Blush Spikes – Sam Edelman for the Small-Footed

spike-shoes-olive-blushRemember when I wrote about things that put a stupid grin on my face? These shoes are a new addition to that club. They are so completely unlike anything else I own, but I found myself so strangely attracted to them that I couldn’t resist. D’Orsay style blush-colored satin is toughened up with just the right kind of quirk, rose-toned spikes. They are glam, tough, and sweet at the same time, and put the dumbest smile on my face every time I look at them.

The first time I saw these shoes, I was quickly walking through the Nordstrom shoe department when they stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to take a photo on my iPhone, but with so many sales associates around, I lost my nerve and walked away. With them still on my mind, I circled back around, slyly took out my iPhone, and took a quick snap-shot before hurriedly walking away.

A week later, I was once again in Nordstrom, circling the shoe department, on a mission to at least try them on. They were nowhere to be found, but luckily a nicely dressed SA knew exactly which shoes I was describing, and emerged from the backroom with these beauties in my size. Fate?

sam-edelman-outfitThe coolest part is Nordstrom carries them in as small as a size 4…and in two colors! And at $175, they don’t make my bank account cry the way my last few shoe purchases have done (oh, Loubies…I love you so…but you’re so bad for my wallet).

The interesting thing is, the Sam Edelman website says it generally only makes shoes starting at size 6, but will make special sizes  in certain styes down to a size 5 for some of it’s retailers. Nordstrom did small-footed ladies a solid by ordering not only size 5, but sizes 4 and 4.5, which I really, really appreciate from a company at a time when most stores are discontinuing even a size 5.

Thank you, Nordstrom. Not only do you carry small shoe sizes online, but also in your stores, and I really appreciate that. I bought my first pair of designer shoes from you, and many, many more since.

(Special-sized ladies – it’s important to support the brands that are supporting us by catering to our unique needs, whether that means tiny shoes, odd-sized bras, or just specially proportioned garments. Thank the store manager. Thank them on Twitter. Thank them by email. And make the special effort to purchase from them when finances allow. I’ve sadly seen so many brands pull special sizes from their shelves since I started blogging, and hope the ones who haven’t given up on us see that we really appreciate them, and need them to keep selling our sizes.)

sam-edelman-closeDo these count as nude shoes? If so, these would be my first, and it’s kinda fun to think of my first nude shoes as being spiked satin.

If anyone is interested in sizing, I took a size 4.5 in these shoes. I’m generally a small size 5 with a narrow foot and heel, and seem to take a 4.5 in pointy-toe shoes (my other pair of pointy-toe shoes are size 34.5 Manolo Blahnik’s). My foot didn’t slip out of a size 5, but I found them a little wide for my narrow foot. The size 4.5, on the other hand, fit like a glove. The heel of these shoes is nicely molded inward to securely grip the back of the foot.

Outfit Details – Banana Republic Factory cardigan, size pxxs :: James Perse shirt, size 1 (at LastCall) (a size 0 would fit a million times better) :: 7 For All Mankind Gweneveres, size 24 :: Sam Edelman “Pixie” pumps, size 4.5 (also at Neimans) :: Ann Taylor belt, size xs :: Vintage necklaces :: Bracelets – Stella & Dot (c/o) and vintage

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  1. I’m amazed they had a 4 and 4.5 in-store. It was fate! I completely agree with your note about supporting and being vocal about brands and stores that cater to special sizing. I guess we didn’t support AT enough as all of their 00P’s have left stores again due to “lack of demand.”

    1.  Ahh, yes. I find it hard to believe, since I never saw those sizes hit the sale section in my local store, but, whatever. At least they’re making the sizes at all. It was suggested I look in the petites department at a department store today because they had “the same cute stuff” that was on the contemporary floor. Against my better judgement I checked it out & my only thoughts were, “the petite department is where fashion goes to die”. I’ll shop online at AT any-day over that sad excuse for clothing. =P

  2. says: Janelle

    Wow.. seriously this outfit is so…harmonious!  I don’t know how else to put it. Haha.  :D  Such a beautiful combo and I really think this fits your style well. Great choice.

  3. says: Michelle

    Omg, Kelly. These put that stupid grin on my face!  I am so excited to see these more on your blog!  And that price is not bad at all!

    So where are the college photos?!? I am waiting! :p

  4. says: shimmering2light

    They are gorgeous but are they comfortable?  I had a pair of sam edelman heels and they made me wince every time I took a step (not too attractive).

    1.  They’ve been very comfortable so far, but I haven’t given them a full night of wear yet. I’ve been wearing them around the house and walked all over the garden for photos and they were great. The heel is around 4 inches, but they feel shorter to me.

  5. says: Lisa Ng

    The shoes are awesome! And in 4.5? Wow! U r right about supporting such retailers so that they keep on offering the smaller sizes.

  6. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Oh wow Kelly, those shoes are awesome!! Love how you’re being so daring and you can sooo pull those off! I really like that they are a soft girly colour ;)

  7. says: Felicia

    Those shoes are serious attention grabbers! I like that they a-typical nude shoes. The studs provide both texture and color.

    As others have said I completely agree with shopping at and publicly acknowledging stores who carry small sizes. I always try to comment to store employees that I’m pleased they carry items that can come home with me. I’m quick to tell people at work where I find items too (even if it only benefits their children, haha). 

    I try to be just as public about stores that don’t carry my size though. Not rude, I just confirm that they don’t have my size, talk about online/other store options, and usually tell them it’s a shame I can’t spend my money on the cute styles they have. 

    1.  Thank you Felicia! So glad to hear you both support stores that carry your size, as well as chat with the ones who don’t. I don’t know how much good it does, but if we all make an effort, maybe it’ll help!

  8. says: Callandra

    Beautiful color mixing and seriously beautiful shoes!!  I’ve seen spiked shoes everywhere but most of them are flat and look like something one’s granny might wear.  These on the other hand are very hot and I’m definitely in love with them!  I think they do count as a nude shoe, fabulous choice ;)

  9. says: Ann

    I want a pair! I bought the loafer version awhile back and they were super comfy, hopefully these will be the same..question now is what color?
    And on a side note I completely agree with you in supporting companies that have special sizing… Though I personally dont have small feet for my small 5ft frame..7.5! Lol.

    1.  Hi Ann! If you’re concerned about getting them dirty at all, go for black. My only fear is that the blush satin may be hard to clean. Glad to hear your loafers are comfy! I remember those & thought they were super cute as well!

  10. says: Alice Ma

    These are so cute! I like how they are so unique looking. Nordstrom is really the first place I go to for shoes now. Large selection, amazing discounts, and lots of size 4!! 

    Speaking of Sam Edelman, do you have any other experiences with them on whether they run small or not? I ordered a size 4 marina pump in midnight blue silk because I’ve heard lots of people say Sam Edelman runs small. But these felt a lot more true to size compared to my size 4 Michael Kors heels (so tiny, looove them!). They were quite comfortable after I added in heel and ball of the feet inserts, but I wish I didn’t HAVE to put them in. Btw, for comparison, I’m about a size 3.5 at Cinderella of Boston.

    1.  Thanks Alice! Hmm…I was a size 5 at Cinderella of Boston and a size 4.5 in these shoes, so they probably fit the same as your Marina pumps. I remember trying on another pair of Sam Edelman during sale madness a while ago, and thinking I could size down. I forget what size I tried on, but I’m thinking they run more tts than small.

  11. says: A Little Nerdy

    Amazing, I love ’em! They look faboo.

    Nordstrom is truly great, it has been the only place I can find size 4 shoes (except online, and I hate returning things). And the Rack has them at good prices, even! Plus, their, ahem, girls section is pretty nice as well and you can find well-made things there that don’t look like they’re made for kids.

  12. says: LaLaaLove

    Such pretty shoes! The lack of small shoes is so frustrating; I’m glad you’ve found something that makes you grin stupidly. :D

    I recently purchased a pair of fushia wedges ( in a 5 – My roommate ordered a 7 and they fit an entire size down, so I figured the 5 would work. These are my new “stupid grin” shoes, but the 5 is still big – It should be alright with some inserts I think.

    I’m a small 4 – and I’m TOTALLY going crazy at Nordstrom’s next time I’m in the states.

    1. says: Alice Ma

      I think our shoes sizes are sort of similar. My feet are s little smaller than size 4, and I can get away with wearing size 4 boots with no problem and some styles that run a little small fit great with balls of the feet gel cushions. In my experience, Nordstrom’s Michael Korks shoes run amazingly small. They are also between $50 and $100 when on sale too!!

  13. says: Kim Dawn

    I love it when soft and feminine neutrals are paired with edgy accoutrements to make a fabulous piece! 

    The pumps look gorgeous on you! I would get it too, but I wish it was in a more almond toe shape rather than a sharp point.

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. says: Catherine

    Oh my gosh. THOSE SHOES. They are totally “snap a pic” worthy. I may have to treat myself to them!  I have the opposite problem – I’m a 10.5, a size that very few retailers make. I’m going to look up these shoes right now. Love them!

  15. says: MarandaMarie

    Those are so amazing it’s unreal. The color is beyond beautiful and I love how the insides are so open, stunning.

  16. says: Brandy Saldana

    So amazing! i just discovered your blog by searching for these shoes.

    Love Sam Edelman, Chirstian Louboutin, and especially Manolo Blahniks!.

    Looking forward to staying updated with your posts! this look is so fun and cute=D


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