Dolce & Gelato


While out to dinner with Mr. AN over the weekend, I looked down at my outfit and realized I was wearing the Italian men in my life…Valentino, Dolce, & Gabbana. So, we topped off the night with one more Italian delight, gelato! The nutella flavor was tempting, but in the end we shared a scoop of chocolate mocha.


These shoes are rad, but sons of b’s to walk in. I’ve upgraded my 4inch heel walking abilities quite a bit since I first bought them, so I’m slowly getting better, but it’s not quite up to par just yet. All in due time my pretties, all in due time. I think the key will be to find the right ball of foot cushion for the job, since sliding forward in such a high heel seems to be the most awkward part of these shoes.


Outfit details – Zara jacket :: Banana Republic shirt :: Rag & Bone jeans :: Dolce & Gabbana shoes :: Valentino handbag :: Banana Republic belt :: Daisy Knights ring :: Kate Spade watch :: Gorjana bracelet :: vintage brooch

Altered – Zara jacket is a kid’s jacket that has been tailored; Kate Spade watch strap has been changed; Gorjana bracelet has been shortened; Rag & Bone jeans will get hemmed pending a few more washes.

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  1. says: Michelle

    Love seeing these shoes again!

    That jacket is gorgeous…and glad you could use your pin. :)

    Nutella gelato?! Ahh! I am a huge pistachio fan, but I would totally try the Nutella version!

  2. Dearest Kelly,
    Think again about hemming up those jeans! In this photo you do wear them too short. What you are trying to gain in length by wearing the 4″ heels, you are sacrificing by wearing the jeans too short. Remember, everywhere a hemline ends, it does chop off some of the total length. You certainly don’t need to look slimmer as your proportions are perfect but you always want to lengthen your silhouette.
    Hugs to you,

    1. LOL! Don’t worry, I’m not hemming them at that length. I cuffed them because I like wearing them just above the ankle at the moment (cuffed and just at the top of shoe looks funny to me), but they do need a hem because when left un-cuffed, they are too scrunched. You can tell they need a hem because the cuff looks a bit too wide and bulky on me, despite my best efforts. I’m in the midst of wearing and washing them a few times before I take them in for hemming.

  3. says: Deborah

    Have you tried Insolia’s for heel comfort? They shift your weight to the heel of your foot so it’s not all on your balls. I’ve been using those on my killer 4-inch heels as well. The shoes are still uncomfortable, but instead of wearing them for just 5 minutes, I can do 2 hours, tops.

    They don’t make your shoe any tighter so it works well in all shoes, but for your foot sliding problem, I would them in conjunction with a thick ball of foot pad.

  4. says: Deborah

    Try insolias inserts. They shift your weight from the ball of foot to heel. I use them in all my 4 inch killer stilettos. Instead of wearing them for 5 minutes, I can do 2 hours now. They don’t make your shoe any tighter, which is good for all my shoes, but doesn’t do anything for your sliding problem. I’d use them in conjunction with a thick ball of foot pad, which is what I’ve been doing in my J Crew Coddington’s.

  5. says: Jane

    I think women with bigger (longer) feet do much better in 4-inch heels. I mean, for folks like us, our feet are only, like, six inches long. No wonder 4-inch heels are painful.

  6. Congrats on your new 4 inch abilities! I’m doubly impressed because you’re petite. So few people think about the consequences of 4 inch heels on smaller feet…it’s geometry and we smaller people suffer.

    Put a 4″ heel on a supermodel-sized 10 and you get an angle of apprx. 22 degrees. 4″ on a petite shoe size of 5 or 6, you get 30 degrees = so much more pain!

    That said. Pain or no, those shoes are to die for.

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