Silk Trench

Zara silk tuxedo style blouse, summer silk trench coat, fashion blogger

A big part of what drew me to this Zara silk blouse was it’s extra details. Epaulettes at the shoulder & storm flaps at the chest combine with the double breasted front to mimic the look of one of my favorite garments, the trench coat. One of the things I instantly wanted to try with this blouse was to wear it un-buttoned as a sort of silky, summer-weight jacket.

Zara trench coat silk blouse, fashion blogger, San Diego

Zara silk blouse, trench coat, fashion blogger, Los Angeles

Zara silk trench coat shirt, fashion blogger, summer jacket

Details – Zara trench blouse :: Banana Republic vest :: Banana Republic t-shirt :: Rag & Bone jeans :: Givenchy shoes :: Trussardi handbag :: J.Crew necklace :: Stella & Dot necklace (c/o) :: Michael Kors watch :: Vince Camuto bracelet :: vintage ring

Altered – Zara blouse has been completely tailored :: Banana Republic vest has been slimmed & taken up at shoulder

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  1. Dearest Kelly,
    Love the way you show it with your shorts a lot better! One thing you must learn from someone that studied fashion design. You never can wear a double breasted blazer or whatever, loose… It just doesn’t drape right. It needs to be worn closed and that looks great. I have a Burberry black blazer that is double breasted and I regret ever having bought it. My Burberry trench coat I LOVE but you wear it closed! The sleeves are also not meant to wear like you do in this photo, this silk has not enough body for staying up in a flattering way. Too bad that the vest has been taken up at the shoulder as now it is not the proper length at the bottom… Or you have to wear it with high rise jeans. And as said before, I hate the look of upturned jeans. IF you love to show your stiletto heals, wear them with a skirt but not like this as it looks odd and the hemline of your jeans does shorten your silhouette negatively. You look slimmer (you don’t NEED to) and taller in the picture where you wear your shorts and flat shoes!
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

    1. I wholeheartedly disagree with all these “rules”! Rules can be so stifling and this left my mind swirling with the question, “what about having fun with your clothes!?” Also, I don’t believe it should always be the end goal to look skinnier/taller/better/improved when wearing clothes. I’m short, and that’s fine. Clothing is not going to magically make me tall. Sometimes embracing our shortcomings is liberating. And sometimes just wearing things that make us happy and feel nice is enough.

  2. says: Une femme

    I’m a big fan of the blouse-as-summer-jacket look and this blouse has the kind of details that make it work beautifully.

  3. says: Ana

    I can see why you were attracted to this blouse. The detail on the sleeves is so fun. I really like the look of it over the vest. However, being addicted to purses I reallllllyyyyyyyy like that purse. Off I go to find it and add it to my wish list.

  4. says: Deb

    Really enjoy your blog Kelly. Mariette’s comments are technically correct from a designers perspective. By being open to learning from trained designers you will continue to grow and reach your full style potential…..

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