A trait of being uniquely short or tall is the thoughtfulness that occurs when we must ponder what can be seen of us from the average-heighted perspective. As a “short”, I am uniquely aware if I’ve made it too easy to peer down the front of my shirt, for example.

Being short, I also consider how my clothing choices look to people at an average height perspective. Take for example, the midi-skirt. I mentioned before that I’ve been eyeing longer length skirts, and a scroll through Pinterest will yield the fashion set looking elegant and poised outside fashion shows in full midi-skirts to the shins. Most of these girls are fairly tall, with their photos being taken either at an equal to, or slightly shorter height perspective. Since the average-heighted person looks downward at my outfit choices…could I do the same?


Going into this photo shoot, I had a plan to show how workable the midi-skirt could look when photos were taken from a lower perspective (meaning, my trusty photog gets to crouch down, looking up at me while he takes my photos) versus the terrible disaster that would surely take place when the photos were taken from above (my trusty photog’s natural height, which is quite a bit taller than myself). Strangely, we couldn’t get a terrible looking perspective of this skirt, which I found really shocking. In fact, the most flattering angle (I thought) was from the natural perspective of average height.

Taken at the highest height we could configure (aka, I’m standing on a downward slope, photographer is standing on his tip toes, at the top of the slope:



Taken from the lowest height (aka, photographer is crouching and shooting upward so that I’m taller than the perspective of the camera). This was actually what I thought was the most unflattering perspective:



Average height perspective looking down on short ol’ me. My personal favorite:


So…my initial theory was shot down…from afar, it turns out I can pull off a midi-skirt, as long as no one else is standing next to me, ratting out to the world how short I really am. Despite what the photos show, the boyfriend said it looked okay until he got about close enough to have a conversation, at which point he equated the look to a child in adult clothes. I’ll stick to knee length-ish skirts me thinks. =P

Details – Banana Republic shirt (similar) :: ASOS skirt :: Banana Republic belt :: ASOS lapel pin (similar in more colors) :: Kate Spade shoes :: Michael Kors watch

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  1. says: Rachelle

    I use to think the same way but after I got my first midi I realized it works well with my short frame I just make sure too always wear mine with heels. You look so elegant in yours, love it!

  2. says: Shelly

    My favorite perspective is actually the second picture in the post from the back. The skirt hangs so elegantly. Love it!

  3. says: alice

    I absolutely love the skirt and the color and I think you can pull it off. But I feel that the outfit overall is overwhelming on your frame. I can’t put my finger on what it is – the belt that seems loose or the shirt. Maybe a more fitted, wide belt so it doesn’t seem like you’re wearing things that are too big for you? Or a tighter, short sleeved shirt?

  4. says: Carol Li

    It’s interesting to see a fellow petite in a midi skirt. My initial thoughts was that there was too much material (width) in the skirt. However I do like the fact that you have added a brooch and belt to draw attention away from the skirt which helps.

    Maybe you could try a long midi length pencil skirt and see if it looks any better.

  5. says: Evelynne

    I don’t understand how this could look like a child in adult clothes. You don’t look overwhelmed at all. The skirt is proportioned for your size. The length is right, the fullness is right. You like heels and they work beautifully with the skirt.

  6. says: Jen

    You can definitely pull it off better than I’d be able to! But I agree, maybe the midi trend is something us shorties can skip knowing that it’s not naturally as flattering on our body type. ;)

  7. says: Cher

    I do agree with the some of the others. Midi skirts can look great on petite frames, but I think this one is just a bit too overwhelming for you. I think it has a bit to do with the fullness and a little bit to do with the length. I would probably take the skirt up a few inches and it would probably work much better even with the amount of fullness the skirt has. Great belt and shoes!

  8. says: Amanda Shelton

    Somethings off…must be the skirt or maybe the shoes…lol! Though it is beautiful, it is not the most flattering on you. Something tells me to try it with flats, a wider belt and a short sleeve tee instead of the dressier button up…why I don’t know. I know flats don’t make any sense b/c you are already short, maybe showing more skin up top would help balance the fullness of the skirt as well. Don’t give up! Just play with it and figure it out for the rest of us “shorts”! :)

  9. says: Einsteiinette

    i think the midi is really pretty and the belt and shoe work perfectly with it but i’d have preferred a tee, or silhouette blouse or even a fitted-flattering modern vintage blouse.

  10. says: K

    Sorry, I do think it looks “too big” for such a petite frame. Especially since in addition to being petite, you are very slender. If I saw it in person on another woman my size (5’1″), I would probably assume she was dressed conservatively for religious/modesty reasons… which is perfectly fine, if that’s the look she’s going for. Maybe a knit top or less conservative footwear?

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