Gingham and Polka-Dots

Sometimes it’s more fun perusing the men’s department than the women’s. Especially if I’m shopping with the boyfriend. It’s so much fun to hold up crazy-awesome ties and try to convince him it’s high time he rock an ascot (he protests, but he’s secretly considering it). Then while I was gushing over an amazing skinny faded-linen pink and green stripe tie, he did something truly amazing. He said, “That would look good on you.”

OMG. Pandora’s box…open.

A wonderful thing happens to menswear around spring…it gets a cheeky sense of humor, and all of a sudden it’s full of pastels, pinks, polka-dots, and summer fabrics. Pair that with the current trend towards skinny ties, and it’s perfect for this usually timid girl to give it a whirl. Take this tie for example. Skinny linen navy polka-dots. It’s a masculine accessory in a casual fabric and playful print. Layering it underneath a vest allows it to peek out, but covers it enough so I’m not self-conscious of the fact I’m wearing a tie.

Best part, these are accessories even the boyfriend will wear, so it’s like a gift for the both of us. How many items in your wardrobe can say that? I mean, even if he wanted to wear my Loubies, he’d probably only be able to squeeze three toes into them.

Outfit Details – Burberry “Harbourne” trench, size 2 (altered) :: J.Crew “Crewcuts” shirt, size 10 (spring version) :: Theory knit vest, size xs :: Paige jeans, size 23 (hemmed) :: Barney’s CO-OP tie (similar) :: Christian Louboutin “Decolette” pumps, size 35 :: Ann Taylor belt, size xs :: Timex watch :: pearl bracelets

Readers: Would you wear a tie?

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  1. says: Michelle

    Aw! The “That would look good on you” line made me smile! :) 

    Very true what you said about wearing a tie under a vest! That is a great way to take baby steps!

    I love your watch + pearl bracelet combo!

  2. i can’t say i’ve gotten brave enough to wear a proper tie yet, but the boyfriend showed me how to tie a scarf like a tie, which i was a big fan of.

    also, i am in love with that vest! but it’s the only item that doesn’t have a link as to where to find it =( i’d love to try and track it down, any clues for me like a product name or somesuch? thanks!

  3. says: Cee

    Such a cute look! I’ve been meaning to try out my polka dot bow tie with a gingham shirt… but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Definitely hoping that I can wear them as well as you!

    Two thumbs up to ties. I haven’t found a print to my liking (nor skinny enough), so in the meantime I’ll just steal, I mean borrow, from the bf.

    1.  Hi Laura! My trench is 65% polyester, 35% cotton (lining is 50/50 polyester and cotton). It doesn’t wrinkle really at all. I’ve crammed it inside travel bags and even wrapped my camera in it for protection, and it comes out looking great after a few minutes hanging on a hanger. This color does tend to show dirt, but even then, I haven’t had much of a problem with it. I dry clean it once a year (after the colder, rainy months) and it looks just fine.

  4. says: eveange66

    Oh you definitely look good with this boyish look. I used to wear the “total young boy” outfit as a tenn meaning pants, shirt, vest and tie or bow plus jacket and shorter hair. I was of course totally our of fashion and pretty weird in comparison with my fellow girlfriend but I did not care a bit!
    Being petite did help at that time.
    I loved wearing man’s clothes.
    This is really your style and well you do rock it, a bit.

  5. says: Patricia Yu

    looks adorable on you Kelly! But don’t think it would ever work on me… yet. ps, when are we going to meet Mr. AN? hmmm??

    1.  Hi Anelissosa! I’m not much of a skirt or dress girl. When I do pick one up, I feature it on the blog, but to be honest, I rarely wear them, so it’s a bit of a waste of money for me to purchase them. Besides, there are plenty of other bloggers (petite included) who feature dresses and skirts all the time. If you’re looking for great petite dress and skirt reviews, I highly suggest you follow Jean at =)

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