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Sometimes, finding a new way to wear something is a way to break away from the insecurities we may hold for it. For example, I love the idea of wearing a tie, but have a hard time getting over the mind hurdle of actually wearing a tie. I’m shy, so I sometimes feel my clothes speak a little louder to those around me than they actually do. When I wear a tie, my clothes don’t just speak, they scream!

Which is why I think this Marissa Webb blouse is so brilliant! Matching a tie to your blouse feels so much more subtle, and sent me on an endless ordering spree of chambray ties to find a decent match to this shirt I already owned. This one came pretty close, and here’s similar options (shirt & tie) from J.Crew.



Details – Theory blazer (old) (similar) :: Ann Taylor shirt (old) :: Levi’s tie :: Rag & Bone jeans (also here & here):: Banana Republic belt :: Manolo Blahnik shoes :: Clare Vivier clutch (also here & similar here):: Michael Kors watch (also here) :: Vince Camuto bracelet (on sale!) :: J.Crew pocket square :: ASOS collar pin :: vintage tie bar

Altered – Theory blazer has had the shoulders narrowed :: Ann Taylor blouse has been slimmed :: Rag & Bone jeans will be hemmed after a few more washes

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  1. says: WE

    I can never come out of my shell and wear a tie. I don’t think I ever can. If you had not mentioned, I wouldn’t have caught that the tie and the shirt are not one piece..they are almost identical colors. Great job hunting that one down. Also, that jacket is so gorgeous. I love a great white blazer.

  2. says: thepearshape

    I’m always so impressed with your willingness to go outside of your comfort zone or find ways to wear things that are “out of the norm”. Such an inspiration!

  3. says: Tuija

    I’d say you’re trying a bit too hard ;) The tie, the pockets, the hankie, the tie pin, the collar pin, the bone buttons on jacket…I would simplify. But I love the same colour tie & blouse.

  4. says: Chillymilly

    I agree about the tie pin and collar pin being a bit much. I totally get the “am I wearing too much?” worry, I’d probably stare at you if I saw you, but because it looks amazing. Go for it!

  5. says: Jamie

    Hi Kelly! I’ve followed your blog for YEARS now, but I’ve never before commented. I absolutely love your sense of style and your choice of accessories is impeccable; I wish I was a sister who could borrow your beautiful bags and shoes.
    Seeing your style evolution has been so interesting. This latest look is fabulous and I’m so impressed by your evolving style and confidence. I absolutely love this look and can’t contain myself. The chain is fabulous. Your honesty is inspiring.
    In a world of fashion blogs full of fast fashion (which I enjoy) and trends (which I also enjoy) your blog is a breath of fresh air, complete with confident smart personal style. I feel you are the definition of the modern lady! Amazing job and thank you so much for letting your readers peek into your process. I will continue to read your blog with great anticipation, and hope to develop my own personal sense of style. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so incredibly much, Jamie! Such a nice thing to say and I’m glad you’ve found my ramblings over the years fun to read, Hehe.

      Best of luck on your style journey, and mostly importantly, have fun! =)

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