Emerald Pairings


Pantone announced recently that emerald is going to be the color du jour for 2013, which means we’ll be seeing a lot of it in stores pretty soon. The green velvet blazer I picked up last month already had me thinking about how to pair it, so here are some of my favorite pairings to start pulling out of the closet in preparation for the impending emerald on-slaught.

Gold – green and yellow are next to each other on the color wheel (analogous colors), which makes them a good pair. That means gold metallics, jewelry and hardware look really nice against a green color palette.

Leopard – like gold, the yellow and orange tones in leopard prints pair beautifully with greens.

Navy – navy blue is my favorite neutral to pair with green. This tried and true combination always looks good.


Chartreuse – a spring favorite, chartreuse is a mix of green and yellow, and pairs with deeper shades of green for a nice monochromatic look.

Turquoise – on the other side of green on the color wheel is blue, which makes a blue-green hue like turquoise another beautiful pairing. Prints in this color pairing are always a favorite of mine.

Coral – red is opposite green on the color wheel (complimentary) and therefore a good pair, but unless you want to look like a Christmas tree, stay away from true red. I like coral, which is a pinkish-orange and reminds me of spring flowers.

What color pairings are you planning to make with emerald?


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