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First of all, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, Anita! As a lover of all things blazered, jacketed and coated, I see this as a great opportunity to wear some beautiful outerwear. Any little white dress would look wonderful topped with a fitted jacket in a luscious velvet, or an opulent jacquard. For a more dramatic look, a long winter coat, worn open and belted at the waist would make for a beautiful silhouette. Jazz it all up with some sparkly brooches and you’re all set for the big day. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

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A big “thank you” to Cee & Melanie for helping out with this question!

Readers – what would you suggest for Anita? 

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  1. says: Michelle

    I love the idea of wearing a combination of things you can wear again. I also insist on being comfortable, so for me, the outfit *must* accomodate shoes for snow or no snow.

    I’d wear a long gown to hide snow boots outside and normal shoes indoors. I think a floor-length gown with a full skirt but no train would be perfect here. The full skirt should hide your shoes just in case your snow boots aren’t white (maybe Aquatalia or La Canadienne with a small heel to keep the dress hem correct).

    The coat and accessories would be things I can wear again. If the coat is going to be in pictures, id go with a nice faux fur stole in a soft neutral (not white- wearing this again). If it’s frigid and your main concern is warmth, the J Crew Lady Day coat recommended earlier is beautiful and durable. The fabric on mine still looks new after wearing it almost every day of two winters.

    Accessories are completely dependent on your personal style. As long as your look is cohesive, you have the freedom to be anywhere on the spectrum from formal to casual.

    You really have that flexibility in all aspects of the wedding. You can make the day very “wedding-ish” by incorporating lots of traditions, wearing more formal attire, and having a traditional reception with guests, or you can wear your favorite jeans with a thick, cozy white sweater and get Chinese takeout on the way home for your private reception with your new husband. Do whatever makes you happy! The wedding is in the vows and in your hearts. Everything else is just accoutrements that are fine to want and fine to ignore.

  2. says: Janki

    I’m a big fan of the winter white with deep red accents, especially since the wedding is in December. I think a faux fur cape/stole would look fantastic. There have been some photo spreads lately on the “red riding hood” bride look, which I think is so cool. It can be goth but also classic.
    As a petite, the biggest thing is not to get overwhelmed with the warm layers– so a fitted jacket or cape would work best. I’m not from a snowy area, but can you wear those cool silk long johns underneath your dress to keep warm? (not the sexiest I KNOW)

  3. says: Shamelessly Overdressed

    Love this post! Great suggestions from all the bloggers.

    I second the long white coat (also love the ones from J.Crew).

    For wedding dresses that won’t break the bank, Ann Taylor has some pretty white dresses in their wedding section:
    I think I spotted one or two cocktail style ones under $200!

    If you’d like more of a splurge, Vera Wang has some gorgeous wedding gowns.

    There’s no reason you can’t go all-out and wear something long and/or poofy for a courthouse wedding, too, in my opinion… my motto is that you can never be too dressed up for any occasion. :)

    Cute white (or blue!) cashmere gloves could help you stay warm outside.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Anita, and do keep us posted on what you end up wearing!

    Love, S

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