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I’m still waiting on one more item from the Ann Taylor and LOFT Friends & Family sale, but the rest have arrived, so here we go! I’m really loving the colors this spring, and LOFT hasn’t been disappointing. The bright mixes of tangerine with more muted shades of plum were really speaking to me, so I picked up a few items to test drive. I’ll start with the striped short sleeve sweater in both colorways.

loft-stripe-sweater-maroonThis color is the “summer plum”, and the one I was most excited to try. It looked like a cute and muted way to wear the bright tangerine hue that has become the color du jour this season.

loft-stripe-sweater-orangeAnd here is the much brighter “hibiscus”, which is just the reverse colorway of the “summer plum”. When I first tried on both colors, I was convinced summer plum was the way to go, but the bright hibiscus is growing on me. Just think how cute it would look with white jeans or shorts.

loft-sweater-button-backOne cute detail that the product page description didn’t mention were these back buttons. It was a nice surprise to flip them over and see this nice detail.

The sweater is 100%, light weave cotton, which makes it nice and airy for spring and summer. The sleeves are not a separate sewn on piece of the garment, but one continuous part of the torso, which adds to the light, drapey look of the top. The torso is loose, with a tighter ribbed bottom hem, and it’s a bit short, so ladies with a long torso may not like the fit.

I’m wearing the size petite xxs, but I wish the torso were a bit more fitted on me, which is the only reason I’m not 100% convinced about it. The fabric tends to pool right around my waist, which can make my already short torso look boxy. I’m wondering if a good shrink in the wash will help…hmm…

Note: shrinking light weave fabrics such as this tightens the threads, which changes the texture. Shrink at your own risk!

I definitely like this top. The colors are rich and vibrant and the airy cotton will be great for warm weather. Ladies at least one size bigger than myself will probably find the fit I’m wishing for, but I’m sure there are plenty of ladies who would be fine with the slouchier fit.

Next up…pants…

I’ve been looking for pants for some time now, and after not finding a good fit with J.Crew, figured I’d give these similar cuts from LOFT and Ann Taylor a try. Please excuse the bright color clash going on. My camera battery was threatening to die at any moment, so I just rushed through without changing my top.

loft-capri-pantsThese are the LOFT Marisa Slim Cropped Pants in size 00P. I love the plum color, machine washable cotton blend fabric, and front pockets. I’m not so in love with the fit in the crotch, which every time I moved, folded and creased in unflattering ways. I don’t have a body shape that plays well with standard pant cuts, so I’m not surprised, but bummed nonetheless since I really like the color and would have considered altering if the crotch were not so ill-fitting.

loft-pants-backThe waist would need taking in, and the thigh and legs would need slimming for a sleeker silhouette.

These pants are unlined except for the pockets, and a heavy cotton, which makes them a little stiff. I also noticed these were magnets for pet hair, which is yet another reason they’re not a good choice for me. I’m sure these will look very nice on the right girls, but sadly, that girl is not me.

ann-taylor-capri-pantsHere we have the Ann Taylor Compact Doubleweave Cropped Pants in size 00P. The online reviews said the legs ran slim and I’d have to agree. The fit is much sleeker than the LOFT cropped pants, and the fit in the crotch is much, much better. There are no front pockets, which makes me sad, but I know many women hate pockets anywhere near their hips, which have the tendency to flare or poof out.

The color looks a bit bubble-gum in these photos, but in real life, there is a little more purple in the pink.

ann-taylor-pants-backThe look is much sleeker on me, and the fabric has a nice drape to it, compared to the stiff thick cotton of the LOFT pants. These are quite a bit more synthetic (53% cotton, 41% polyester, 6% elastane), but the fabric feels softer and much nicer. Again, these pants are unlined, except for the back pockets.

These would still need some alterations on me, like the waist taken in, and I’d like to slim the thigh and leg slightly, but it’s a much better fit than anything else I’ve found as far as capri non-denim pants goes. Looking back at my J.Crew post, I think these may be a better fit than the Minnies.

I was considering if they are worth keeping and altering, but now I’m leaning towards no, since the color isn’t one that really excites me, and I’m not sure if they’re even all that flattering on me in the first place. Maybe I’m just not a good candidate for pants and should stick with jeans.

Did anyone else shop the Ann Taylor and LOFT Friends & Family sale? What did you pick up?

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  1. says: Lauren M.

    I was in the Loft yesterday and everything I tried on was “bloussy” and therefore looked a little silly on me. They are usually my go-to for petite clothes, but everything I tried on looked oversized. Is there a way to wear these less fitted styles as a petite?

    1.  Hi Lauren! I don’t think pants that are obviously too big are very easy to pull off as intentional, but blousy tops are easier to do. A lot of ladies are leaving blouses only 1/2 tucked so they billow out in a relaxed way, or wear blousy tops under sweaters and blazers to hide the extra fabric. Wendy of is really good at these tricks. She’s 5’0″!

  2. says: Vicky

    I love both Loft tops on you.  I don’t think the extra fabric makes one look short. In fact for a casual T like that I embrace the extra fabric. It makes skinny people look a little fuller. 
    The pants are beautiful in color, but the fit does look it’s a miss. 
    Have a good weekend, Kelly.

  3. says: Petiteish

    Have you tried H&M’s cropped pants? They had some similarly vibrant-hued ones in a similar cropped style that might fit better if the AT’s cut isn’t ideal for you!

  4. says: Anon

     The Ann Taylor crop pants had so much potential but didn’t quite cut it due to the more purplish color.  I wish it was a bit more vibrant like it shows on the website.
    The cut of AnnTaylor crops this year is also very strange.  I have been wearing AT pants for ages and they looked tailored on me.  But with the crops, if the hips fit right, the waist  is still loose.  Not enough stretch in the crotch area either…you can see that on the models too.  They need to hire back their previous tailors.

  5. says: Aubrey Dang

    the legs of the AT pants ARE much slimmer  than LOFT.  i tried on the LOFT ones, and it fit me exactly how it fits you.  For me, i like the color of the LOFT ones more & wish it had the same fit as the AT ones.  I passed as well.   Also bc I was seriously feeling like a mom wearing cropped pants.  I couldn’t do it.  I’m going to wait til I’m 30.  yikes!  only 3.5 more years left.  wahhhhhhhh.  Love u Kelly.  thx for the review.

  6. says: Jan P

    I actually like the sweater on you for a casual look! Definitely can see them paired with shorts. P.S. What jeans are you wearing in the first set of pictures?? Thanks!

  7. says: Rinny

    I really like the striped top! The back buttons are a nice touch too. It’s too bad the pants were a miss – the color looks really nice on you!

  8. Thanks for the comparison between the AT and LOFT slim pants! I love the blue that the AT ones came in, but they sold QUICK. Would be interesting to visually see how those compare to the J.Crew cafe capris in the same size, too.

  9. says: New Petite

    I really liked the hibiscus on you but the pants not so much. If you happen to have a store called Papaya where you stay, you should give that a try as they carry petite friendly clothes and the quality is similar to H&M.  

  10. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Oh you’re making want those AT tops!  And I really do like those pants but I have nothing from J.Crew so I don’t know what the fit would be like.

  11. says: Karen

    Such pretty colors! I think I need to visit Loft or Ann Taylor to pick some stuff up. Sorry to hear the fit didn’t work out though!

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