Grey & Navy Tweed (J.Crew Cafe Capri After Alterations)


Freshly back from the tailor, I’m elated to wear some real pants for once and give my jeans a break. As mentioned in the “before” post, I asked my tailor to slim the legs and take in the waist. Taking in the waist alleviates the need to always wear a belt, or else spend much of your day hiking your pants back up into place. It also makes sure there are no pinches in the pant caused by a belt cinching the extra waist fabric into a bunch. Slimming the leg makes for a much sleeker look, and really changes the look of the pant. It’s amazing how big of a difference a little bit of slimming on a roomy pant leg can do for the whole silhouette.



Outfit detailsBanana Republic shirt :: Banana Republic sweater :: J.Crew pants :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Valentino handbag :: Kate Spade watch

Altered – Banana Republic shirt has had darts added (to be shown on the blog soon) :: J.Crew pants have been slimmed & waist taken in :: Kate Spade watch has had the band replaced :: Christian Louboutin shoes have heel & ball of foot pads added

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    1. LOL! Thanks! I would love to fit into the much cheaper yet great quality and style pants from Crewcuts, but my tush just Incredible Hulks it’s way right out of them. Thanks for the shirt info. Found it on KarmaLoop, so I’ll stalk it for a Cyber Monday deal. =)

    1. These pants needed a few inches taken in (3-4 I think), all along the leg line. You can pretty much take in as much as you want from the leg without making things complicated, and you can also start taking in the leg at any point of the leg you want. I’ve had a pair of baggy knee’d jeans taken in just at the back of the knee before:

      Just make sure you tell your tailor that the baggy knee is specifically what bothers you so they know to make it nice and fitted.

      I also heard Rachel Zoe once talk about leg slimming alterations at a conference She said her magic trick to making legs look a mile long is to nip the pant leg in at the knee. She was talking about flare or boot cut pants, but it’s a great tip all around anyways. =)

  1. says: Adriana

    My goodness, I love those! They look so much more fantastic post-alterations. You are going to be the reason I start hitting the tailor. Also really digging your much more preppy style lately :)

    1. Hi Kat. The cost can vary by where you live and how expensive/cheap your tailor is, but slimming the legs cost $24. I’m not sure how much the waist alteration was because it was lumped into a lot of other tailoring work, but I’m guessing about $20 – $30.

  2. says: Linda

    Hi I just found your blog and I have a pair of cafe capris that need to be taken in as well!!Did you find any trouble getting out of the pants after alterations? My tailor warned me about it.

    1. Hi Linda! After alterations, they will need a little tug over your heel to get the skinniest part over your foot, but it’s not difficult. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you think you may have issues due to limited mobility or ankle problems. ;)

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