Out and About – Wrapped and Red-y To Go

dvf-scp-2Finally pulling this Diane von Furstenberg wrap top out of the closet for some warm weather and bare arms. Bought some time ago, it only needed the simplest (my favorite) of alterations to get a perfect fit. If you ever find a tank style blouse to hang just a little too low on your figure (low neckline, low arm holes, low waist/bust details), it can be easily fixed by simply shortening the shoulder straps. I snatched two Diane von Furstenberg wrap tops in this same style a few years ago, and after this easy alteration, got a perfect fit.

dvf-scp-1Ladies who detest high heels will laugh, but these Christian Louboutin Simple 85’s have become my most comfortable heels. If anyone is in the market for their first pair of Louboutins, I would suggest the Simples, hands-down. Other styles may be sexier, but nothing beats these in comfort. And for 4’11” me, the 85mm heel is absolute heaven. I love the look of my 100mm Decolletes, but I can walk in these 85mm Simples all day.

dvf-scp-6As you can see, I’ve walked in them quite a bit. They’re in desperate need of some maintenance, but have to wait until I can make it to my most trusted cobbler in Los Angeles. They are the only shop I trust with my Loubies (especially after a near disaster recently with another shop in San Diego. Eek!).

dvf-scp-3Gratuitous Loubie shot. I so rarely get a glimpse of those red soles from all the way down/back there, it’s nice to see them in action for once. =)

dvf-scp-7I hope you enjoyed these “in the wild” shots. These were taken by none other than the talented Mystery Man before Wendy, MM and myself enjoyed an evening celebrating the re-opening of the David Yurman boutique at South Coast Plaza, where I would proceed to spend the evening eating my weight in teeny tiny tuna tartare h’orderves. I could eat that stuff all day long…yum!

Outfit Details – Theory blazer :: Diane von Furstenberg top (altered) :: 7 For All Mankind jeans :: Chanel handbag :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Kate Spade watch (customized) :: Honora pearl necklace :: Jet-bead necklace :: Sally Hansen “Wine Not” nail color

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  1. says: Jessy

    Loving MM’s photos! I had to do a double take when I saw your thumbnail on my Bloglovin feed! Almost didn’t believe it was you! You look fabulous, as always. I’ll be keeping your Louboutin recommendation in mind. I was stuck between 85 or 100, but the 85s seem a little more practical.

    1.  LOL! Thanks Jessy! It’s all that nice, soft, white bouncing light that helped me look less haggard than I do in the green, sickly lighting of the garden. =P

      As for the Loubies…yes, the 100’s are a good looking shoe, but nothing beats the 85’s for comfort. I even converted Jean recently to the ways of the 85mm Loubs…lol. I wear my 100’s to places where I want to look dressy, but won’t do much walking, and the 85’s are for times when I know the 100’s won’t cut it by the end of the night. There are rare 90mm’s out there, but I haven’t seen a pair in a style I’ve liked enough to buy yet, so I can’t comment on comfort.

  2. says: Jenny

    Those shoes are fabulous! I have tried a ton of CL’s on but find them to be too narrow for my foot. I usually try the pointed toe as I find it elongates my leg, but perhaps I’ll give the rounded toe a shot (they may be wider). Also, I still can’t believe you are 4’11”. I’m 5’2″ and you look much taller than me in photos. Must be your killer long legs!

    1.  Hi Jenny! Yes, CL’s do tend to run narrow, although some run narrower than others, and sometimes it depends on the material. I’ve seen patent leather run wider than the regular calf leather (b/c leather stretches more than patent leather), and the 100mm’s run wider than the 85mm’s. Definitely try the rounded toe style next time, as my almond toe Decolletes feel tighter in the toe box than my Simples, so maybe they’ll work better for you. As for me looking tall in photos…it’s all about camera angles! LOL.

  3. Great outfit! I’m even more tempted to purchase a pair of Loubies now that you’ve said that they are comfy! Are you wearing the heel pads that you mentioned in the other post? It’s too bad there isn’t a smaller size. 

  4. says: Alison


    Love the outfit! Question. Which shoe repaire shop in San Diego did you go to? I need my Loubies heel caps replaced. And I want to be sure not to go to the same shoe repair shop. Also, what did they do to your shoes?

  5. says: phiphi

    this is a great post – what a fantastic print and colourway on you!! i love my simples. literally can walk in them for hours! they look fab on you! xox P

  6. says: Nomnomblingbling

    This outfit is on point girl. Pop of color from the bag, classic black stilletos and fantastic fitted skinny jeans. Love it!

  7. says: AUBS

    i had no doubt these were taken by MM.  it just had that “wendy’s lookbook” style to it.  love how he captures the red soles. 

  8. says: Lisa Ng

    Woo hoo, bare arms! And omg, you have certainly come a long way since that 2009 post!! Great photos by Mystery Man, as always.

  9. says: idow

    New to your blog and loving everything about it! Great job! This is a silly question…but can you explain how exactly to fold the hem of skinny jeans the way you do? My hubby tells my I look funny when I try to do it….help! How many inches to fold and how many times? Thank you so much in advance!

    1.  Welcome! And thank you! When I cuff my jeans, I usually use my thumb to measure. I’ll stick my thumb into the fold as I’m cuffing them, then I straighten, then I fold again also using my thumb as a measure, then straighten again. I usually only fold two times, but it depends on the length of your jeans. If you can’t get the cuffs straight or smooth when you’re wearing them, try cuffing them before you put them on. It’s easier to cuff them when you’re not wearing them.

  10. says: Alyson

    Absolutely love this outfit and your Loubies. I just went back and read how you bought them…. what fun! I’m dying for a pair. They look incredible.

  11. says: SME

    HI Kelly,
    I really love the first shot of you, where you are kind of looking over your shoulder.  I think you look really pretty in that shot.  The outfit is nice too!

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