Wardrobe Textures & the Sophie Hulme Mini Tote

green velvet blazer, sophie hulme hair-calf mini tote, petite fashion blogger, los angeles

I’ve always been drawn to fabric textures, and my shopping excursions are very tactile. I’m that girl who drags her hands over everything, stroking the silks and petting the cashmeres. I’m learning that even though I have my favorite colors, like burgundy and shades of blue, I’m much more interested in textures. Sometimes, texture just makes something better. Take this blazer for example. I have little interest in a green blazer, but a green velvet blazer? Well, that’s another story.

It’s led me to build a closet full of nubby tweeds, rich velvets, shiny patents, and other tactile delights that work to make outfits more interesting than their flat fabric counterparts. Take this outfit…there’s nothing ground-breaking about pairing green and navy, but in varying textures it’s at least a little more interesting.

sophie hulme hair-calf mini tote, petite, fashion blogger, los angeles

If you haven’t heard of Sophie Hulme, she’s one to watch in the handbag world. She’s a British ready-to-wear designer, but it’s her leather goods that have really caught the attention of the fashion world. Her bags are beautifully made, and the hardware is simple but statement making. She won the 2012 British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent in Accessories, has a swoon-worthy collaboration with British brand Globe-Trotter (if I were the type of person to require luggage of this sort, this is the luggage I would own. I mean, really? How beautiful is that?!), and according to her Wikipedia page, is working on a project with J.Crew (What?! Just take my money now, why don’t you?).

J.Crew green velvet blazer, navy stripe sweater

Wardrobe Textures & the Sophie Hulme Mini Tote

green velvet blazer, sophie hulme hair-calf mini tote, petite fashion blogger, san diego

Blazer J.Crew (this year’s velvet version) (greenSweater Banana Republic (similar & similarJeans Rag & Bone Handbag Sophie Hulme (in black calf-hair & burgundyShoes Manolo Blahnik Watch Michael Kors Necklace Gorjana Griffin c/o Lapel Pin ASOS Pocket Square unknown (similar)

Altered J.Crew blazer has had the torso slimmed


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    1. The velvet is definitely warmer than the wool felt J.Crew blazers, although different velvets are different levels of warm. This one is warmer (and thicker) than the Zara one from this post (http://www.alterationsneeded.com/2013/09/happy-accident.html), so if you’re shopping around, definitely look out for thicker velvets. I think with some layers underneath (maybe a button-down and sweater) you could get away with wearing this sans jacket for little while. =)

  1. oh and last thing.. for Jcrew blazers, do you need to get them tailored to get a more fitted look? I like jcrew sweaters on the models, but every time I try them on, they always look baggy and boxy on me. Just wondering how their blazers were on real humans.

    1. This blazer from last year, I got tailored along the seams that run down the back to slim the torso, but I have J.Crew blazers that I haven’t tailored either out of laziness, or because I’m kinda into the boxy fit for the moment. I do think the “new schoolboy” is a teeny bit less boxy than the old version from last year, but it’s nothing too noticeable. It’s personal preference, and I notice the boxy fit with their sweaters as well.

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