Outfit – Earth Tones and Tangerine

olive-tangerine-5It’s spring and the garden near my house is blooming again! It also means the bees are in full work mode, making for an interesting time taking photos as I duck and flinch when I hear a loud buzzing coming my way. Scary!

Here’s a better look at the Banana Republic sweater from this post. I’m loving how well this punchy tangerine pairs with earthy neutrals and gold-tone accessories. Being more of a saturated colors kind of girl, I’m liking that this spring color palette is offering more than just pastels and pinks.


I’m also very excited about this bracelet from Stella & Dot. I’m picky when it comes to trend jewelry…on one hand, I like jewelry that has some kind of quality to it, but on the other hand, I don’t want to pay the high prices of precious metals for the trendy stuff. There is also a big chasm between trend, and quality when it comes to jewelry. There are not many brands making decently made items out of quality materials, with the same fun and quirk as the super cheap stuff.

So when I first held this very on-trend bracelet in my hand, I was amazed at how heavy it was and the quality of the little spikes and details. Some research online revealed this little stretch bracelet is gold plated, and with a diameter of 2.25″, it’s small-wrist friendly. At $59, it’s cheaper than a lot of lesser quality items I’ve come across, and fits my trend jewelry pricing requirements.

My bracelet actually measures smaller than 2.25″ when un-stretched, and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since it arrived. I’ll take better photos and show measurements in my next post.


I panicked last week when I thought I had ruined these jeans. I underestimated a food stain, and without thinking, I tossed them from the wash to the dryer without checking if the stain had come out. As many of you may know, heat drying sets stains, and I felt my heart drop when I pulled these from the dryer, fully dry, and still stained.

So I turned where the modern woman turns when times get tough…Twitter. Thanks to several helpful tweeters, I was able to remove the stain with a little dish soap and a re-wash. Thank you ladies!! How did people survive before the Internet?

Outfit details – Banana Republic sweater, size xsp (check for petites in your local store) :: 7 For All Mankind skinnies, size 24 :: Cole Haan shoes, size 5 :: Timex watch :: Daisy Knights ring :: Stella & Dot Necklace (c/0) :: Stella & Dot Bracelet (c/0)

I hope you’re all enjoying the first days of spring!

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  1. says: Vicky Vickysfashion

    I love this sweater on you, Kelly. Nice color and such a comfy casual fit. 
    I am the same way with fashion jewelry. The quality is just not there. I see my AS necklace turning an ugly color and now swearing off this type of jewelry for the most part. This bracelet really have potential, but I really want to learn if they hold up next year.  :) 
    So glad you saved your jeans. 

      1. says: Nicole

        I am a Stella & Dot stylist, and would like to say that you I find the jewelry to be pretty solid. Yes, it’s costume jewelry, but you’ll find it to be much better well made than some other lines out there. Most everything is a gold or silver vermeil, they use crystals (sometimes Swarovski), and the handbags are made in the same factories as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Coach & Prada (the leather is the same as Marc)! You’ll also have 90 days (no questions asked) to get the jewelry, wear it and do what you’d like with it, and still return it for a FULL refund if you’re not 100% happy. Stella & Dot is coveted by a list of celebrities and media professionals. The Renegade Bracelet was worn by Katy Perry to an event back in December. I think it’s definitely worth a shot, and I’d be happy to offer everyone FREE SHIPPING on their order. Please see my site http://www.stelladot.com/nicolebozek, but please email me at nicole.bozek@gmail.com in order to take advantage of the free shipping! Please email me with any questions regarding the jewelry or shipping that you may have. All the best!

  2. says: Michelle

    I love those Stella & Dot pieces. You are right…decent price! Looking forward to the detailed pics! :)

    Glad the stain came out! I got pasta sauce on a J. Crew sweater but the stain did not come out all the way. :/  I will try the dish soap tip. :)

    1.  Yeah, it’s worth a shot. My stain was grease and fat based, but you figure, dish soap is meant to dislodge food stains, right?. I dripped a little on the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes, then threw it back in the wash and let it air dry (I figured it’s better for NOT setting stains that way, in case it was still there after the wash). Someone (laviepetite I think) also suggested shampoo for oil stains. Good luck!

  3. says: witheachpassingday

    I love seeing brighter colors on you.  I didn’t know that heat drying sets stains.  Thank you for the tip about removing stain with a little dish soap. My husband love pho and always stain this white shirt. I will have to try this next time. 

    1.  Yes! Try the dish soap trick (I dripped a little on the stain & let it sit for 30 minutes before putting it in the wash). My stain was from ramen that I apparently had a little too much fun eating, so the stains are very similar. Good luck saving hubby’s shirt! =)

    1.  LOL! Thank you! I’ve had them for a few years now, but don’t wear brown very often, so they don’t get as much use as some of my other shoes. I’ll be sure to bring them out more often. =)

  4. says: Bravoerunway

    I am a huge fan of Stella and Dot and I think the quality of their pieces are quite good.  Frankly, costume jewelry is costume jewelry and you rotate the pieces enough they’ll last for a fair amount of time.  Great sweater and your photos look amazing as always!

  5. says: Lisa Ng

    Cute sweater. I love saturated colors too! And that halo around your head in the photos is crazy lovely! I know, what did we do before internet???

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