Gingham and Polka-Dots

Sometimes it’s more fun perusing the men’s department than the women’s. Especially if I’m shopping with the boyfriend. It’s so much fun to hold up crazy-awesome ties and try to convince him it’s high time he rock an ascot (he protests, but he’s secretly considering it). Then while I was gushing over an amazing skinny faded-linen pink and green stripe tie, he did something truly amazing. He said, “That would look good on you.”

OMG. Pandora’s box…open.

A wonderful thing happens to menswear around spring…it gets a cheeky sense of humor, and all of a sudden it’s full of pastels, pinks, polka-dots, and summer fabrics. Pair that with the current trend towards skinny ties, and it’s perfect for this usually timid girl to give it a whirl. Take this tie for example. Skinny linen navy polka-dots. It’s a masculine accessory in a casual fabric and playful print. Layering it underneath a vest allows it to peek out, but covers it enough so I’m not self-conscious of the fact I’m wearing a tie.

Best part, these are accessories even the boyfriend will wear, so it’s like a gift for the both of us. How many items in your wardrobe can say that? I mean, even if he wanted to wear my Loubies, he’d probably only be able to squeeze three toes into them.

Outfit Details – Burberry “Harbourne” trench, size 2 (altered) :: J.Crew “Crewcuts” shirt, size 10 (spring version) :: Theory knit vest, size xs :: Paige jeans, size 23 (hemmed) :: Barney’s CO-OP tie (similar) :: Christian Louboutin “Decolette” pumps, size 35 :: Ann Taylor belt, size xs :: Timex watch :: pearl bracelets

Readers: Would you wear a tie?


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