Cozy Monochrome (And a Look at Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinnies)


I know a lot of people like to wear all black (I hear it’s the unofficial New Yorker uniform), but it’s such a severe color that I feel weird in too much of it. Instead I tend to collect greys. It’s still a dark neutral, but much less stern. For some reason, while getting dressed, everything I reached for was in a shade of grey. It just looked so warm and cozy.

Since I’ve been talking about skinny jeans a lot recently, I figured these were finally worth a mention. These Citizens of Humanity Avedon skinny jeggings are a Nordstrom Rack find from a few weeks ago, but haven’t been worn much. The color, called “slate” looked dark bluish-grey in store, but in reality is a weird dark blue-green that is a little harder to pair.

These skinnies are super comfortable, but stretch after a short wear, most notably in the waist. I found myself hiking them back up after sitting, bending, or walking for extended periods. I’ll be wearing a belt with these from now on. The size 23 fits pretty similarly in the thigh and leg to the size 24 7 For All Mankind Gweneveres I picked up recently, except for the stretchier, more giving fabric. I was much more excited about these when I first bought them, but I’m finding I prefer the fit of the 7FAMK Gweneveres.

If anyone is interested in trying these, they seem to run true to size. The super stretchy material makes them doable for smaller ladies, if you can find the smaller sizes. If you’re familiar with the 7 For All Mankind Gweneveres, you should probably size down one size from your 7FAMK size.

Another reason why I’m not as excited about these is that I’m a size 23, which makes finding more of them much harder. I tried a size 24 not too long ago, and the fit just wasn’t as good a fit as the 23.

Speaking of size 23 jeans…why is it that I see them pop up at Nordstrom Rack, but when I ask about them at regular Nordstrom stores, the sales associates look at me like I’m crazy? Those size 23’s must be coming from stores somewhere, right? What lucky Nordstrom stores are chock full of 23’s?

Outfit Details – J.Crew Honeycomb sweater (shrunk), size xxs :: Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinnies in Slate (similar wash), size 23 :: Chan Luu scarf :: Cole Haan pumps, size 5

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  1. says: Couturecoco5

    Oh I love greys too! You look great! I just love your long, curly hair – are you growing it on purpose – it really suits you!

  2. says: Laura Frost

    I love the grey pairing. My dad always wears a grey hoodie and grey sweatpants and calls it ‘festive grey’. You have demonstrated that there is also a classy way to do ‘festive grey’. Well done!

  3. says: Vicky

    I adore this color scheme on you, Kelly! Love the first picture. 
    You’ve been scoring some great jeans recently! I’m looking on in envy. Love the gray pair on you A LOT!

  4. says: Meg

    I noticed that about Nordie’s too — that and the fact that the only jeans they have on the floor are ridiculously whiskered/bedazzled/embroidered/distressed/etc…the petite jeans available at my Nordstrom’s are only in the “mature ladies” section and are definitely “mom jeans” …but at the rack (literally across the street), they have loads of non-embellished pairs in wearable washes, lots of 7s and Paiges, and many of those in small sizes and even petite sizing. It is totally incomprehensible. Yet another reason to skip the snobby service and poor selection at Nordstroms!

  5. says: Sab.DD

    Hard to believe you are 4’11”. Long neck, small face and long limbs. You are well proportion and look much taller than your actual height. No one can sport in skinny Jean better than you.
    I work in NYC and I practically live in my Black monochromatic uniform in cold months. Add a colorful scarves or a statement necklace to avoid the funeral look or mistaken as a Bobbie Brown cosmetic artist in Barney looks. I typically pair my black outfit with brown suede boots. Simple and easy.
    I travel to Northern CA a lot as well and I just change my black pant to dark blue Jean.
    I like your signature blazer outfit but I don’t wear pumps with skinny pant. Just a personal preference because I don’t look good in those combination but you look fabulous.
    I disagree with Meg? Nordstrom offers the best service plus their lenient retrun policy. See if you can get the same level of respect from Neiman Marcus or Chanel sales. Hence, those snobbish sales will never earn a commission from me.

  6. says: Aia

    Hi Kelly! May I know how many inches the rise is? Thank you for taking the time to do reviews & outfit posts. It’s really hard finding clothes for petites. Thank you!

  7. says: witheachpassingday

    I haven’t thought of grey as an alternative to black but I like that idea. You looks great.  Your outfit looks so warm, cozy and stylish. 

  8. says: Kim

    Great fit on the jeans. I also love the cuffed look paired with heels. I agree that the color is a little off. I prefer true blues or greens. Thanks for the fit info! I’ve been wanting to try it. I am usually a 27 in 7FAM, but slimmed down recently and can shimmy into a 26. Should I still go for 26 in CAH or downsize? 

    Thanks again!


    1.  I guess it depends on if you like your jeans really snug on your legs or not. At least in this style, if you sized down to a 25, you’d get a nice snug fit on your leg, and maybe a better fit in the waist since these do stretch. Since these are so stretchy, my instinct is to say size down. Hope that helps!

  9. says: TOBeautyReviews

    You are speaking my language I LOOOOVE greys!  Black is just too severe and to be honest I don’t think it goes with everything  – it can be too much of a contrast. I much prefer greys as they go with everything. 

    I really  love this outfit, the polka dot scarf is so cute!

  10. says: Fareena

    Just an FYI COH are avaliable in many different  versions of Avedon . I own many of them if you were to buy the 98 % cotton blend then they fit like true denim however you may have purchase the ultra skinny stretch denim leggings which are composed of Rayon/cotton/cupro/polyurethane and will sag and bag if you are truly of a slimmer frame. I am currently 98 lbs and 5’3″ and wear a 24/25 the Ava’s, and Avedon’s. But be careful of the Thompson’s because they fit like the ones you purchased so it is best if you always go down 1 size. I wear a 24 in the Thompson’s and they fit much better in my opinion because they have a 30″ inseam with a higher rise which makes my legs appear longer, leaner and the tush is more rounded. Hope this helps.

      1. says: Fareena

         Oh gosh thanks for answering! I am such a fan, especially after seeing that white Theory blazer on you. I have been obsessed with finding that one or one similar to it for over a year. I clearly have issues but i was on ebay and noticed that someone was selling a blazer ( J.Crew ) and they used your image without the head and i thought it was you selling off one of your pieces and started telling this person what a fan i was and they must have thought what the ??????? because they were like uh listen chick i am not who you think i am i found the image online and used it. Well needless to say i was sad and thought well that doesn’t seem right that you are using someone’s image without their knowledge. It’s such a complement to know that i could offer you any kind of advice regarding the fit of a garment. Thank you this made my night. Take Care.

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