Adventures in Alterations – Theory Testra Herringbone Pant Preview


The second pant I picked up this season is this herringbone pair from Theory (also at, Saks & check Theory outlets). I was specifically looking to add a pair of black pants to my wardrobe when these caught my eye. I love the small herringbone pattern that adds interest and texture to the pant, and I love (actually, need) side pockets. Even though these were going to need some alterations, the deciding factor to keep and tailor these is the flat, crease-free fit in the front. A lot of creasing in this area generally bothers me, and seeing how these drape nicely without a lot of pulling sealed the deal. I find this a rare occurrence, so that I’ll happily tailor the rest of the pant so long as it has a nice clean looking front (and I like it’s other design elements, of course).


Pretty standard for me, these pants needed the waist taken in, and some slimming down the leg line for a sleeker look.

Something else I decided to do is have the length hemmed to ankle length, as the pant was designed to fit on a taller woman. I specifically asked my tailor to keep some length at the hem, in case I decide to lower the hem in the future. The finished pant has about an extra two inches of fabric in the hem, so if I decide to wear these pants longer, I can. I know many people have strong opinions about what pant length short women should or shouldn’t wear, so hemming a pair of pants like this is a judgement call to be made by the individual.

See these pants after alterations.


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