generally not stretchy like shirts or sweaters, and they are usually sized with the intention to layer under them. In my experience, if your blazer is very tight and restrictive, it may mean that the arm holes are a little big on you, or that the shoulder may be a little small. Personally, I prefer my blazers more fitted, so I don’t mind a little tightness in the shoulder or across the back. If it bothers you, you can try the next size up, and get the torso slimmed back down to size by a tailor. Hope that helps!

  3. says: Nina

    Hi Kelly, I was wondering, if you don’t mind, if you could tell me what size you wear in the Rag and Bone skinny jeans. I am a 25 in most brands, but here these run quite small. I’m also only 5’1 (almost) – how is the length? Did you have these altered at all? Thanks!!!

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