Gap 1969 Red Jeggings and a Sizing Discrepancy

red-gap-jeggingsThis makes the third time I’ve tried the Gap jeggings, and third time’s the charm! The first two times (the olive for fall and red earlier this year), the fit was lackluster. The legs kinda fit but weren’t fantastic, and the crotch was baggy and wasn’t very attractive. I pretty much gave up on them after the first two tries.

Then as I was reading reviews of the red jeggings the other day, one caught my eye:

The reason so many of you (and myself) are finding these too small is that there are actually two kinds. I tried on several over the weekend, after having bought and worn other Gap. If the size is given in two parts (such as, 10/30), it fits like the jeggings I’ve already bought. If the size is just one number (such as 10), then they run very small and the sizes are very inconsistent. Also, the pockets on the former are striped on the inside. The pockets on the latter are the same color as the pants. I ended up buying the 10/30 which are a little big but better than the newer edition in 8 or 10. With any jeans, always remember to try on several pairs of the same size. They can differ greatly. I gave them 3 stars as a compromise. If they all fit like the ones I bought (with 2-part size), then I would give them 5 stars.

Hmm…a smaller version with different sizing, huh? I racked my brain to remember the sizing of the first pair of red jeggings I tried on, and I believe they were the 24/30 kind. So I figured a stop into Gap on my next shopping trip to look for this apparent size discrepancy couldn’t hurt.

After circling the store, the red was no where to be found, until I peeked inside a little cubby underneath a bigger display, and there I found three very tiny looking pairs of red jeggings stacked underneath another color, all marked as size 00 (the smaller version the review talked about). Perhaps their weird sizing contributed to them being left behind?

I hate taking photos on overcast days. For some reason, all the colors look washed out and no amount of tweaking in Photoshop can fix it. The color of these pants are deeper than what is shown in these photos:


gap-red-jeggings-backThese fit so much smaller than the first pair I tried earlier this year. I actually had to do a little shimmy to get the pants all the way up my thighs, and do some pulling to get them buttoned and zipped. There is no waist gap at all on me. It seems the sizing trick mentioned in the review is true!

The fabric is pretty thin and shows underwear lines from behind, so undies should be chosen carefully. The front pockets are sewn shut for a flatter front fit. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, and hugs my legs all the way down. The legs are a little loose past my calves, but cuffing them helps, since the smaller leg opening, when rolled, narrows the width of the fabric below my calves. It’s not a big deal, I guess I’m just spoiled by the figure hugging 7 For All Mankind Gweneveres I’ve been sporting lately.

So…if you love the fit of the original Gap leggings, look for the sizing with waist and inseam (such as 24/30). If you found the original Gap jegging sizing not quite right, try the pants with number sizing (such as 00). The review only mentions the red, but has anyone seen this with the other colors?

Size 00 Product Details (laying flat):
Waist: 10.5″
Hip: 14.5″
Rise: 7.5″
Inseam: 30″
Leg opening: 4.5″
Machine wash

Outfit details – Gap 1969 mid-weight legging jeans, size 00 :: Ann Taylor sweater, size xxsp :: Christian Louboutin shoes, size 35 :: J.Crew necklace

Does anyone else have this jean? Have you noticed this sizing discrepancy?

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  1. What an insightful reviewer! I wonder if Gap did that deliberately or if the one number-only version were meant to be for another “cut” …

    Either way, glad you finally found success with Gap jeans. They’re hands-down my favorite, and I wish they’d make more versatile colors like ON but in the Gap material!

  2. says: Vicky Vickysfashion

    Wow! Nice fit and nice color. Kelly, you should put all your jeans/jeggings in a row and take a picture. Your collection is admirable. :)
    I also find Gap sizing very inconsistent. My favorite Gap legging jeans was a good example. I ordered a 0P and a 00P to try on. They sent me two pairs of 00P instead. One pair I could barely get it through my thighs, the other pair fit perfectly and I’m still loving it now. 

  3. says: Petite LG

    I don’t often read online reviews. Evidently, I should =) They fit you really well. I also like the color. I believe I’ve seen them in store but didn’t try them on because of the thin material. I agree with Vicky, we’d love to see your pants collection. Out of all of us, you are the one who wear pants/jeans the most.

  4. says: inpetite

    I tried this in the store during the recent FF promo. I own a pair of 00P gap legging jeans but these…I could not even button them up. I was in too much of a rush to try the 0p. They also come in a ton of cute colors…cobalt blue really stood out for me. These look fab on you..I will try to get my hands on the 0p when I go to the store next.

  5. says: TOBeautyReviews

    That is so strange about the fit! Pretty observant of that reviewer but I imagine she had to go through a ton of jeans to figure that out! I love the fit of them on you – the underwear thing would be a deal breaker for me though, I don’t want to think about my undergarments :P

  6. says: New Petite

    I love GAP jeans but yeah have to agree with you about the sizing discrepancy! I take 00 – 2 Size when im trying their jeans out! you never know what might fit.. But I still love them!! And you look lovely in those red jeggings!! Love it!!

  7. I got the green pair this weekend and LOVE them! (Same size). Usually Gap’s pants fit perfectly on me in every aspect but length. Luckily for us, these hit us at a flattering cropped length although according to the tag, they’re supposed to hit a little higher, towards the knee. You look fabulous in the red pair!!

  8. says: Shy

    Love these on you. I am a size or two bigger than you & found luck with an Express legging Jean in a deep red like those. Slightly off topic: could you blog about colored pants/jeans at work? I have a semi-casual dress code but can only wear “blue jeans” on fundraiser days. I’ve wondered about wearing colored jeans as a pant to work. If worn with a blazer & heels, could they pass for pants instead of jeans? I haven’t seen this topic on any blogs yet. What’s your opinion?

    1.  Hmm…interesting question! I would imagine it could be done, especially with trouser style denim. Skinny jeans might be too form fitting and trendy, but a nice pair of colored bootcuts or trouser jeans should pass quite nicely.

  9. says: Rinny

    I love these on you! I am a big fan of the GAP jeggings – I own 3 pairs in black, olive, and caicos all in size 00 and they fit like a glove. I have noticed the sizing discrepancy though that you mention. I once bought a pair of the indigo jeggings in size 00 and I couldn’t even pull them up past my thighs!

  10. Bummer! I wish I’d read this post a few days before. I managed to get to a Gap store but left after a few minutes. I didn’t realize they have red jeggings. I’ve been hunting for  a pair of deep red like yours for a long time. The ones at Uniqlo were too orangey and didn’t suit my skintone. These look amazing on you.

  11. says: Amanda

    I tried a pair of green jeggings in the Chelsea location, and the size was jacked.  Why do that make this so HARD?!

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