Tucked with a Bow on Top


Drapey crepe de chine in a slim cut and black details dress up jeans for the weekend. Adding a bow is just for fun. Thank you to the two Wendy’s who both recommended this blouse.


This blouse just needed a little bit of styling…


Add accessories, and go…


:: photos – Mr. AN ::

Outfit DetailsAritzia blouse :: ASOS bowtie :: 7FAMK jeans :: Banana Republic camisole :: Christian Louboutin heels :: Chanel handbag :Ann Taylor belt :: Kate Spade watch (customized:: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) (in silver:: Daisy Knights ring (similar from ASOS:: Banana Republic stackable rings (recent – check your local store) :Essie “Turquoise and Caicos” nail color

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  1. says: pretaaller

    Ahhh! I adore this blouse. Unfortunately the shoulders run quite narrow so sizing up won’t solve this issue for me.

    I like the tips that you provided for faking the fit of this blouse, but do you run into the problem of the cuffs sliding off your arms and back onto your wrists from time to time? 

    1. Yup, sleeves that aren’t fully cuffed are bound to shimmy their way down every now and again. Since I wanted the black cuff to show, I didn’t want to fold the sleeves and lose that detail, so I have to push the sleeves back up every so often. No biggie, and a small price to pay. =)

        1. Yup, I wear my cuffs buttoned. For this one, the cuffs were already buttoned and I just flipped them over and pushed the whole sleeve up until the cuffs got too tight on my arm. It really helps to keep the shirt in place, but they’ll still fall every now and then. =)

  2. says: Amber

    that’s what i do with all of my shirts!! i dont know why, but when I leave the sleeves down my arms and proportions look off. maybe i have monkey arms or something. this top is gorgeous, tho!!

  3. says: Sassypetite

    Cute!  It looks just like the Equipment Signature blouse.  Does this fit better than the Equipment Brett shirt?  

  4. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Wow! Would have never thought to make a blouse like that work, looks fabulous on you! I’m enjoying these “faking the fit” posts :) I feel like there are more options out there!

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