Burgundy Suede Wingtips


A new pair of burgundy shoes has been on my list ever since my patent peep-toe Cole Haans started to peter out on me. Despite going to the cobbler several times to try and save them, the patent leather just wasn’t holding together like it used to, and they’ve become quite noisy to walk in. Creaking and squeaking is no way to enter a room…



Enter these burgundy suede and chocolate leather wingtip heels by Rachel Roy. After bookmarking them on the Nordstrom website, I hemmed and hawed over trying them for months. I was hesitant about the brown leather fitting into my mostly black and grey wardrobe. I finally bit the bullet and ordered them, “just to see”, and they’ve been on my feet ever since. Oh, how I’ve missed having burgundy shoes around!

Outfit detailsBanana Republic shirt :: Rag & Bone jeans :: Banana Republic belt :: Rachel Roy shoes :: Valentino handbag (in black) :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0)

Altered – Banana Republic shirt has had seams added :: Rachel Roy shoes has ball of foot and heel liners added :: Kate Spade watch has had the strap replaced

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  1. says: Lady of Style

    Wow, this burgundy colour is stunning!

    Great match with jeans and I’d love to see it with a black dress or skirt.


  2. says: Elissa

    Such a beautiful pair of heels. I don’t wear heels myself, but I sure love to admire them. The burgundy suede is a lovely detail, makes them elegant I should say.
    I think in a [slightly] recent post you mentioned about trying to add more color and overall variety to your wardrobe. Always a fun adventure! Good luck to you stepping out of your box (..if you are). =)

  3. says: Michelle

    Hey Kelly! Love everything…especially the fit of those jeans. Awesome that they did not need alterations.

    Those shoes are perfect for you! Burgandy shoes do remind me of your posts from years back…I forgot that you were “headless”!

  4. says: Franziska

    I love those shoes and I think they really encompass your style so well – masculine details with an overall feminine look. I can’t wait to see all the different ways you’re going to wear them!

  5. says: Ana

    Ah! This gives me hope that one day I can finally replace some of my favorite shoes that have given out on me. You have one of the most enviable shoe collections I know of. I love, LOVE these!

      1. says: Rin

        You’re welcome. I wasn’t sure where to get in contact with you, I’m glad I posted it here. I know you work hard for your blog, and I’d hate for someone to just rip off your pictures. I look forward to your next post :)

  6. says: Elle

    Your Valentino’s look better and better with every post…I know this post is about those fabulous shoes but the bag takes my breath away every time. :)

  7. says: AlceaRosa

    I just found your website! I’m 4’11 and wearing a 4.5. Do these shoes fit on the small size? How is walking in 4″ heels? I haven’t had luck with my weitzmans being balanced or stable enough to walk at a normal pace. Thank you so much for having this blog!!!!

    1. Hi Alcea! Welcome! =)

      These shoes run small, but I’m not sure if they’d be small enough for a true size 4.5. I’m a size 5 when shoes run small and a 4.5 when shoes run big. I took a size 5 in these and they fit really well, but I still padded them with heel and ball of foot liners to make them snug (I have narrow feet, so even if a shoe fits lengthwise, I’m prone to the heel slipping on me). If you sometimes fit size 5, then I’d say give them a try!

  8. says: manju

    Hey Kelly,

    Great news of my day, I discovered your blogs. Well, being a petitie myself, I could so relate to your blogs that I just kept reading for hours.. I have just started my new ‘good wardrobe’ and I was heading towards dresses, dresses, dresses than jeans. But you have proved that jeans can look so fab if i can find the correct ones. Do you think dress is a no- go area? Need some ideas please as I don’t want to end up with another messed wardrobe.

    1. Hi Manju! Thank you for the kind words! Congratulations on building your wardrobe! It’s really all about collecting nice fitting items that you love, fit your personal style, and fit your lifestyle. If you love dresses, then by all means, collect dresses! I’m just not a very girly girl, so I love pants and jeans, and living in Southern California, denim is a big part of the culture here. Dresses and skirts look wonderful on petite women, so you can’t really go wrong. =)

      The best piece of advice I can give you is to start figuring out what your personal style is. Once you figure that out, you can buy lots of different kinds of things, but your closet will start to make sense and more items will go together and make great outfits. Collecting photos you love on Pinterest.com or tearing photos out of magazines can he helpful for this. Good luck!

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