Mixing Menswear Patterns

J.Crew English Tweed Blazer

The lighter color of this fall blazer lends itself nicely for summer pairings. Throwing it over white pieces brightens the light grey, and the striped shirt (I know, it looks a little blue in these photos, but the stripes are really dark grey) adds a little interest by way of pattern-mixing. I really liked the look of mixing two menswear patterns here. My first instinct was to just wear a plain white shirt, but it felt so bland. A subtle stripe worked really well instead.

I placed the navy flower lapel pin to play off the blues in the blazer, and I believe a dark red bag pretty much goes with everything. I feel the heels look nice with the shorts since I’m so covered up on top, but a pair of black flats would have also worked nicely.

J.Crew English Tweed Blazer

J.Crew English Tweed Blazer

The J.Crew Schoolboy blazer is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. For the price, it’s a great mix of fabric, design, and attention to detail. I’m a sucker for the small lapels, pockets (both inside and out), working button cuffs, and breast pocket. All these things make it a great choice for my wardrobe and how I like to wear my blazers. The fact it comes in special sizes like petite and tall is icing on the cake.

The boyfriend’s first impression of the blazer was how much it looked like a wardrobe upgrade of the Urban Outfitters knit peplum blazer. I didn’t see it at first, but I totally do now.

DetailsJ.Crew blazer :: Banana Republic shirt (similar from J.Crew) :: Banana Republic shorts :: Kate Spade shoes :: Chanel handbag :: ASOS lapel pin (in grey & red) (similar from Nordstrom) :: Banana Republic belt (similar in beautiful fall colors from Ann Taylor):: Michael Kors watch

Altered – Nothing. The blazer might get slimmed at some point in the future.

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  1. says: Olyvia

    Love the neutral plaid design of this jacket! I agree with your bf that this is a great upgrade to the beloved UO jacket :). I find myself buying things similar but better than what I have in my closet lately too!

    1. Thank you Olyvia! I think buying wardrobe upgrades is a great thing! It means you’ve honed in on your style & are now buying better versions for yourself that should hopefully last longer and fit better. =)

  2. says: Lily

    Love the ensemble. Have you tried J Crew Factory blazers? I am wondering what the fit of the boy blazer would be compared to the P00 from JCrew…I find the Factory line fits a bit smaller, but wondering if I should pull the trigger and order a jacket with the 40-50% + free shipping going on right now.

  3. says: michelle

    so you like the new schoolboy better than the classic one? i just ordered two of the new ones (navy velvet and grey wool) hoping they will be better! (i really hope so, i have like no blazers/jackets in my closet right now.)

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