Leopard Print Smoking Slippers – Thanks to a Tried and True Brand

leopard-shoes-4Sometimes when a trend comes along that I really want to indulge in, I wait around for one of my tried and true brands to come out with their version of it. It means I’m usually a little late to the game, but it’s usually worth the wait.

When smoking slippers first hit the scene last year, I loved the mix of loafer and slipper. It’s a fun little flat with just a hint of ridiculous decadence reminiscent of highfalutin oil barons smoking pipes in their drawing rooms.

Finding the perfect one was a quest in itself. Having narrow feet made it more difficult, since most were too roomy in the toe-box, and some of my favorite prints were never even made in my shoe size. I also wanted a low vamp (the upper part of the shoe), since nothing cuts a leg line on a shorty like myself than a high vamped shoe. Then, one of my all time favorite shoe brands, Cole Haan, came out with their perfect little version and I was in love.


Oddly, these flats disappeared from most retailer websites shortly after they debuted, and tracking down my size became an adventure. It wasn’t until months later I happened to find them re-stocked in my size and I was finally able to snag them. And with a perfect fit in size 5, they are definitely worth the wait. Yet another successful purchase from my beloved Cole Haan.

Note: as another owner of these shoes noted on Twitter (thanks Cathy!), the heel needs some breaking in. After wearing them around all day for the first time, my heel was feeling a little rubbed.

Just look at how inviting that plush red quilted lining is! Don’t ya just wanna dip your feet in there?

leopard-shoes-insideOutfit Details – LOFT blouse (altered) :: 7 For All Mankind skinnies :: Cole Haan shoes (lots of more colors!) (and velvet) :: Lux Accessories necklace :: Kate Spade watch (customized) :: Stella & Dot bracelet (also in silver)

Readers – What are some of your tried and true brands? Do they come through for you in a pinch? Who else is loving smoking slippers as much as I am?

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  1. says: Angie

    they look so comfy! i want to take a nap inside your shoes haha it reminds me of a luxurious pillow. i’ve been wanting some leopard print loafers as well but can never find any affordable options in a tiny size. you lucky girl!

  2. says: Rinny

    I’m not a really big fan of smoking slippers but the print on these makes them look really cute! Love the quilted lining too :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Kelly! I love Cole Haan shoes, too. I think I’ve pretty much kept every pair of Cole Haan shoes that I’ve bought online. That’s a big deal considering how difficult it is for me to find shoes that fit tiny feet!

  4. says: Magali

    These shoes are amazing! And I love how you described them as ‘It’s a fun little flat with just a hint of ridiculous decadence reminiscent of highfalutin oil barons smoking pipes in their drawing rooms.’ :)

  5. says: Lisa Ng

    They were certainly worth the wait. I don’t think animal print is going away any time soon! I don’t have any tried and true brands because I don’t shop that often ;). But I do love seeing the AT/Loft things that you and other petites know and love! 

  6. says: Leann68

    ooh, I really like those!  I’m not a ballet flat fan, but these I I like.  Thanks for the review and that great pic of the luscious lining!

  7. says: Mady

    great prints! it’s hard to find the perfect animal print item!




  8. For dresses, my tried and true brand is definitely Lilly Pulitzer. I also like the quality of Ann Taylor. I have shied away from low vamp flats because I figured they would fall off of my feet. I will have to keep a lookout for Cole Haan shoes.

    1.  Thanks for commenting! Hmm…I’ll have to try Lilly Pulitzer! It’s true, some low vamp shoes do slip out a little easier. I think the trick is to find a good fit in the heel. The heel on these are molded inward, so they get a good grip on your foot heel, which stops them from slipping out. I’ve tried low vamp Sperry’s before and my heel slipped out all over the place, but the shoe heel wasn’t very narrow on those either.

  9. says: Amber

    that lining is amazing!! i dont have any go-to brands for shoes. im trying a little bit of everything, but even when i find a brand that seems to be working, the next time i try on something by them it doesnt work out. maybe my feet are constantly changing?

  10. says: Jessy

    I love the quilted padding inside. I have a pair of Sam Edelman leopard loafers and loveee them to death. The print goes with everything!

  11. says: Michelle

    Ah!! I am in love!  Not to be a broken record, but another “stupid grin” item for me! You have been having so many of these lately!  :)

    Hope you enjoy your week! :)

  12. says: Arts

    those look so comfortable, wish they would come in heels too..I’m one of those who can’t walk in flats :)

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