Red Cures What Ails Ya

red-pants-1Like a switch, as soon as I got home from LuckyFABB, I got horribly sick. I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it takes me down for the count. For about 5 days straight, I couldn’t even muster the strength to get dressed, and only left the house to eat (the boyfriend dragged me out for a Cinco de Mayo lunch at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, after which I promptly went back to bed). I’m still fighting off the lingering cough…ugh!

So when I finally felt well enough to put on real clothes and get outside, I had these red jeans on the brain. I guess I needed to be bright for my first day out after a week of being a shut-in. I believe some colors just have the ability to make us feel certain ways, and on this particular day, red felt very, “I’m back!”. Apparently Wendy felt the same way, who caught the same bug I did, and whose bright red jacket popped out at me from my back log of blog posts to read that piled up while I was sick.

red-pants-4These red jeans are yet another member of the “cuff it till I hem it” club.  After being forever traumatized after washing a pair of jeans a few times before hemming, only to have them shrink substantially short after the next wash, I’m making sure to get some wears and washes out of my jeans before committing to a length.

And, thank you to all the ladies on Twitter who helped convince me to keep these red jeans. I was unconvinced about their versatility, but after all your helpful tips I think I’ll manage to make them work. =)

And…yet another thank you to the boyfriend who helped me scout out photo taking locations over the weekend (and played photographer to take these photos)! A little better than the SUPER green garden, huh?

Outfit Details – LOFT shirt (altered) :: Gap jeggings (new colors!) (post) :: Cole Haan shoes :: J.Crew handbag :: Ann Taylor belt :: Lux Accessories necklace :: Kate Spade watch (customized) :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) (in silver) :: Daisy Knights ring

What colors make you feel better and put pep in your step?

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  1. says: witheachpassingday

    Poor Kelly. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better.  Major props to your boyfriend for find a great location and the awesome photos.  The red pant looks amazing on you.

  2. says: Fifi

    I am with you on folding the cuff and washing a few times before altering had the same experience with a great pair of jeans! :( except i usually fold under… glad your on the mend!! xo

  3. says: Michelle

    I love your photo location!  That was nice of you bf  :)   Glad you are feeling better! Red is definitely your color!

    I just checked your last post….LOVE what you wore to the FABB Conf!  I can imagine feeling the pressure to dress in your best!  :)

  4. says: Amber

     yay, glad to hear youre feeling better!! i love the red jeans on you, they for sure stand out (in a good way!!!). i love the background, too :)

  5. says: FreeA

    I like cuffs, but I normally just fold in, just above the ankle :)

    Question for anybody though — Are any of you into Hudson jeans? I just am because it gives me some much-needed bum :) I do like their petite options (I’m 5’2 and i can wear flats or a very low heel with it).

  6. says: Angie

    red is a color I’m discovering and always makes for special outfits.For some strange reason it wasn’t the jeans that caught my attention.It was the details on your loft shirt,tha flowers.

  7. says: Liz

    Oh my goodness, I finally made it!  It has taken me literally all week to go thru all of your posts.  I recently discovered the wonderful world of petite blogging and am thrilled.  I am petite, although not “tiny”, in comparison I feel like a giant.  I’m 5 ft 1/2 in, ok lets just call it 5 even and take a size 4 regular or 6 petite.  My fitting whoa’s are mostly due to my generous bust and boo-tay (so I guess I’m “curvy”).  I honestly sometimes do not feel like a true petite.  Mostly I feel like a short person with with narrow shoulders, tiny feet and boney wrists.  I miss the days of being 110 lbs and a B cup but things change and we either give up in tears or move forward.  Reading and now following several of the petite blogs have reinterated what I have had to deal with since being a grown up; fit, fit, fit.  I decided not too long ago that it was time for a closet cleansing and have been purging all things that A) no longer fit B) do not work for me fit wise C) are worn out and need to go.  The next order of business it to break out my measuring tape and get real about my body.  Thank you and the rest of the petite blogging community for never letting us forget about fit and the importance of tailoring and of course style.  Women of all sizes need to be better educated about fit for their bodies and stop cursing ourselves for not fitting in things off the rack.  Kelly you are beautiful, keep up the good work.  The rest of you petite bloggers, I’m making my way to you blogs!  Thank you all sincerely for all of the effort and hard work you put into your posts.  They inspire and give much needed insight and advise.  LOVE the “shoe story”, I laughed and laughed because I think we have all been there in some sort of way.  :)

  8. says: Belaanzu

    Hi Kelly, You look great in this outfit.  The white background and walking photos that Mystery Man suggested really do make a wonderful difference!  For some reason, it adds more interest to the photos.   

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