Seersucker Season


Few things feel as spring-like to me as busting out the seersucker blazer for the first time. It only seems appropriate then that just as I pull the pastels and seersucker out of my closet, the dreary weather known as “June Gloom” seems to have set in (which is a terrible fog that hangs out near the coast of California, making the months of May and June miserably cold, cloudy, and just overall bumming everyone out).


Oh, what’s that? I think I hear San Francisco from way down here. They’re saying, “Quit complaining, SoCal. Our fog is so epic, it tweets.”


Outfit details – Theory blazer (similar from J.Crew & Forever 21) :: Banana Republic shirt :: Rag & Bone jeans :: Kate Spade shoes :: J.Crew belt :: Original Penguin pocket square :: Trussardi handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet

Altered – Theory blazer has had the shoulder narrowed :: Kate Spade watch has had the strap replaced

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    1. Thanks Lisa! I recently saw a photo of a display and there was an exact replica of this Trussardi bag. I haven’t seen it on their website, but maybe it’s coming out soon? It’s a thought if you like the bag but not the hefty price tag. =)

      As for seersucker…a short suit would be the way to go. I wish I could find a matching pair of shorts for this blazer so I can do the ridiculous matching suit thing, but then wear the blazer and shorts separately most of the time.

  1. says: Petitesteph

    Love the outfit! Sorry if you’ve reviewed it before, but how’s the fit on that BR shirt? Looks perfect under the blazer!

    1. Thanks! The BR shirts are a really good fit! BR shirts used to fit me awful (the arm hole was too low, which made the chest pull tightly…it was funky) but they changed their shirt fits not too long ago, and now I’ve bee buying them up. They are stiff and starchy at first which looks a little funny when tried on, but after one wash, all the seams settle in perfectly. Check out the pic in this post of the different button placements between the old and new fits to make sure you’re trying on the right one:

      1. says: Judy

        I’m curious: how are the wrinkles after you wash the BR shirts?

        I love this jacket and shirt paired together!! It’s a perfect pastel match.

        1. Hi Judy! The BR “non-iron” shirts wash really well. They come out of the dryer wrinkle free and I’ve never had to iron one. If you like your shirts extra crisp looking, you may want to pass an iron over them quickly, but they are definitely wearable right out of the dryer.

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