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Zara Crossover Tuxedo Style Shirt

I just got this blouse back from the tailor and couldn’t be happier. I fell in love with the juxtaposition of delicate silk and double-breasted trench coat details the moment I saw it. In it’s original state, it wasn’t very doable on me, but I was excited enough about it to see if a tailor could help a sistah out. I took it to Wendy’s favorite tailor, Hector in LA, who is amazingly talented with complicated alterations. He performed nothing short of magic on this blouse, and now I’m obsessed with the way it fits.

The material and details of this blouse are luxe, but leaving it untucked while pairing it with denim shorts and flats is perfect for a casual day.

Zara Crossover Tuxedo Style Shirt

A tailoring job like this isn’t for everything. It took a lot of skill (Hector was an expert tailor for Hugo Boss before opening his own business), and cost quite a bit more than usual to whittle this blouse down properly. As my closet seems satisfied with enough basics for everyday life, I’m finding myself drawn to pieces that are more detailed, special, and expressive of my style. Sadly, these same items also seem to be more and more out of my size range.

After now taking three items to Hector for his expert full-shebang tailoring jobs (the first was this Rag & Bone blazer, and the third is a classic double-breasted navy blazer that will have to wait until cooler weather to wear), there’s a weight lifted off my shopping with the knowledge that these truly special pieces can be tailored for my height if I’m willing to tack the cost of expert tailoring to the retail price. Again, it’s not for everything, and I’ll add it’s also not for everyone. You really have to be the type of individual who gets joy out of clothing, style, fabrics, and the art of construction.

San Diego Summer

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DetailsZara blouse :: Blank shorts :: Joie shoes :: Trussardi handbag :: J.Crew necklace (on sale in stores) :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o) :: Vintage watch

Altered – Zara blouse has been tailored

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  1. says: ilfaith

    I love this blouse on you…in fact I think that with the alterations, it looks better on you than on the Zara model (on whom it seems sloppy and oversized). I rarely get items altered…although I probably should. While 0P usually fits well enough, I often pass on items I love, afraid that alterations will exceed the limited skills of most local tailors (who can manage a simple hem or waist nip, but whose capabilities beyond that are questionable). The last time I had major alterations done (on a suit, which needed the shoulders narrowed, the waist taken in and pockets shifted) the cost of tailoring nearly exceeded the price of the suit (a designer brand purchased at an outlet).

    1. Thank you ilfaith! Ugh…shoulder alterations are my least favorite! They are so expensive and difficult to do well. A suit is certainly a great thing to invest alterations into though. I hope your suit has served you well!

  2. says: Susie

    That truly is an amazing tailoring job. I keep looking at it wondering how he did it. The buttons were so low on you before so how did he raise them without creating new buttonholes???

  3. says: thetailorsroom

    Gorgeous shirt and fit, sadly lacking in many women’s wardrobes these days. Apart from the impeccable skills a tailor must possess, one is paying for the time. A job like this will take up to 2hrs(maybe more)-a sustainable business will charge according to time-nothing more, nothing less.

  4. says: keek8121

    I love this outfit!! It’s one of my favorites on your blog . There’s just something so nice about a breezy shirt and denim! I am similar in size to you. Can you tell me what size these shorts are?

  5. Dearest Kelly,
    Here you look adorable wearing this double breasted silk blouse! Love the paring with your shorts and your shoes. MUCH, I repeat; much better than the upturned jeans with those too high heels. This makes you look cute. In those high heels you look like trying way too desperate for gaining any height. You don’t need to; you are a cute looking young lady!
    Enjoy this new garment, especially after having it expertly altered.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

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