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Despite my best efforts, everything I put together these days tends to bend towards prep-school. Last week, when the weather hit the 90’s, I tried to put together something with a cute full skirt, but gave up when everything I came up with screamed  “little school girl”. At my age, when you have to ask your significant other if your outfit is, “school girl in a good way, or a bad way”… something’s up. This is me giving into the urge and letting that inner 12 year old prep-school boy out to play…and damn, does it feel good.


My favorite part of this outfit…this vintage boy’s bowtie! Wearing an untied bowtie draped around a shirt collar can look so casually cool, I’m really looking forward to playing with many more looks with this piece (and maybe even learn to tie it properly).


Outfit detailsJ.Crew Crewcuts blazer :: Banana Republic shirt :: Vintage boy’s bowtie :: 7 For All Mankind jeans :: Manolo Blahnik shoes :: Chanel handbag :: Banana Republic belt :: Kate Spade watch :: pearl bracelets :: Daisy Knights ring :: Vintage ring :: Lace & linen pocketsquare (gift from parent’s trip to Burano, Italy – famous for their lace)

Altered – Pearl bracelets have been shortened :: J.Crew Crewcuts blazer is awaiting slimming

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  1. Hahahaha, oh I’ve been there. While I’ve embraced getting older and being able to wear more ‘sophisticated’ styles, there are still times where I want to reach for something ridiculously twee and have to remind myself that I’m a little too old for that look now–cry.

    But I digress! I love this whole outfit–it’s creative without being too costume-y, and your Manolos are absolutely to die for (and I think help to give your outfit even more of a polished/practical/”sophisticated” edge). You nailed it! ♥

  2. says: BC

    So creative to have bought the crewcuts blazer, this is exactly the kind of blazer I’m looking for- what boys’ size did you get it in?

  3. says: Cee

    Kelly, I adore all the details and thought you put into this outfit. The vintage bow tie may stand out the most, but the gold buttons on the

    blazer, the tweed pumps, and the pocketsquare all complement one another perfectly.

    I’m still learning to tie a regular tie, so I’m no help with a bowtie. I’ve seen lots of step-by-step tutorials on Pinterest though. Can’t wait

    to see more vintage bowtie outfits from you!

  4. says: mata

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