California Fall with J.Crew Copper Bloom Jacquard


It may be fall, but the 70 degree temps we had yesterday sure didn’t feel like it. So, I figured I’d take the unseasonably warm weather as an opportunity to try an outfit with what is perhaps my favorite pair of shorts, ever. When I showed them to Mr. AN, he thought they looked like, “you cut the fabric off a chair from Napoleon’s apartment and made it into shorts.” To which I say, “I know! Isn’t it great?!”

These shorts are from J.Crew’s Crewcuts line, which can yield some pretty great pieces if chosen wisely. Past successes I’ve had include boy’s blazers in navy and herringbone (after all, isn’t the “schoolboy” blazer supposed to look like you’re wearing a little boy’s blazer?). I thoroughly enjoyed a pair of girl’s white shorts until they shrank too much in the wash to pull over my bum (replaced with a Banana Republic version), and let’s not forget the girl’s capri pants Jean discovered last year. I took these shorts in a size 12, and adjusted the elastic at the waist one button hole on either side, fixing a small waist gap. Now they look like they were tailored just for me, and I dare say I like the shorts more than the women’s offerings in the same fabric (here & here).


I really love the juxtaposition of the ornate fabric, done in such a tailored and modern shape. The fact it’s a short just keeps the crazy at a minimum. This fabric in a blazer, for example, I doubt I could have pulled off. I wanted to keep everything else simple, showcasing the print of the shorts with a simple black and white palette, except for the cobalt shoes which I think plays off the cobalt in the shorts really well. I will also look into picking up a black statement necklace, because how much better would this look with something like this (reminds me of feathers!)? Or this? Much better, right?



Blazer Aritzia Shirt Banana Republic Shorts J.Crew Shoes Manolo Blahnik Handbag Chanel Necklace Macy’s (similarWatch vintage Bracelet Stella & Dot (c/o) Pocket Square from Italy

Altered Banana Republic shirt has had darts added :: Manolo Blahnik shoes have shoe inserts added


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      1. Thanks for the reply, Kelly! I have a handful of old bow ties and pocket squares in my possession but haven’t quite been brave enough to actually integrate them into my outfits. I’ve always had an affinity for the feminine-looking menswear look and am inspired by your blog to start experimenting with this more as I re-evaluate my wardrobe!
        Alma @ closet(ed)consumption

        1. Thanks Alma! Definitely start with the pocket squares! They are super easy to wear and people rarely notice them. It’s a great way to “dip your toes”. I wear one pretty much every time I wear a blazer. =)

  1. says: Helen

    I love those shorts on you, and I love Crewcuts even more!!! Going to check it out now :))) I hope it comes out with more “grown up” looking clothes for girls.

  2. says: K

    What are the measurements of these shorts in the 12? I tried their shorts in a 12 in a past season and it didn’t fit, but their measurements always vary from garment to garment. Love the look and the colors!

    1. Thanks K! I’ve had problems fitting into size 12 bottoms before too. These must be running a little big. The measurements are:

      waist: 13″ (has an adjustable waistband)
      hip: 16″
      length: 9.25″
      inseam: 2.5″
      rise: 8″

  3. says: Tanya

    Kelly I’m drooling over these shorts! Couldn’t agree more they are well tailored and look like fabric taken off European royalty furniture! Love it!

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