Nautical Sequins & Crew Cuts Denim


This outfit is inspired by a little clipping I made from a Lucky Magazine months ago, and pinned to a cork-board. When I first tore it out, I didn’t have a schoolboyish blazer or a sequin tank, but it put both items at the front of my mind as things I wanted to pick up. It wasn’t until recently as I was falling asleep (one of the ways I calm a ramped up brain that doesn’t want to fall asleep is to put it to work conjuring up what to wear the next day) that I realized I had very similar items that might finally work.

UntitledThe inspiration

My version feels a bit more nautical than the inspiration, with the double breasted blazer and deeper contrast between the blue and white. Adding a rope-look chain necklace just solidified it.

When I wore this earlier in the day, I had on grey skinny jeans, but then a little box from J.Crew arrived. Inside this box were items that had piqued my interest ever since Jean posted about her success with Crew Cuts pants and the ingenious adjustable waistband. I saw online that the Crew Cuts denim had the same adjustable waistband and were toted as smaller versions of their toothpick jeans, so I thought they were worth a try.

These are size 10 Crew Cuts Toothpick jeans…and I like them better than the Blank jeggings I had already decided to keep (and cut the tags…and washed a few times…darn!)…who knew?

Generally, I hate kid’s denim. Besides being incensed when sales associate wave me to the children’s department, my issue with kid’s denim (and pants in general) is even though I may find adult appropriate styles and a good fit in the leg, the rise and crotch have always been a problem. Most adults are much curvier than a child, so the straight cut in the hip and tush of kid’s denim make the crotch pull and fold in the most unflattering ways. I was expecting the same from these Crew Cuts, but miraculously, the crotch and rise are a great fit. I had to tighten the adjustable waistband a few holes to contour to my waist, but the rest of the jean fits quite nice.


Here’s why I like these better than the Blank jeans I wrote about previously. The fabric is thicker real denim, where the Blank jeans are thinner and softer jegging material. The Blank jeans fit by virtue that they stretch, where the Crew Cuts jeans fit by virtue that they are just cut slim enough to actually fit my legs. The Crew Cuts jeans have front pockets which I much prefer, although the one caveat of that is the pocket linings can show through in the right light. Oh yeah…and the Crew Cuts are no alterations needed and a steal at $50 full price!

My one fear of the Crew Cuts denim…the length is absolutely perfect as is, and I fear they may get a tad short after a few washes. The size 12 had a safer length with a little wiggle room for shrinking, but the legs were roomier and not as flattering. One idea I had was if they get a bit short, I could cuff the bottom to just above the ankle to fit like ankle pants if need be.

nautical-sequinsThis places Crew Cuts pants officially on my radar. I’m a bit shocked that kid’s pants are being so accommodating for adult curves, but happy to find a new resource.

Rope-chain-necklaceOutfit Details – H&M blazer :: J.Crew tank :: J.Crew Crew Cuts jeans :: Manolo Blahnik shoes :: Kate Spade watch (customized) :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) (also in silver) :: Lux Accessories necklace

Readers – What are your thoughts on the Crew Cuts jeans? Is the threat of shrinking a deal breaker?

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  1. says: Rinny

    I love your take on the look! The more nautical theme is perfect for the season too. And I like the pants on you – they look like they fit very well. If you’re afraid of shrinking, maybe you can just stick to handwashing them :)

    1.  Thanks R.L.! Nope, definitely not opposed to line-drying. My only fear would be the jeans getting baggy with wear in the thigh, and then really itching to pop them in the dryer to tighten them back up.

  2. says: Kerry

    I have two pairs of Crewcuts pants – one pair of navy Classic Chinos and a pair of Modern Red (it’s more of an orange than red) Toothpick Chinos. Both are size 12 and both fit really well. I picked up the Classic Chinos last summer in a store on clearance, marked down at $8.99. They are loose and baggy but they are meant to be that way. They are a bit on the long side, even after shrinking, so I roll the cuffs up the way J.Crew tends to style their women’s pants. With a belt they fit great and are super comfy.  The Toothpick chinos have more of an ankle length, so they don’t need any shrinkage or adjustments to the leg. I have not yet washed them (I bought them in December but have only worn them about 4 times and I tend to go a while before washing things to determine if I want them to shrink of if I want to maintain the original fit). The Toothpick chinos also fit well, but they tend to stretch out a bit with wear and because they don’t have belt loops, they start to sag a bit at the waist as I walk around. I typically adjust the waistband 2 or 3 buttons in to get a better fit, and I definitely have to move it a few more if I wear them many times without washing as they stretch out.  Gap kids and Old Navy also feature the adjustable waist band on their kids jeans and pants and  I have had really good luck with them. I have a pair of Gap Skinny jeans in girls 12 regular that fit well, a pair of Gap Ultra Skinny (really jeggings) in size 12 that are perfect as a jegging, and then I have a pair of Super Skinny size 12 regular from Old Navy that fit well. My biggest challenge is that my legs are more muscular compared to my waist/hip. I have a relatively uncurvy figure, so the narrow hips on kids pants work well for me, but most kids don’t have leg muscles like mine. Sometimes I have to go up a size in kids pants to fit my legs, and then they don’t fit my waist/hips.  This has led me to only have success with certain styles/cuts of each brand’s pants.

    1.  Hi Kerry! So nice to hear from you! You haven’t updated your blog is so long! Thank you for the tip on Gap and Old Navy kids pants. Yet another possible resource for jeans. =)

  3. says: Nhia

    Hi Kelly! If you’re willing to part with your blank jegging, I would love to buy it :) I’ve been eyeing them but size 24 is sold out.

    Love how you tone down the sequin with the jean & blazer! :)

    1.  Hi Nhia! Thanks for the offer! I’m still deciding what to do, but am leaning towards keeping the Blank jeggings and returning these Crew Cuts pants. If I change my mind, you’ll be the first to know. =)

  4. says: Ryland345

    I like! I too recently discovered the world of kid pants. Got lavendar corduroys from JCrew for $12, they fit well. But my biggest caveat with kid pants are the size of the back pockets. Is it me, or do they seem a bit off/small? These Crewcut Toothpick jeans don’t have that problem, so must look into these!

    1.  Hmm…good question about the kid’s back pockets. I haven’t really seen too many Crew Cuts pants before these, so I wouldn’t know. Hopefully all the Toothpick jeans have the same back pockets as these!

  5. says: witheachpassingday

    I am impressed with the fit of the jean. I may to try one myself. I love your take on the Lucky magazine outfit. 

  6. says: Laura Slaughter

    I was just wondering how the Toothpick jeans fit, so this is super helpful!

    …and I love this look on you! I hate wearing sequined items, but I might try something like this with a metallic knit tank I have.

  7. says: AUBS*

    aaw i like your blank one more.  i thought the placement of the butt pockets of the blank’s ended nicely where the bottom cleavage of your tush is.  do u know what i mean?

    whereas these ones, it seems a tad bit pass the cleavage.

    1.  Good observation Aubrey! I wore the Blank jeans this weekend and kinda fell back in love with them, so now I’m thinking I’ll stick to the Blank and return the J.Crew. But it’s still good to know these things fit in a pinch. =)

  8. says: ArtBLT

    I love this blazer. It has such a cool and classic feel to it. The jean looks cute to death! Glad I found you via IFB. I’m petite, but hippy! 

  9. says: Michelle

    I love your original inspiration, but I love your look even more!

    You girls have me interested in the Crewcuts…I need to check with my J. Crew to see if they accept Crewcuts returns…there is no kid section at mine.

  10. says: Karen

    Those jeans fit you perfectly! I don’t think I can squeeze into a pair of sz 10 Crew Cuts pants if  my life depended on it but I’m glad they worked out! lol Love the nautical theme too =)

  11. says: Melinda

    I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog and have added you to the blogroll on mine!  I get many frustrated petite clients! 

  12. says: PetiteintheCity

    I love how you made sequins work for daytime, I have this sequin tank in my closet that’s just been hanging there never worn.  Great outfit!

    I’m surprised that the kids jeans fit adult curves, I’m going to have to check out our new JCrew store in town now, (but I have a gut feeling that my store won’t be carrying them).


  13. says: Lisa Ng

    I love that something on an inspiration board inspired you later on. Sometimes those things we tack up never come to reality!! Great jeans! 

  14. says: Helen

    Jean’s discovery of Crew Cuts jeans piqued my interest in them too. I might have to pick up a pair just to try.

    Helen @

  15. says: Janette

    I went into J.crew today and embarrasingly snuck into a dressing room (I’m 31) to try these on (in size 10) after reading your post – they fit pretty perfectly! You and I have a very similar body type and they fit very similar to your photos. I am so excited! Going to order some of the colored demin and see how they look. Have you tried those by chance? So excited to have discovered yours and Jean’s blogs. I spend so much $$ on alterations for everything and never thought to look into the kids sections, along with so many other ideas on here. THANK YOU! 

    1.  Hi Janette! So glad the Crew Cuts fit you as well as they fit me! I thought about ordering the mint colored jeans but haven’t yet, so I don’t know how they fit. If you try a pair, let me know how they work out. And, thank you for the kind words! So glad our ramblings have helped you out! =)

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