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I get a lot of emails asking about small size bracelets, so I’m always happy to share ones I find, especially if they’re of good quality and stylish design. I first sneak peeked this Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet (also comes in silver) in this post and have been wearing it non-stop since.

Like many petite women, my hands and wrists are petite right along with the rest of me, so most standard size bracelets fall down and off my hand. This is especially true of trend jewelry, which often comes in only one standard size, and generally isn’t easily made smaller.

I’m also pretty picky when it comes to my jewelry, even the cheap stuff, so finding trend jewelry that I’m willing to pay for is hard to come by. I like the colors and textures to look realistic, the weight to feel heavy, and the metals to be at least semi-decent if I can help it. When I stray from these requirements, I get light weight, smelly metals (like this necklace, the heavy metallic smell of which is only tolerable because I paid $7 for it), and icky discoloration from oxidation on cheap metals (like these Armita Singh necklaces have been doing lately).

On the lookout for some fun jewelry pieces, I spotted this bracelet as part of Wendy’s stylish arm-accessories and had to try it on. Expecting something so on-trend to be light and cheap feeling, I was really surprised to feel how heavy it was. As I stretched the tiny bracelet over my hand and onto my wrist, I instantly knew I wanted one for myself. If I thought I could out-run Wendy, I may have made a break for it, but I suspect she’s better at running in heels than I am, so I sadly handed it back and obsessed over it for the next few days.

Happily, Stella & Dot heard of my obsession, and very generously sent one over for me to play with (probably so I wouldn’t try to run off with Wendy’s). After wearing it now for a few days, I can genuinely say I would happily buy this bracelet for myself (in fact, I came thisclose to pulling the trigger before Stella & Dot were kind enough to send me one).

stella-and-dot-measureI just realized the above photo looks painful with all those spikes turned inward. Don’t worry, they won’t puncture your wrist, the individual pieces swivel easily around on the elastic band.

My bracelet measures at about 2″ when not stretched. To put it on, I have to stretch it over my hand first, which is rare, since even standard size elastic bracelets often slide off my hand. There is space between the bracelet and my wrist, so it doesn’t fit tight, but instead moves along with the rest of my bangles and bracelets when worn with a stack. I have freakishly thin wrists (5″ around), so other ladies may not have this same experience. However, clever Wendy showed me a little trick…if you want it tighter, just twist a little section of the bracelet once or twice (I bet one of the pave balls would work well) to tighten things up.

stella-and-dot-wornWhere it stops on my wrist

According to the website, this bracelet is gold plated, which not only ups the quality of the piece, but also ensures it’s colored like real gold (I’m assuming the base metal is brass, since many of the other products are brass based). One of my least favorite things about trend jewelry is that awful “gold-tone” that is just a little too yellow, making the piece look obviously fake. No such problem with this piece, in fact, the color matches very well with my 18k gold jewelry. I also love the heavy weight of the piece, which makes it feel sturdy and well made.

stella-and-dot-compareColor comparison against two of my 18k gold pieces

At $59, this piece obviously isn’t cheapity cheap cheap, but is way cheaper than a lot of “designer” trend jewelry I’ve come across, made of cheaper materials (for example, the very popular YSL Arty is made of gold-plated tin and glass!). Overall, I’m really impressed with the price point and quality.

My only fears with a piece such as this are: 1) the elastic wearing out, which would probably just mean I’d have to sit down for an evening and restring it, and 2) gold plating has been known to scratch/flake off with rugged wear. I’ll be curious to see how well this bracelet wears with age, and would love to hear your experiences with it if you happen to own it as well.

stella-and-dot-renegade-setThe matching necklace (also c/o Stella & Dot) is also a great size for petite frames, and I’ve been reaching for it often as well. I probably shouldn’t wear them together since it’s pretty matchy-matchy, but I’m really excited about both pieces and have been guilty of wearing both at once lately.

And if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (my username is AlterationsNeeded), you’ll see I’m on a spike binge at the moment. No, I’m not joining a motorcycle gang (although my parents are proud members of their local HOG Chapter…hehe)…instead, I blame a return to my college-age roots of pop-punk and studded belts. =)

Readers: What trend jewelry are you loving these days? Have you found any other great small-wrist bracelets?

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  1. says: Chiara

    I found bangles that fit me in J.Crew’s CrewCuts. It was the first time in my life I have ever had a bangle stay on my wrist and not fall off instantly!

  2. says: Beautygirl24

    Finally! I’m so happy I saw this post! I have extremely small hands, fingers, and wrists and am always struggling to find pieces that fit. Thanks for posting, I really love both the bracelet and the necklace.

  3. says: Kim Dawn

    Oooh the size is perfect! Even though I am not super petite, I have thin wrists and hands, so most bracelets just roll off, especially bangles my favorite! Read through your other small wrist bracelet suggestions as well! 

    Keep them coming! 


  4. says: Michelle

    Ok, we have to see a college picture of you now! Lol!! Seriously, though! That would be fun to see!

    These pieces are gorgeous. Thanks for the details…I am definitely interested in spikes and punk-ish accents, too.  Also, have a thing for skulls these days.  I drink my vodka out of a skull glass and my wine is adorned with a skull wine charm! :) 

    The two pieces can be worn nicely together if you layer the necklace with other gold pieces…less matchy-match.

    1.  LOL! I logged into MySpace for the first time in years today to see if I had any lost photos from my studded belt days in there. Maybe I can scrounge one up somewhere…hehe…

      I can totally see you as a skull girl! Love the mental image of your skull-adorned vodka glass. =)

  5. says: anhieboo

    nice find! i love the spikes !! i just posted about some petite gold bangles i found on overstock!! :) i think they’ll fit you! i have really small wrists too :)

      1. says: anhieboo

         i just added new pics on my blog so you can see the proof! :) yep they are just under 2.5″ :) ! i have some jcrew bangles that are 2.5″ too.. they are the interlinked stack of 3 with the crystals in them! i’d say the overstock ones are of the same quality :)

  6. says: Rodeo808

    By the way, I own I bead store in Brooklyn NY.  I regularly resize jewelry and re-configure jewelry to fit your current lifestyle.  My shop also sells thousands of beads for you to custom design your own pieces to fit your needs.  I also have freakishly small wrists, so I understand the need to find things to fit the petite gal.  My solution is to just make them myself.  Anyhoo, if you need help customizing your jewelry, I can help you out.

  7. says: Beaumonde

    Kelly, the cream chanel-like blazer in third picture looks amazing! Could you please provide a link to where it could be purchased?  Thank you.

  8. says: Nikki

    I love the renegade pieces from Stella & Dot so much, and I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that maybe they’ll release them in silver at some point. I just don’t do gold, but I’m jealous of everyone who does because these are awesome pieces!

  9. Thanks for sharing this, Kelly! I love this bracelet, it’s so chic and different. 

    Sadly, I have not been accessory shopping in a while but I must order this one when I can afford to splurge.  I usually wind up getting my trendy jewelry cheap – at Target or H&M because I’m hesitant to spend a lot on things that do out of style eventually.  However, I’m in LOVE with the neon trend right now…it’s hard not to want to spend $$ on that one. 

  10. says: Lisa Ng

    I’m kinda bummed that the AS jewelry is oxidizing so quickly since I’ve seen so many petites rocking them. However, now that you mention Stella & Dot, I’m more willing to give them a try. TKS! I don’t have tiny wrists like you, but I do appreciate great quality. Thanks! I like your jewelry reviews

    1.  Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed in the AS pieces I have, but it just makes me more picky going forward I guess. Make sure to read the descriptions for the Stella & Dot pieces, since some are better quality than others. Some of the really delicate necklaces are even gold-plated sterling silver instead of brass! Very nice! Other pieces are a little cheaper made (and look it, IMO).

  11. says: witheachpassingday

    I don’t know that the AS 
    AS jewelry oxides so quickly. I guess it a good thing I didn’t buy any AS items. I was just thinking about making a purchase too. I have a clovers necklace from Stella and Dot that I love.  The bracelet is so cute but kinda of edgy for me. 

    1.  The clovers necklace is so cute! I love how long it is, so you can style it different ways. Yeah, my AS pieces aren’t doing so well, but a lot of other ladies I know who also have AS pieces say they’re doing fine. Might be the damp San Diego air. =P

  12. says: New Petite

    Oh… Im glad to know I have a wrist twin!! That looks gorgeous on you! Im scared to sport anything on my hand other than a watch coz it normally falls off or makes my wrists look smaller than they normally are. 

    1.  Whoohoo! Wrist twin! I totally know how that goes. Before I started collecting small bracelets, I would either have to hold my arm up so my bracelets wouldn’t fall off, or have to chase them as they fell off my arm and all over the floor. =P

  13. says: Marylovesstelladot

    my clients have asked me about the wrists size before and i never thought to measure it. thanks for your help!! 

  14. says: Annie

    As a Stella & Dot stylist, I got uber excited to see one of my fave bloggers post something on a S&D piece.  Both the Renegade Cluster bracelet & necklace are one of my top fave S&D pieces.  I have the necklace, and I’ve yet to get the bracelet.  Hoping to get it someday.

    Love your blog!!!  I’m a huge fan.

    xo Annie

  15. So nice to find bracelets that fit!  I am usually the girl clanking around everywhere (my partners at work just have to deal with it), but I’ve lately been on a mission to find some better -fitting bracelets.  I found some XS/S ones at H&M that fit well, but weren’t really what I was looking for style-wise.  Maybe they’ll get some in soon that are more my styles.  

    This spiked bracelet is so fun and punk–totally toughens some of the sweet attire you wear more these days.  I may have to put the one on my wish list.  

    Have a lovely weekend, Kelly!

    1.  I haven’t seen any jewelry at H&M that I’ve liked in a while (it all looks so cheap to me, ick), but I know another petite blogger had luck with H&M little girl’s bangles. I’ve been on a small bracelet search recently, so hopefully something I find will pique your interest. =)

  16. says: Mary

    ladies!! we have the renegade in Silver wooohoo!!! please review and let me know what you think :)

  17. says: ThefashionableESQ

    I’ve had great luck w/ the renegade necklace. I wear it all the time (and I wear it ruggedly, as in – in the shower and to sleep) and it has not chipped or tarnished.  I also like that the length of the necklace is adjustable. I wore it yesterday and today at a shorter length, w/ my BaubleBar Elliptic Bib necklace at a longer length and it made for an interesting look.
    The Fashionable ESQ 

  18. says: Misojenny

    I am completely obsessed with the Renegade cluster bracelet too! Debating if I should make a move on it. I also have a tiny little wrist and finding bracelets is nearly impossible. 

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