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It was only a matter of time before the Talula Shrunken Exeter blazer made it’s way into my closet. Thanks to the Aritzia fall/winter sale and a friend’s recent trip to San Francisco (thanks Jen!), I’m happy to have such an easy to wear blazer join the family. It’s very nicely tailored, so it has a great nip at he waist when worn both open and buttoned.


Flat shoes have it tough compared to their more lusted after high heeled counterparts. It’s hard to compete with the sculptural beauty and sexy nature of high heels, and most flats are just boring by comparison. So I’m glad to see so many fun flat options pop on the scene lately. Between Charlotte Olympia and her cat-face flats, and these velvet embroidered and bejeweled Miu Mius, it’s wonderful to have the option of wearing flats that are just as interesting as high heels. I still prefer the way high heels make my legs and an outfit look, but if I’ve gotta wear flats, I want them to be just as fun.


Outfit detailsTalula blazer :: Banana Republic sweater :: Rag & Bone jeans :: Ann Taylor belt :: Miu Miu shoes :: Chanel handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o)

Altered – Miu Miu shoes have an insole added :: Kate Spade watch has had the strap replaced

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  1. says: Pa

    The whole outfit fit you great but the jean look look awesome on you!!!!!! I want one but I checked and the prize is way too high.

    1. Hi! I like the Forever 21 version, because it’s more of a traditional blazer and I think you’d get more wear out of it. I have one very similar to the H&M one, and it doesn’t get as much wear as my more traditional blazer styes. Hope that helps!

  2. says: Ashley Spurlock

    I noticed they have XXXS! Have you ever tried anything in this size? Also, did you get black? Strongly considering purchasing one of these blazer, I’m a sucker for anything shrunken :)

    1. says: LaLaaLove

      I’m approx Kelly’s size as well, and sometimes Aritzia’s XXS is a little snug – Their brands really run tiny!

      Also, a note on this Talula blazer: If you’re even a little full-waisted, you will not be able to button it up comfortably. I waist is probably ~25″ and I cannot button up the 00 blazer without the fabric pulling quite a bit.

  3. says: modern.girl

    i love pairing blazer and stripes! so classic and chic. how are your miu miu holding up? i’m considering the charlotte olympia ones, but wasn’t sure how the fabric would look after some wear.

  4. says: KC

    those loafers are adorable and i love the blazer! always on the search for a well-fitting blazer that doesn’t require alterations (from one petite blogger to another) :)


    ps – i’m having a valentine’s day giveaway on my blog if you’re interested in checking it out! http://www.lifeinpetite.blogspot.com

    1. Very nice of you to say! However, just like every other person in the world, I have insecurities, bad angles (and I assure you, I have bad angles) and bad days. I’m also a shy person, and despite that, have made a decision to share photos of myself on the internet, where many nice, and not so nice, people can look and judge. The photos I choose to share on the internet of myself are the ones that make me feel comfortable, whether because I feel protected by a bit of anonymity (hiding my face a bit), or because I feel it’s more flattering and less prone to negative judgements from people who are not so nice. Besides, this blog is more about clothes and style than it is about me (hence, I don’t talk about my personal life much), so there’s not much sense in worrying about where my eyes are looking anyways. =)

  5. says: Jane

    Your look is great — the classic blazer or vest fitted at the waist, a nice blouse, jeans and either heels or flats. But I’d love to see you try an entirely different look — a dress, perhaps? Jeans with a loose flowy blouse? Just sayin’, a different look to get you out of your comfort zone might be fun.

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for the comment, and you’re definitely not the first person to mention this (and I’m sure not the last!). LOL. I’m actually a big fan of uniform dressing. I love the idea of having a closet with an identifiable style, and similar aesthetic. It’s totally a matter of personal preference, and I’m much happier when someone says, “that outfit is so you!” than when someone says, “you look so different!”. I’m definitely an oddball in that department, because pretty much everyone I know has little bits of everything in their closet at any given time and likes to experiment. Also, because I usually need to spend money on tailoring things before I can wear them, if I’m going to spend all that money on something, I want it to really be “me”. I hope that makes sense and sheds some light on why I tend to dress similarly. =)

      1. says: Jane

        Oh, I totally get it, believe me. As far as my experience, however, I suddenly realized one day that I was basically wearing the same thing every day — just in a different color. So I try to expand my options a bit. “Try” is the operative word!!

  6. says: Adriana

    Hi! Love love love your blog! How much did you end up getting this blazer for? Back in December when Aritzia was having their winter sale, I saw this blazer for $99 and was staring at the old review you had on the size 0. The top portion of my frame is very similar to yours which is why I love reading your reviews. I also wear blazers to work ALL the time! I was so unsure of whether to get this or not that it took me too long to decide….when I finally decided to order, it was no longer on sale!! :( I guess you snooze you lose! Then I saw this review and was totally hating myself for not getting it…I ended up paying full price for it since I’ve been needing a light gray blazer. I hate getting stuff for regular price!

    Keep up the great work on this blog!

    1. Thanks Adriana! I got this blazer at the $99 sale price only because Jen of frmheadtotoe.com was in an Aritzia store, found it, and asked me if I wanted it. Otherwise I would have missed the sale too! I hope you can snag another one at the sale price when they go on sale again (end of spring/summer season). I’m thinking of getting the black next. =)

  7. says: Maria

    Love it when you wear the flat shoes. I’m petite, yes, and very outdoorsy, and when I need to “clean up”, I hate heels, probably because I’ve spent many years in hiking boots. It’s great to see great style outside of the heel…

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