Burgundy Velvet Smoking Slippers


Part French royalty, part Hugh Hefner, these velvet embroidered and bejeweled smoking slippers are little works of art. They came in the mail and immediately asked to be taken somewhere fun.

These photos were taken on the patio at the L’Auberge in Del Mar. It’s one of our favorite places to enjoy drinks on a beautiful day, or lounging by the fire on cool beachy evenings.



:: photos – Mr. AN ::

Outfit Details – Theory vest :: Ann Taylor shirt :: Indi Denim jeans :: Jil Sander tie :: Miu Miu shoes (and here) :: Kate Spade watch (customized) :: pearl bracelets (altered) :: Vintage ring :: Essie Turquoise and Caicos nail color

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  1. says: Janki

    So cute! I have a weird question for you. I am always “afraid” to wear nice things, fearing that I’ll somehow ruin them. I don’t even have super nice things like designer bags or those awesome red soled heels. But even when I bought my Ann Taylor perfect pumps I get upset at. Seeing the gorgeous soles scuffed by the pavement.

    Do others have this or am I a weirdo? I know I should just get over it but I often will keep those things just to look at so they stay pristine.

    I love your blog and enjoy seeing your style. Especially since I too am short waisted, so your tips are great for me. (I FINALLY can tuck in my shirts)

    1. Hi Janki! I know exactly what you mean! I’m like that about my things for the first few wears, but I have to keep telling myself that fashion is meant to be worn and enjoyed and go on adventures with you in life. I take precautions with some items, like I spray my suede items with leather protector before the first wear, and only wear them to places where I don’t have to worry about spilled drinks or lots of dirt. I avoid wet spots on the ground for fear of sullying the soles of my shoes, and pull my handbags close in tight spots so I won’t scuff them. And luckily, most things can be cleaned, resoled, conditioned, and repaired if things get bad. Knowing that last part is usually the thing that puts my mind most at ease. =)

      1. says: Janki

        I need to try to do that too.  Life is too short to have cute things in dust bags in my closet.  I have a cute Kate Spade bag given as a gift to me that I’ve rarely used, for fear of it getting ruined.  It’s my only designer anything too.  I think I’m going to take it out for a spin (sans kids– not that much of a dare devil) soon. 

  2. says: Adriana

    Sheesh, I don’t know how you afford this stuff – the $650 flats or a bag that costs over a grand!  I love your style but it is insanely out of my price range.

    1. Hi Adriana! Thanks for commenting! Balancing style preferences and budget is definitely important. My personal wardrobe building journey has been an 8+ year process and many of my recent buys are the culmination of months/years of waiting and saving.  

      I’m very frugal (borderline save-a-holic) in other aspects of my life and that allows me to stay within my means and afford the fashions I love. I carry no credit card debt, my car was bought used and fully paid off, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I took a proper vacation. Oh the sacrifices we make for fashion lol.

      I’ve always been that way. When I was a kid, I’d save all my money in a coffee can so I could splurge at a yearly convention on my then obsession, model horses. These days, my obsession is fall fashion and is why you’re seeing a recent splurge in buying. (That and I’ve reached a certain age milestone and had some money saved specifically to help dull the pain of being in a new age demographic lol) 

      To save a few extra dollars, very few of my splurges are bought full price. I use coupon codes, credit card rewards and the like to at least shave a few bucks off my purchases. The shoes in this post were not full price…the bag was, and I was a bit bummed when I realized I could have gotten a small discount but it was already too late. Oh well. =P

  3. says: Amy's Vintage Closet

    You styled this so perfectly!! I really want these but am so on the fence. I DIE for everything about them. And the detailing…AMAZE! Do you think you will wear them for years though? I am trying to only purchase items with longevity! You’re the first blogger I have seen wearing them so I have to ask! :)


    1. Hi Amy! That’s a good question, and I asked it myself. I think the answer is really going to depend on an honest assessment of your personal style and how it’s evolving. For myself, I’ve come to realize I’ve been holding back on the way I really want to dress, which is much more menswear inspired. For me, the loafers made sense because they are in line with the direction I want my wardrobe to go, and therefore I see them getting lots of wear. For most people, the smoking slipper will be a fleeting trend, in which case a cheaper option will probably make more sense. I know it’s not a definitive answer, but I hope it helps your decision. Good luck! =)

  4. says: Alexa

    HI! Love this look! I’m thinking about getting these slippers, are they true to size? I have to buy them online, so I can’t try them :) Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Alexa! They run a little big compared to brands like Cole Haan, Kate Spade or Christian Louboutin, but true to size for Miu Miu or Prada. I had to add an insole to the shoe because I found them a little wide, but I have a narrow foot to begin with. I probably could have fit one 1/2 size smaller than my usual size, but couldn’t find them in 34.5, so I stuck with the 35 and it’s been fine with the insole. Hope that helps!

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