H&M Knit Double-Breasted Blazer


Knit blazers are slowly taking over my jacket wardrobe. Take note if like me, you happen to have a hard time finding blazers that fit…knit blazers are almost like cheating when it comes to blazers. The knit fabric is meant to stretch, so they’re often cut a little smaller than a traditional wool or cotton blazer. Also, like a cardigan, they tend to hug curves a little nicer than a traditional blazer, which helps to keep your curves from getting lost under stiff fabrics or boxy fits. All hail the knit blazer!

I love the double-breasted shape of this blazer, but even more so the way they did it. True double-breasted blazers have a tendency to make the wearer look thick and boxy, but the way this blazer buttons is sleek and without bulk. Only the bottom button closes, leaving a nice clean v-neck shape without the extra fabric bulk that double-breasted blazers usually have. The buttons are metal and crested, which adds to the menswear feel, and the buttons along the bottom of the sleeve really work (button and un-button). The shoulder is pretty padded, making it a strong look, which some ladies may not like. Make sure the shoulder actually fits on the snug side to avoid the football player look. There are lots of seams running down this blazer, giving is a very feminine shape and it’s fully lined.


Only the bottom button buttons, keeping the silhouette slim even though it’s double-breasted


I also like the small lapels, thin sleeves (which actually stay pretty well when I push them up without having to cuff, which I like), and real side pockets. The sleeves are just a tad long on me, but look just fine when pushed up to 3/4 length (my preferred length).

This blazer currently comes in 3 colors: navy and white striped, solid navy and solid bright pink.


Size quality control isn’t the best on this blazer. I really wanted the navy, but realized in the fitting room that the striped fit so much better in the shoulder and torso than the navy in the same size. After standing in an aisle trying to eye-ball the differences between several blazers, I saw a dizzying array of shoulder and torso measurements. I brought the navy home, despite the big shoulder, so I could properly compare the measurements. Sure enough, I measured the shoulder of the navy to run about an inch bigger than the striped version. Now I’ll be on a mini mission to find the navy in a similar small fit as the striped because I really do like the whole concept and fit of this blazer, and navy is so versatile. If you can find more than one of this blazer in your size, you might want to try on each one before deciding.

There are also pattern discrepancies on the striped version. The mark of quality craftsmanship on an item that is patterned, specifically striped, is the patterns match up at the seams. The first striped blazer I picked up looked symmetrical from the front, but the stripes didn’t match at the point where the shoulder and sleeves meet. The second striped blazer I found matched better at that point, so I’m choosing this one over the mismatched version. All of these striped blazers I’ve seen so far haven’t matched along the bottom of the sleeve, and side seam at the bust. Not perfect, but it is H&M, after all. Obviously, this won’t be an issue on either of the solid colors.


This blazer is far bolder than any blazer I’ve ever bought before, but it’s quirk is growing on me, even though the first thing the boyfriend said when he saw it was, “has there been a jailbreak?” No, it’s nautical…duh!

This blazer is expensive for H&M at $50, but cheap as far as blazers go. For such a nice fit and fun design, I felt it was worth it for my blazer collection. I’m also hoping to find the navy in the same small fit after some more digging at other H&M stores.

**PS…don’t forget there is 15% off one item at H&M stores through 2/26 with this coupon (you can show it on your smart phone if you have one) and those $5 gift cards they were giving out a few weeks ago are good as of tomorrow (2/23). Not sure if they can be combined.**


Measurement Information, size 2 (laying flat):

Striped Blue
Shoulder: 13″ 14″
Armpit to armpit: 14″ 14.5″
Waist: 12.5″ 13″
Sleeve: 23″ 23″
Length: 23″ 23″

*sizing varies – I did not see the pink version to compare
73% polyester/23% viscose/4% elastane
Dry clean only

Outfit Details – H&M double-breasted blazer, size 2 :: H&M long sleeve t-shirt, size 2 :: 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere skinnies, size 24 (post) :: Jimmy Choo shoes, size 35 :: Ann Taylor belt, size xs

Has anyone else picked up this blazer? Did you see the same sizing inconsistencies I’ve been seeing?


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