Frankie B. Skinny Jeans

The great pant search continues…and I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the idea of beefing up my denim collection, especially in colors, since non-jean pants have proven so elusive.

Pants are hard to fit on me for several reasons. Not only am I very petite, but I need a really low rise to avoid unfortunate looking crotch issues (such as the jeanis), I have what I lovingly refer to as “toothpick legs”, and a bit of an ample rear end (thanks to my Puerto Rican heritage, no doubt. J.Lo, anyone?). So I need pants that run small, have a microscopic rise, don’t swallow my toothpicky leg line, and yet somehow contain a boo-tay.

I’ve heard a lot about Frankie B. jeans and how small they run over the years. My first encounter with the brand was my senior year of college, when I had an interesting roommate who professed her love for the brand, as she scoured eBay endlessly for discount denim, sustaining herself only on massive bowls of yogurt. She loved the styles with little hearts and rhinestones on the pockets, so I was turned off of the brand for some time. But the name kept coming up. In conversations with sales associates…in blog comments…and everyone kept telling me Frankie B. ran really small. So I finally ordered a pair from Revolve Clothing (free shipping & returns!) to see for myself.

Tip: I love Revolve Clothing for their fit information. They list if items run small, big, or true to size. Sure enough, Revolve lists Frankie B. as running one size small.

Frankie B.’s tend to trick you by looking all normal from the front, but then surprising you with crazy back pockets. Hearts may be great for some girls…but not for me. Luckily, these grey skinnies came in a nice, clean back pocket design. Assuming they ran one size small, I ordered a size 24.

Note how they hug el “toothpick legs”. Extra length is rolled up.

Also note how they contain el “boo-tay”.

It’s true! These do indeed run small, since I can easily wear a size 23 in most denim brands, and even then I’ve swam in some of their generous fits. I would suggest most ladies to size up in this jean, unless you like a skin-tight fit in the leg. There is also a bit of a waist gap on me, which when I did some research into Frankie B. fit, seems to be the norm. Most girls I read suggested wearing them belted, or getting the waist taken in. I’ll also note here that Frankie B.’s also come in size 23, so if you’re smaller than myself, size 23 may work well for you.

I was delighted at how low the front rise is, but the low front rise is not offset by a higher back rise, like my beloved Paige skinnies are (Paige jeans are made with a boo-tay in mind). That means there is fear of showing off more than is desired of the derriere when bending or possibly sitting. Again, the reviews I read suggested belting, or getting the waist taken in. Also, the fabric is not very thick on these, so the front pocket lining is visible from the front. Pretty typical of “jegging” type jeans.

Note: I shopped Paige jeans a lot in the last few years, but I’ve noticed a not-as-small fit from them recently. Even their Verdugo Leggings have fit oafish on me. Has anyone else noticed this too?

Item Measurements: size 24 (laying flat)
Rise: 7″
Back rise: 10.5″
Waist: 12.5″
Hip: 15″
Inseam: 30″
Leg opening: 4″
52% cotton/26% rayon/21% polyester/1% spandex

I’m heavily leaning towards keeping these, since I’ve been day-dreaming about grey skinnies, and not all skinnies can handle the toothpick legs (see examples here and here) while also giving me that low rise I love so much. I have a few more pairs of jeans coming in the mail (J.Brand jeggings and Current Elliot skinnies), so I’ll probably hold off on final decisions until those arrive.

Outfit Details – Ann Taylor cashmere sweater, size xxsp :: Frankie B. My BFF skinny jean, size 24 :: Coach flats, size 5

Readers: will the Frankie B. lovers/haters let me in on your thoughts of the brand? Are there any other styles I should try out?

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  1. says: Cher

    Paige are so good, they’re not just made for women with a butt, but she also managed to design them to flatter women with pancake butts too! I always recommend Paige for ladies who need a little “help” back there. I’ve had two pairs of Frankie B’s in my day, but she used to make them SUPER low rise. I’m talking like, 5-6″ rise. I realize now, that it’s not really the most flattering fit (hey, I was like, 22), but she’s gotten better over the last few years. J Brand and TRs are also good for a nice low rise that’s not obscenely low.  But Paige is my absolute favorite.

    1.  I hear ya! Paige does wonderous things to the ol’ behind. Unfortunately, the recent fits haven’t been working out for me. They’ll fit in the hip and behind, but the legs don’t fit right. I hope it’s just a passing thing.

  2. says: Erin

    James Jeans Twiggy jeans might work for you. I think these look really nice on you! Glad you could finally find some Frankie Bs with normal pockets :) 

  3. says: Antonia

    I think these skinnies look great on you! I was about to suggest J-Brands (the 811’s are super duper awesome for petite girlies and I think they come in a 23), so can’t wait to see how you’ll like the ones coming in the mail.

  4. says: Petite LG

    These jeans are very flattering on you. They do wonders in bringing out your behind. Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem =) I don’t have  much knowledge about designer denim so this post is great for me. Super informative as always. I look forward to see your other 2 pairs. I hope at least one of them will be the perfect ones for you. Have a great week, Kelly!

  5. I think they look pretty good on you! I have never heard of Frankie B., so I’m going to have to check them out. I agree with you on disliking jeans with funky back pockets. I can’t remember the last time I had a pair of jeans that I felt looked great on me. I’m 27 and wearing a pair of bebe jeans from high school right now! What is your favorite brand? Paige?

    1.  Paige jeans for sure! They look great on my behind, and Cher commented down below that they also look great on her lack-of-behind. The back pockets are small and clean, and the denim is always good quality. I’m struggling to find some good fits at the moment, but the Laurel Canyon bootcut runs pretty small. I have several pairs in several washes in size 24. I’m in the market for skinnies, so no more Laurel Canyons for me! If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, that’s usually my spot for picking up Paige jeans at a discount. =)

  6. says: tinymere

    You should try Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slicks (Revolve sells them in 23s but it seems they are low on sizes right now, Shopbop has some 24s). I’m tiny like you- usually a 23/24 in J brand and most other styles of Citizens don’t fit me quite right… but these jeans are amazing. They have a ton of stretch (fabric content 44% rayon, 39% cotton, 25% cupro and 2% polyurethane) in them so they really can conform your your curves. They are a true “skinny jean” – tapering completely to the ankle. Because of the elastic quality they are not nearly as structured as a traditional “jean” – which is usually 98% cotton and 2% spandex. I’m obsessed with these jeans- I have like 8 pairs. If you decide to try them out, let me know…

    1.  LOL! How funny! I just picked up a pair of those at Nordstorm Rack a few weeks ago! The wash is kinda funny though (called slate, but it’s almost a dark blue/green) so I’m having a hard time pairing them. Hence they haven’t been on the blog yet. I got size 23, and noticed the waist falls down on me pretty often (gotta do the discrete butt-hike every now and then) if I’m not wearing a belt. Do you find the waist to stretch out or shimmy down on you too? It might be because the rise is a bit high for me though. Overall, I’m happy with them and they’re very, very comfy. Thanks for validating my purchase! =)

  7. says: R.L.

    It’s refreshing to see you in flats, Kelly!  I really like the way the pants look on you from the front but I’m not a fan of the back.  I notice the crease in the rear, does it fit too tight there?  Also, how do you feel about the fading of the wash in the butt area?  Personally I would feel like there’s a spotlight on my butt :/

    1.  Good observations R.L.. The fabric is pretty thin (in the jegging kind of way) so it does stretch over my behind quite a bit. And you’re right, I would prefer a cleaner, less distressed wash. I’ll add those to my “reasons to return” list. =P

  8. says: Patricia Yu

    Hey Kelly, love your booootay! Haha but I think they look good on you, especially the color. 

    I think you mentioned previously that you’re not a fan of the juniors department but I found a pair of Vigoss super skinny “The Jagger” jegging things that I love from Nordies BP. Size 24 but of course I had to get them hemmed, of course compliments of Nordies. I think these are it…

    I am super happy with these, especially since I get bothered about how ‘tight’ some jeggings are. These are quite comfy. Mayhaps they’ll work for you!

      1. says: Patricia Yu

        I think I saw a grey color online but when I didn’t notice them in the store since Mike actually picked these out for me… does you’re boyf do that?? :P

  9. says: Jasmin

    Hi Kelly, Have you tried JBrand’s skinny jeans from the new series for curvy women ? (I think it’s called the “blue label” series.) I have a “boot-ay” and a short torso myself and always struggle with waist gap and/or the crotch issues that you described. For that reason I have also never had luck with normal JBrand skinnies and most of the jeggings on the market. But I have realized that jeans made for curvy women (such as Levi’s bold curve series) tend to fit much better on me, because they have more room in the trunk but hug your waist nicely. For this reason I ended up getting a pair of JBrand’s curvy skinnies from Hautelook a few months ago in size 23 and they fit really great! No waist gap and no crotch issues! My legs are bigger than yours (muscular, I would say), but the these skinnies I got are super tight on me (almost too tight I would say) so they should work on your legs as well. Good luck with the search!

    1.  What, what? I’ve never heard of such a thing! I usually avoid “curvy” fits because they tend to run big in the hip and thigh on me, but a jegging might be just what the doctor ordered. I’ll keep an eye out for these! Thanks for the recommendation! =)

  10. says: Anonymous

    The jean look great on you. Thank you for recommending the Joe’s jean. I need to get the jean altered.  I have yet to find a Paige jean that fit well on me. My issue with jean is that I have wide hip and thighs and skinny leg. Like a chicken leg. Big on the top and skinny on the bottom. =P

  11. The flats look wonderful with the jeans. Like you said, many petite fellows do have the problem finding a pair of perfect jeans here. I’m still keep wearing those I got from Asian countries. Thanks for sharing, I will try this brand:)

  12. says: New Petite

    Those look great on you! 

    I have the toothpick legs too with a non existent ‘boo-tay’.. it is hard to find something that fits and even if it does.. there is no bum to hold them in place.. a belt has to step in to secure it for me :( Guess there is always something or the other missing! 

  13. says: Jen B

    Kelly! These make your butt look BAM! Definitely think you should keep it. I have a pair of grey skinnies from several years back already and they are some of my most-worn pair simply because they match everything as well as basic dark denim.

    All of my Frankie B’s have to be hemmed and taken in at the waist but after that fix they look really fab in the butt/legs/rise which is hard to come by at our size. Glad to see these look so good on you!

  14. says: AUBS*

      I am always a fan of low rise.  I use to love those Frankie B’s 5-6″ rise Cher talked about.  She has definitely changed her designs over the years, w/increase in rise & less flashy rock-n-roll style.   (I used to be obsessed w/those heart studded pockets and know exactly which ones your roommate oogle’d over.)   I first learned abt frankie B’s my freshmen yr of college when a girl in my dorm told me they fit low & tight.   So of course I bought some to bring all the boys to my yard.  hahaha

    I’ve tried on so many paiges (dept store & Rack & Loehmann’s), but none ever fit.  Rise is always too high and doesn’t flatter my bum at all.  I wonder where you’re finding your luck.

    I think these Frankie B’s look nice on you, but only keep if there are no better alternative.  The light fading around the butt doesn’t bother me, but might not be as versatile for a sophisticated look.

    I have 1 recommendation.  I like Genetic Denim.  I have 2 pairs & they’re my favorite, but you have to be careful which style you buy.  I think mine is the cigarette & james.   While on your hunt, consider looking into this brand.  Their jeggings are super soft & comfortable, but you’ll get the pocket showing through.

    good luck Kelly!

    1.  For Paige, you’ve gotta try the Laurel Canyon bootcuts. They’re a nice low rise and thin in the thigh. Certain washes fit differently too, so you have to hold them up and look for the tiny ones. I’m trying to get my hands on some Verdugo Jeggings in size 23 without going broke, because the 24’s in certain fabrics have fit me funny, but I have high hopes for the smaller size.

      Good point about the distressing on these. I really wish they were a more solid wash. I have 30 days to find a better jean before these have to go back, so here’s hoping a nice one will come along!

      Thanks for the Genetic Denim recommendation! I haven’t tried them yet. Going off to look them up now! Do you wear size 24?

  15. says: Bonhomie_1

    I think they look fabulous on you and think the fit is great. Like another reviewer noted about Current/Elliott, they do run a size larger than other denim brands. However, some of their skinny styles do run true to size. Generally, I think they run a little biggish in the waist, but the legs tend to be on the slender side. I hope they fit you…looking forward to a review.

  16. says: SME

    Kelly, I love your pictures. It was funny though, as I was scrolling through your different blog dates that you almost took your pictures in the same pose, infront of the same bush/background :O)

    1.  LOL! Yes, it’s true! I take my photos myself with my camera on a tripod and a remote control that takes the photo (see it in my hand in my photos?). It makes it a little hard to take photos. Such as, I can’t take photos in a street or sidewalk like some lucky ladies since cars or people may run into my tripod. Also, since I can’t see the photo as I’m taking it, I usually take them in places where I know the light is good and the background is decent. As the seasons change and the sun position changes, I’ll change my photo spot. If you look a few months back, you’ll see a different spot where I was taking photos. That one doesn’t work anymore since the lighting changed in the winter. As for my same pose…yeah…I’m just a regular girl, not a model. Sometimes the best photos (ones where the clothes and I look decent) are ones in very specific poses. =P

  17. says: Tasia Liu

    These jeans look amazing on you. And I am also a big fan of Paige jeans however I feel like they’ve changed some things about their designs. My newer Paige jeans don’t fit as snugly as my older pairs. 

    1.  Yes! I’ve noticed this too! The ones with the older fabric waistband lining tend to fit better than the ones with the newer fabric waistband lining. Such a shame. Although I still haven’t given up on trying some of the skinny fits in one size smaller than usual.

  18. says: Monica C.

    Wow those look amazing on you. I really like the overall outfit. From the pictures and measurements, those Frankie’s don’t seem too low? I am a HUGE Frankie B fan, and most of the pairs I own have a front rise of 6.5 inches and back rise of 9.5. The lowest pair I have is 6 inches in the front and just above 9 inches in the back (which is pretty darn low, but they are sooo soft and comfy). I have noticed, however, that all newer Frankie B. have higher rises. Is this only pair of Frankie’s that you have?

    1. Thanks Monica! I don’t own any Frankie B.’s, and had never even tried the brand before this pair. And you’re right, from what a few other commenters were saying, the rise used to be REALLY low, but they’ve raised it a bit recently.

  19. says: Lauren

    I gotta agree with some of the others… these Frankie B’s are not low at all compared to what they used to be. I have more than few pairs, and it is pretty much impossible to sit or bend down without my thong/crack showing. A couple pairs are so low that even standing up is risky ;-). That being said, they are really form-fitting and do wonders for my figure. You look really cute those FB skinnies, nice shoes too. Check out Revolve Clothing – they have a lot of new Frankie styles with higher rises. Still low, but not so low that you get self-conscious

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