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The Trina Turk for Banana Republic collection hits stores and online today, with my favorite item being this graphic print skirt. I love that the collection is inspired by Palm Springs, one of Southern California’s favorite summer time playgrounds, and love even more that the entire collection comes in petite! Thanks BR!

banana-republic-trina-turk-4Pockets on skirts and dresses are seriously one of my favorite things in the world.

I’m hard to please when it comes to prints. I very rarely meet a floral I like. Paisley icks me out. I generally avoid cutesy things like hearts or stars. And I only own one item in animal print. That basically leaves simple geometric prints like checks, stripes, and dots (which I’ve been stocking up on since they’re on trend these days). But I do like quirky, and something about this quirky print called out to me. Called “Zazzy Zebra”, it reminds me of marker squiggles, and I love the simplicity of the high contrast black and white.

banana-republic-trina-turk-2This print is less mod than the others in the collection, which is right up my alley. This a-line skirt is a heavy weight cotton blend (not see through), with nicely detailed pockets (I like the reinforced fabric at the slit opening), a full lining, and a back center zipper. Size 00P rests on my low waist, and then flares out for a comfortable and easy silhouette.

banana-republic-trina-turk-3I love the idea of Banana Republic doing designer collaborations, and here’s why. Usually, designers partner with big fast fashion or discount chains (like H&M or Target), and produce sub-par versions of their collections that really don’t interest me in quality or design (although I did like the Missoni for Target collection). Part of the appeal of these designers are their quality, and while it’s tempting to snatch up a $20 shirt because it’s got a big name attached to it, I’m usually turned off by the poor fabrics and quality of these items. Not to mention, these collaboration collections rarely come in special sizes such as petites (and I’ve noticed tend to run generously in sizing). Through this collaboration, Trina Turk is not only putting out lower price-pointed items to get the brand known to a larger customer base, but items that carry the same quality, fabrics, and range of sizing as trusted brand Banana Republic. Big designer collections, at a lower price point, in quality materials, and in my size? Yes, please!

Outfit DetailsAnn Taylor shirt :: H&M vest :: Banana Republic skirt (c/o) :: Ann Taylor belt :: J.Crew handbag :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Stella & Dot necklace (c/0) :: Jet bead necklace :: Sterling silver bangles & ball bracelet :: Carnelian bracelet :: Essie Turquoise and Caicos nail color

Readers – Are you planning (or did you already) to shop the Trina Turk for Banana Republic collection? Would you like to see Banana Republic do more collaborations like this?

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  1. says: wendyslookbook

    Love the outfit Kelly!  You look amazing!  And thank you for the review.  I can’t wait to receive my floral shorts =)

    1. Thanks! I like the color-way on that dress. If I were to pick up a dress, it would be that one. I’m curious to see the accessories too. The bangles look hinged, so I wonder if that means they’re smaller around.

      1. says: TOBeautyReviews

        Gah I was looking at the accessories and forgot to check if they were from the TT collection or not! The hinged bracelets might still be too big for you as they fit me and were SLIGHTLY big but doable. I had just bought some bangles from S+D that were similar but I had to return them as they were way too big. 

  2. says: Cee

    It’s been fun to see how everyone styled their piece from the TT x BR collection. But I gotta say, this zazzy skirt with the vest is genius. A quirky take on menswear that works. Two thumbs up!

  3. says: Ana

    I bought the turquoise clutch to complete my summer accessories.  I agree with you about BR quality vs. H&M or Target.  I liked the turquoise accessories from ADR x H&M, but I know that this clutch will be much better quality than anything H&M puts out there. I can’t wait to get it!

  4. I saw this skirt in the look book and was absolutely wild about it.  I’m trying not to buy dress clothes right now though, my closet is jam-packed and I don’t even work during the summer (I’m a teacher)!  It looks great on you though.  The black and white graphic look really suits you.

  5. says: Ping

    kelly, u look great. great minds think alike because i picked out the same skirt. i agree with you that this piece is definitely less mod and the same reason why i choose this over the other pieces. they did send me the wrong size though. :(

      1. says: Ping

        Kelly, I did get a 0P! It’s huge. I called a few stores today and the flagship has one left. Can you believe that?!

  6. says: Bravoerunway

    This was one of the items on my list that I wanted from the BR TT collab…  I’ll have to try this on because once I see pockets on a pencil skirt…I worry it’ll bulge!  I love it on you!

  7. says: Lisa Ng

    Like I said on instagram, this print is my fav. Skirt looks like a great cut and love that quality is good. And in petites. Awesome. I feel the same about HM and Target collabs. Poor quality. In worse fit. Glad BR is taking the lead on great collabs!

  8. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Ahhh amazing! I was so excited to try out stuff today and to my disappointment the 2 BRs in Tampa don’t have petites! I’ll just wait til I’m back home but again that means a higher price point for me plus more taxes boo.  But I definitely liked what I saw, the feel of the pieces were great and I would definitely love to see BR do more collaborations like this as long as petites are available ;)

  9. says: phiphi

    thank you for a great review! i can’t wait to get my order – you picked a fantastic piece, and it is so pretty on you. this collaboration seems to be bang-on: quality and petite friendly. what a treat for petites. xox P

  10. says: Jade TS

    I agree totally! I’ve tried on designers items made for Target and H&M and the fit was horrible and the quality not great at all. I too love the Trina Turk for Banana Republic collection! I bought the shorts in the collection..inspired from seeing it on Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook. :-). Great the classic combo of black and white. 

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