Banana Republic Mad Men Launch Party

banana-republic-mad-menEveryone was ohhing & ahhing over the pink cigarette pants

As one of the few stylish brands that carries petite sizes, Banana Republic has made a solid place for itself in my wardrobe. I may not shop them every season, but I always have an eye on what new offerings are in stores. I’m also a big fan of the TV series Mad Men, so when the two worlds collide, I’m there!

Thursday marked the launch of the spring Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, and I was honored to receive an invite to their Los Angeles celebratory launch party. The party actually started in NYC, when a group of bloggers, models, and Banana Republic peeps boarded a plane headed to Los Angeles. I kept seeing photos in my Instagram feed of an in-flight fashion show taking place on board the plane, and thought…”that must be them, heading into town for the party!”

What I found out from a blogger that was on the flight was even more fun. For some reason, I assumed the fashion show flight was private, but it was actually a normal flight, full of regular passengers who boarded the plane with no idea they were in for a treat. Can you image boarding a plane, ready for a 6 hour flight of bad movies and crying babies, only to find yourself watching episodes of Mad Men, a fashion show down the aisle, and trivia games the whole time? Bravo, Banana Republic. I wanna be on the same flight as you guys some time!

banana-republic-mad-men-1The models had to sit or stand in their respective poses for the entire event (rose print cardigan)

Ok, back to the Los Angeles party…Banana Republic flew in a bunch of top bloggers from New York for the event, and I have to admit it was a little intimidating seeing so many familiar faces, dressed as spectacularly as they do on their blogs. The boyfriend, who peers over my shoulder sometimes as I read through my Google Reader, remarked, “It’s like walking through your RSS feed.”

Mr. AN agreed to come (his first time coming to a bloggy thing with me! Eee!), so I set him loose, camera in one hand, scotch in the another, to reek photo-taking havoc on the party.

Mr. AN playing photog. Camera in one hand, scotch in the other #BRMadMenInstagram – recognize my tie?

simon-kneenThis is Simon Kneen, the creative director of Banana Republic. He was mostly running around being interviewed and making sure the models looked good.

model-simon-kneen(Elbow sleeve Draper Dress)

This is Mr. AN’s favorite shot…a blurry Simon Kneen, being stared down by a model in the clothes he helped create. That’s deep, man.

mystery-manAnne, me, Wendy

This is my favorite shot. Mr. AN, taking a photo of Mystery Man, taking a photo of the girls. =)

I also had the great pleasure of meeting up with a few ladies I’ve hung out with before. Anne, Wendy and myself spent a wonderful day sample sale shopping in Los Angeles a while back. Bonding over short stature is a quick way to make some great friends.

My devoted photographer attempted a few full-outfit shots, but due to poor lighting they turned out super blurry, so I’m treating you to an out of focus candid shot.

blurry-outfitOn me: Theory blazer, Banana Republic blouse, 7 For All Mankind skinnies, Christian Louboutin heels, Chanel handbag

model-perspectiveA model’s perspective of the event (lace shell)

pocketsquaresMr. AN’s favorite part of the Mad Men collection? Polka-dot pocket squares. I think I need a few of these, myself.


The Banana Republic Mad Men Collection is available in stores and online now, with almost the entire collection available in petites (I don’t see the rose print cardigan in petites online).

A big “thank you” to Banana Republic, who were also kind enough to take time away from celebrities and big bloggers to chat with little ol’ me at length about how much they love the petite blogging community (yes, they read!). And another big “thank you” to Mr. AN for playing photographer!

See Anne’s post on the event for more photos.

I haven’t had a chance to check out the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection in stores yet. Has anyone picked anything up?

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  1. Kelly, I think the cardigans are the only items not available in petites (I’m also disappointed that there aren’t any shoes this time).  Though I only saw three dresses available in petites at the party I went to, I was pleasantly surprised to see most of the collection the next day.

    So Mr. AN is a little shy, huh??

    1.  Mr. AN is very against being “outed” on the blog…at least for now…LOL. He’s slowly letting me take headless outfit shots, and I’ve recently coaxed him into playing photographer since he’s been on a stay-cation from work…baby steps.

  2. Mr (headless) AN looks ALOT like my boyfriend- seems like the boyfriends of petite fashion bloggers have similar taste ;) The whole event looks amazing- I’m so glad they invited a bunch of petite bloggers!

  3. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Love this post Kelly, so cool about the flight! I would love to be on a flight like that too! Although it makes me re-think my normal airplane where of a hoody and runners LOL! I guess you never know who will be on your flight ;)

    That picture of Mr. AN with the scotch made me laugh – I don’t drink AT ALL and husband is like an old man drinking “single malt scotch” where he can find it LOL! They would likely get along well ;)

    What were your favorite pieces of the Mad Men collection? I feel so out of the loop, I have not been shopping at all and that includes browsing!!!  My head has been occupied with dream home pieces :P

    1.  LOL. Yes, quite a few of my “airplane outfits” in the past would have made me cringe if I would ever be placed on such a fashionable flight. And what is it with boys and whiskey/scotch these days? Are we getting old? Is it time for single malts? Jean’s Nick was drinking sazeracs with us in San Diego too!

      My favorite pieces from the collection are definitely those cigarette pants, although I’m doubtful they’ll fit me since BR pants have been fitting me funny. I think I will be picking up the polka-dot pocket squares though. The men’s items are great if hubby is on the market for some new duds. =)

      1. Nah, you’re not getting old.  I think guys are just trying to be cool – LOL!  I’ve also seen some women drink scotch, too.  I tried it myself, but didn’t really like it.  Think I’ll stick with wine and fruity cocktails.

  4. says: Rinny

    This looks like a great collection. I love the pink cigarette pants – I can see why so many people are talking about them. Looks like you all had a great time at the event!

  5. says: Angie

    this looks like ridiculous amounts of glamourous fun! the shots are fantastic – mr. AN certainly has an eye for paparazzi haha. and i’m really excited to get a clear shot of the back of mystery man’s head ..  you know you’re a petite blogger fangirl when … :)

  6. says: Katherine

    Kelly what an awesome looking party! How cool that you got to go (and loved the little snapshot of the Mr.) Thank you for sharing – please update if you end up getting anything from the collection! 

    1.  Thanks Christina! Here’s some advice: brands read blog posts about them! Banana Republic found me for this event because I wrote a little snippet about the first Mad Men collection last year.

    1.  Hi Francesca! I tried to find the same scarf when I was writing this post so I could link to it, and it was no where to be found! I wonder if it’s an older item that has already sold out, or a newer item that hasn’t gone up on the website yet….hmm…

      1. says: Francesca

        Kelly, let me know if you find the scarf.  I like the colors on it.  Love your blog & all the helpful petite-fitting tips!

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