Paris in the Fall


After a celebratory dinner, my sly new fiancé slid a little red envelope to me from across the table…“Just one more surprise.” I opened it to find a piece of paper, that when unfolded left me dumbstruck. An itinerary for a trip to Paris!

“You’re taking me to Paris? In the fall?”

Having drunk a lot of café crème and clocked many miles on my velvet loafers, we’re finally home from a wonderful whirlwind of a trip. Paris is so enchanting and I’m forever grateful to have spent my time there with my love. =)



This beauty was a lucky find, and the perfect souvenir from Paris! One of the drawbacks about being petite is needing equally petite accessories. In need of a larger black handbag for some time (my only black bag before this was my teeny Chanel flap), I had my heart set on the glossy finish and clean lines of the Givenchy Antigona. Unfortunately, stores in the US refused to carry the smallest size (Bergdorf Goodman finally started stocking some, but no black), and international online stores quickly ran out despite the crazy high import duty fees. In fact, I never even had the opportunity to lay my eyes on the mystical small size until Wendy tracked one down, which sealed my love for it even more.

A couple of weeks ago, a few popped up on Ideeli, including my ideal shiny black one which I happily ordered & excitedly anticipated her arrival. When it arrived, I threw open the box only to find…the wrong bag! That same day, I learned I was going to Paris, so there was still hope that I might find my pretty, shiny bag after all.

And find her I did, when a Givenchy sales associate at Printemps (a Paris department store) pulled her from under a counter, all while telling me, “it’s the only one, just arrived yesterday!” (I’m sure they say that about all their bags! Ha!) So…here she is! My new little French friend.

I took her out a few times in Paris so she could see the beautiful city of her namesake fashion house before being torn away and banished to the streets of California.



If any of you follow Nicole of Gary Pepper Girl on Instagram, you may have seen this location before. She Instagramed it during my flurry of Paris preparation, and I fell in love. In only a slightly obsessive burst of excitement, I searched for it on Google street view, in the hopes it would be a nice secluded spot to take photos. It looks like Nicole did one of her beautiful photoshoots here, in which I’m sure she did a much better job than our exhausted, jet-lagged selves (plus, the lens we brought with us couldn’t quite get everything in the photo…damn!). Can’t wait for her to post it on her blog!

Details – Banana Republic Factory blazer (similar from Gap J.Crew sweater  Banana Republic shirt  Rag & Bone jeans  J.Crew belt  Miu Miu shoes (in black – similar here & here)  Givenchy handbag (in the larger “medium” size – similar from Kate Spade & 30% off with code FALL13FF, ends today! – similar from Michael Kors & in smaller size Michael Kors watch  Gorjana rings

Altered – Rag & Bone jeans have been hemmed & the ankle slimmed


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  1. says: Une femme

    Wheeeee, Paris! Isn’t it fabulous? I’m so glad you found “your” bag; it’s gorgeous. J’adore Printemps, they have the best sales people.

  2. says: Mady T.

    I love your style! I always turn to you when i am looking for work outfits inspiration…


  3. says: Vicky

    Hi Kelly, congratulation. You are very lucky
    to visit Paris. Your bag is beautiful. I’m happy for you.
    Is that blazer from banana republic outlet current ? Thanks

    1. Thank you Vicky! The blazer is current…bought it less than a month ago. I don’t have the tag anymore but the receipt says: “PP HERRINGB” “011353 1000” – in case you want to call your local store to see if they have it. It’s $119 full price but they always have discounts. Here’s a 10% coupon right here:

    1. Hi Elaine! It’s at the end of a little neighborhood street and a nice quiet spot for a rest away from tourists. Send me an email at kelly(at) and I’ll find it on Google maps for you. =)

          1. says: Alex

            Hi Kelly! I’ll be visiting Paris in a few weeks with my boyfriend and would love to see where you took those amazing photos in front of the Eiffel Tower. Could you let me know the location of the spot?

            Thank you! :)

              1. says: ILAR

                Hi Kelly! I will also be visiting Paris in a few weeks. Can you please email me the location where you took the pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the back?
                Thank you!

  4. says: Aubs

    I follow both nicole and luke but mainly bc luke is an amazing photographer and nicole is such a unique face.

    so let me recap, you got a proposal, got a fatty ring, got a paris trip, and a givenchy hand bag? well someone has been good all year and xmas came early…over and over and over! congrats on everything my dear. I’m very excited to see the new addition on your finger in future posts.

  5. says: Mich LA

    Hi Kelly! I still follow you. :) Just wanted to say congratulations on the engagement! You look so lovely!

    My boyfriend and I were in Paris at the same time and just flew back this past Monday! :) I am feeling intense Paris withdrawals… It is the most beautiful city ever!

    1. Wow! Long time, no blog! I hope you’re doing well, but seeing as you just got back from Paris, I’m guessing you’re doing pretty good. ;)

      So cool that you were in Paris at the same time! Yes, absolutely the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen! My mind is still floating back to images of cute street corners and cafes. Le sigh.

  6. says: Christina

    Hi Kelly! I’m digging back into your blog archives because I’m going to Paris next month and was wondering if you remember where this bridge is? I’d love to visit it for myself! Thanks so much :)

    XO, Christina

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