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Full skirts are one of my favorite things in the world. Before I had even the slightest interest in clothes, I recall seeing a photo of Dior’s “New Look”. I remember admiring how beautiful it was and how I wished I were one of the women who had been lucky enough to wear it. For a very long time I thought full skirts were something that didn’t suit my figure (mostly because I grew up feeling embarrassed of my legs, and full skirts only emphasized them), but I’m now seeking them out more and more.



This skirt is part of the new Miss Wu collection from Jason Wu. I loved the neutral color-blocking, full-silhouette, and of course…pockets! The presence of pockets is now a heavy consideration when I’m looking to purchase skirts and dresses. No pockets…no thanks.

Miss Wu is currently only available at Nordstrom, and many sizes, including most in this skirt, sold out the first day. I was lucky enough to snag this skirt before it sold out online, with the intention “just to see”, and am really glad I did! The construction and details are well done, and the fabric is thick and substantial. All and all, it’s a very well done piece and fun addition to my wardrobe. Added bonus…no alterations needed. =)

This skirt has since been restocked in most sizes & I’ve also seen them at my local Nordstrom store.


Outfit details – Banana Republic shirt (sold out) (same fit) :: Miss Wu skirt (similar from Express) :: Ann Taylor belt :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Trussardi handbag (different color-ways) :: St. Thomas necklace (via TJ MAXX) :: Kate Spade watch :: Banana Republic bracelet :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o)

Altered – Banana Republic shirt has had seams added :: Christian Louboutin shoes have heel and ball of foot pads added :: Kate Spade watch has had the strap replaced :: Banana Republic bracelet has had holes added

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  1. says: Ashley Spurlock

    Cute skirt and no alterations, I’m impressed! Just an FYI when you click on the link for the AT belt it takes you to a webpage for New Balances.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m impressed. The fabric content is very nice (cotton/silk), it’s fully lined, and the fabric is nice and crisp for good fullness and structure. I hope the rest of the collection is just as nice.

  2. says: s

    I was always afraid of full skirts because I am a petite and thought it would make me look like an upside-down lollipop, but you have proven me wrong! You look GREAT in a full skirt and it does not make you look shorter! Thanks for sharing!

  3. says: witheachpassingday

    I love the skirt on you. I usually shy away from full skirt for the same reason as S but since I bought a few full skirt on a whim last year, I found out that I love them. The full skirt is very feminine and a great option for work on day when you want to look feminine but don’t want to wear a pencil skirt.

      1. says: KC

        Yay! The location I went to didn’t have it in store but their 00 does run tiny now, thank goodness! I hadn’t shopped at Express for years bc it ran so big. If you’re interested, they also have a multi-striped colorblock skirt coming out soon that’s similar (the salesperson showed me their catalog when I was asking about the one you tried on, she had actually never seen that one)! Not sure whether I should wait for that one or get this one! :)

          1. says: KC

            The b&w striped version is available online now! Just finally did my blogpost on the colorblock skirt too :) Thanks again for the rec!

  4. I love the skirt on you! I’ve had the same skirt bookmarked under my favorites for the longest time, but am still a little hesitant to purchase it because I’m afraid the full skirt will make my skinny chicken legs look even skinnier! (And because of that, nearly all of my skirts are pencil/tapered close to my body.) But since you mentioned how quickly they sold out the first time, I may just have to try it!


    1. Thanks Caroline! I’ve always had the same hang-up! Ever since I was a kid I’ve felt my legs were too skinny and up until recently, I avoided full skirts because they exaggerated it. One of the nice things about getting old is you tend to forgive your body for how it looks and get over it.

      The J.Crew bell skirts were my first stepping stone into the full-skirt thing, and even then I agonized over how my legs looked at first. Maybe give those a try. =)

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