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I thought I had already tried the Blythe blouse during the J.Crew holiday sale, but apparently that was the “Lucinda”, and I got my J.Crew mixed up. I picked up the Lucinda in “rust” (one of my all time favorite colors) after seeing it look fabulous on Chloe, but on me it looked more like a rust colored, pleated potato sack, so I didn’t even bother taking photos for the blog. A few weeks ago, I got a hot tip from Wendy that the Blythe blouse worked for her in a regular size 00, so I figured the petite 00 was worth a shot.

**if you watch Wendy’s latest video, you can see her wearing the white version in size regular 00**

I adore silk button-down blouses, but I’m finding them very elusive for my figure. Silk blouses are usually cut generously for a looser fit, which is tough for me to pull off. Being so short and with minimal curves, my figure gets easily lost in too much blousy fabric, so I prefer closer, more tailored cuts. An example is the Ann Taylor Silk Tab Blouse that’s available now (and I tried back in January). The fabric just didn’t drape right and the cut was too blousy, so that even creative tucking couldn’t keep me from looking swallowed in fabric. I’m sad too, because I love that color!

To this day, the only silk button-down blouse I own is the Banana Republic Silk Camp Shirt from last year. The fabric drapes along my curves, so that even though it’s long and blousy, I can tuck and roll it to look polished without too much bunching.

br-silk-faked-fitBanana Republic Silk Camp Shirt – even though it’s blousy and long, it drapes nicely for easy styling

Now, on to the J.Crew Blythe blouse in size petite 00:


This color isn’t very good against my skin tone, so please ignore that obvious flaw. I really wanted the “royal blue” but it was sold out by the time I tried to order, so instead I ordered “sand dune” and “alabaster”, the latter of which happens to be back ordered until the end of April.  Sand dune is a very pretty peachy pink that I always love on others and am dying to pair with olive and browns. Unfortunately, the color does nothing for my skin tone, so I’ll leave it for those of you with cooler complexions or better tans than myself.

Typical of silk shirts, it’s nothing special to look at on me without some styling. I obviously couldn’t wear it like this, so let’s take a look at some tucking:


Half-tucked and with sleeves rolled, it’s much better from the front. The view from the side and back is very relaxed and slouchy, some may argue too much so.



And now, a look at it fully tucked. I much prefer wearing a top layer when tucking shirts because I’m short-waisted, but I wanted to show how blousy it is when tucked.




This blouse tucks better on me than the Ann Taylor silk blouse, which was much too poofy and stiff of a fabric. Now I’m wishing I had taken photos of my Ann Taylor tucking attempt, because I also had an issue at the bust. Even though the bust was roomy on me, the arm holes were so big that when I stood straight with my arms slightly back, the fabric at the bust pulled, showing a big gap between the buttons. This blouse has no such problem, and I’m much more comfortable in this one than the Ann Taylor.

If you don’t mind very blousy fits, this J.Crew number comes in some beautiful colors (my favorite is the royal blue!), and has some nice feminine pleated details along the back and shoulder. The shoulder, at 14″ across, is the widest my frame can handle on silky shirts, which usually have more allowance for slightly draping past a shoulder than tops made of stiffer fabrics or structured fits. I am not wearing a camisole or anything else underneath besides a nude bra, so this color at least isn’t too see-through, although Wendy mentioned she wears a nude camisole under the white.

Size 00P Product Details (laying flat):
Shoulder: 14″
Bust: 17″
Waist: 16.5″
Length: 24″
Sleeve: 22.5″
100% Silk
Dry Clean Only

Outfit details – J.Crew Blythe blouse, size 00P :: 7 for all Mankind Gwenevere skinnies, size 24 :: Christian Louboutin shoes, size 35 :: Vintage belt

How do you feel about very blousy fits?

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  1. says: Petiteish

    I love the style of the blythe blouses, but I find the silk to be of lower quality than ann taylor’s. After rolling the sleeves and lifting my arms in my blythe blouses all day, I’ve noticed that the silk stretches and thins in the arms and under arms :(

  2. says: Michelle

    Oh! I am excited to see how the royal blue looks on you! I think you could pull of the sand dune if you paired it with bright bottoms.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. says: Susan L

    I like all the ways you wore that blouse, but I actually really like it untucked! :) the snug fit of your jeans looks good with the looseness of the blouse.

  4. says: Y C

    I really love silky blouses that have a fit that is a touch on the generous side. That said, I like the style of the Blythe Blouse. It reminds me of the AT Washed Silk Camp Shirt from last year, but with a more adventurous palette. 

    I agree that it doesn’t look exciting untucked, but maybe consider tucking in only one of the hems so it won’t enhance your short-waistedness while adding a dimension of visual interest. 

  5. says: SewPetiteGal

    Royal blue sounds lovely – I hope you find it!  Blouse-y fits look nice as long as they aren’t too voluminous / balloon-like that it adds heft to a frame.  I think the fully tucked look would look gorgeous with a skirt (one of my fave looks of yours is the maroon bell skirt) :)

  6. says: Helen

    I had purchased the Blythe Blouse back in November, and the fit was not right for me. I have the same concerns as you regarding silk blouses. Silk blouses does nothing to my figure even though sometimes I do want a more baggy look. On me, it looks like I’m wearing a sack.

  7. says: R.L.

    I think blousy fits are so versatile bec they can be worn casually or tucked in as long as they aren’t too bunchy.  This one is a bit too blousy on you but I actually LOVE the nude-like shade on you and I don’t think it washes you out. 

  8. says: Diana

    I got the blue JCrew Blythe blouse for Christmas. I was actually really excited about it and got it on sale after eye-ing it for a long time. But it didn’t live up to expectations and swallowed me up. The full cut looked way big on me and I wasn’t a huge fan of how it tucked either. I took it back. I think if I’m paying that much then the article of clothing should be perfect.

    1.  Aww…so sad it didn’t work for you, because it is really a beautiful color! Have you been to H&M lately? They have a little polyester (so not as luxe as silk, I know) blouse that looks exactly like silk, in that same bright cobalt blue, with roll-tab sleeves and a slimmer cut. It fits me much better and I’ve already worn it a few times. I’ll try to get it on the blog soon.

  9. says: aubrey

    would you say you most likely will only be able to wear this shirt w/sleeves rolled up?

    i like that button tab down the front.  however, i’m still not thrilled about the 14″ shoulders.

    1.  Yup, this is a “rolled-sleeve only” kind of top. I wouldn’t wear it without rolling the sleeves, or at least a 1/2 tuck. By far the smallest shoulder I’ve seen on a silk blouse was the Pemberley blouse from Madewell last season. The rest of it was a tent, but the shoulder was itty bitty.

  10. says: thd2

    Thank you for this review – I’ve had my eye  on the Blythe for a while, but was hesitating for all the same reasons you mention about the typical fit problems of silk blouses. But now that I see how good it looks on you I may give it a try!

  11. This blouse looks great on you! It’s very pastel/spring-ish. I have been considering buying one of these J. Crew blouses too. However, the price tag sort of scares me away.  I think I might cave in soon and get it after seeing this review and wendy’s video!

  12. says: mares79

    i went to try it on today @ jcrew but for some reason, it was really wide around the waist area but a bit tight around my arms. If I were to hug someone, I’m scared it’ll rip :(

    1.  Hmm…the arm holes must be a little smaller than usual, which would explain why it fits me better in the arms and arm holes than the AT one. Did you ever try the AT silk? The arms are a little roomier and might work better for you.

  13. says: Callandra

    I’ve been considering the Blythe Blouse Kelly, but seeing it on you and getting the exact measurments gives me pause.  I’m afraid that length is still going to be almost 4 inches too long and (as you mentioned) it’s very drappy.  Then again, it does come in those amazing colors…..but it is also dry clean only (not the best choice for someone who enjoys chocolate as much as I do) Lol  Very grateful for this reveiw though, I’m sure I’ll be refering back to it in future while drooling over the blouse at the JCrew website ;) Hee

    1.  Of course Callandra! I’m still checking the J.Crew site religiously for the blue to come back in stock…and if it does, I’ll order it, and continue to ponder the same things you mentioned above. LOL

  14. says: Rinny

    I love this blouse on you! I was actually just looking at this blouse on their site and your review came up when I googled reviews for it. Thank you so much for sharing the measurements too! I think I’m going to get this. And I actually really like this color on you! I don’t think it’s unflattering against your skintone at all :)

  15. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Awww I really like this blouse on you! But I agree the colour is a bit off…if it were darker or lighter it would work beautifully!  I haven’t even bothered with J.Crew here in Toronto even though we have a store now – the prices are still way too much for me, I’m looking forward to heading to the US for some shopping!

  16. says: Anh Tran

    i really like the blouse on you :) u know i love wearing those blouses with a high-waist trouser/flare pant if you are going to tuck it in… and i LOVE it untucked on you- would go great with some booties and black cropped pants!

  17. Since we don’t have J Crew here in the UK yet, I bought a similar nude toned silk shirt from Equipment. I love how you pair it simply with grey-military green jeans so I’m going to try this look too. I tend to wear it half tucked in with the back loose which is a great way to hide my mommy tummy.

  18. says: Janice

    The Blythe is my favorite silk blouse!  I’m 5’2, 34c bust, and the size 4 fits me well. Which is odd because in other jcrew blouses I’m usually a 6.  Also, The color looks great on you as a neutral, maybe some lipstick or a bright necklace for a pop of color near the face?

  19. says: Tanya

    I love blousy fits to pair with short shorts.  In fact, I’m wearing a lovely Banana Republic sheer blouse with short shorts and flat sandals at this moment.  

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