Checking Grey Skinny Jeans Off The List


Thank you all for your denim suggestions in last week’s post! I have a lot of online shopping to do. =)

Thanks to Jean for first discovering, and to Jen for alerting me to an online sample sale, I’m having a new love affair with 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere skinny jeans. I picked up the olive version of these jeggings not too long ago. Happy with how they fit, I tried some fun colors in the same style during the holiday sales, but was not as lucky.

While wearing the olive ones last week, I thought, “it would be nice if there were a grey version of these.” Some searching online brought me to these, and after agonizing over online reviews, measurements across multiple retailer sites and harassing a poor 7FAMK sales associate over the phone, I did something really out of character for me. I bought an item final sale, sight unseen.


gwenevere-backI like these much better than last week’s Frankie B. grey skinnies. These have a higher back rise, so there’s no fear of flashing unfortunate souls from behind. The fabric is a little thicker, and the wash is not distressed, which makes it more versatile. The front rise is longer, but still do-able on me.

These skinnies are so snug in the leg at first, that my legs feel a little suffocated. But after a short period of wearing, they stretch to a perfect fit. Ladies with muscular legs might need to size up in these, since the legs are so snug. Ladies that are smaller than myself should take note that these come in size 23, for an even smaller fit.

Now that I have grey skinnies checked off my list, it’s on to white!

Item Measurements: size 24 (laying flat)
Rise: 7.5″
Back rise: 11.5″
Waist: 12″
Hip: 13.5″
Inseam: 30″
Leg opening: 4.25″
98% cotton/2% spandex

Outfit Details – Theory “Amanda B.” blazer, size 00 :: 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere skinnies, size 24 (in olive) :: J.Crew t-shirt, size xxs :: Christian Louboutin shoes, size 35 :: Punch necklace

Any other 7FAMK Gwenevere fans out there? Any other washes that fit like this?

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  1. says: Amber

    Kelly these look amazing on you! I had one pair that was the wrong size and I ended up selling. These pics make me wanna give them another try! Love them on you!!

  2. says: Michelle

    These fit you great!!  I am shocked that you bought a pair of pants on final sale!!  You are brave! :) And you are way ahead of me! I have grey and white skinnies on my list…although, I have not been actively seeking them out.  I am currently in the market for a white tee and cream-ish or white hoodie.

    I am still so in love with your necklace!!

    1.  I’m sure you’ll check both grey and white skinnies off your list soon. White is proving a challenge for me. For some reason, they’re usually cut a little bigger than other colors. Have you tried BR for t’s? My favorite white v-neck is from there. Nice and thick, in a petite friendly fit.

      1. says: Michelle

        I did check out Banana, but did not see anything I liked…my petite section is so limited!  I am looking for something lightweight…basically like my J. Crew vintage cotton v-neck tees.  I might just suck it up and buy one at nearly full price with my 15% teacher discount. I was willing to pay for a James Perse or Splendid tee, but could not find any that fit that well.

    1. But when you find a nice fitting pair of jeans, they look wonderful on muscular legs! I envy ladies with strong calves and thighs. =)

      The final sale price really wasn’t all that great, but I’m glad I picked them up regardless.

  3. says: Marissa

    I love the gweneveres! I have four pairs in diff washes lol if you do buy the black pls be aware that they fade really bad. So I bought another pair on ideeli for $40. You can find really good deals on eBay too. I have yet to find jeggings that both have a short inseam and that don’t stretch mid day.

    1.  Good question! I haven’t decided what to do with them just yet. I was tucking under the extra length, thinking I would hem them there, but I’m not sure if that’s as flattering on my figure as the cuff. I’m thinking my skinny calf looks better with the added bulk of the cuff. What do you think? Here’s the olive ones tucked as if they were hemmed:

      I guess the short answer is I’ll cuff them for now, especially since it’s on trend right now, and then see how I feel about hemming them later once cuffs go out of style.

      1. says: Jorlette2

        I also have very skinny calfs so I can relate to that problem :) While I do sometimes cuff my jeans, I usually hem them just because I feel it gives the jeans a ‘cleaner’ look so I’m leaning more to hemming.
        I’ve been eyeing these grey jeans for a couple of months now so I was so excited to see your review! You convinced me, and mine are on the way:)

    1.  I’m glad too! Even the boyfriend was skeptical: “you bought them final sale? What are you doing to do when they don’t fit you?”

      And I must say, I was surprised when I started editing these photos last night. I had no idea they looked that good from behind. Score! =)

      1. says: Aubrey Dang

        didn’t see this til now but b4 i got here, i immediately just IMed ping to tell her your @$$ looks effin amazing in these jeans.  look at your curves woman!  dizzamnnn!!!  why not see if they make this in white?  hahah.  I need to try these jeans on.

        1. LOL! Coming from the Pinterest boo-tay aficionado, that’s quite the compliment!  I know! I’ve been looking for white like a mad-woman. I think they did a few seasons ago…fingers crossed it comes out again soon. I want these in every color…seriously.

  4. says: Erin

    Good job!!! One of my good blog friends has an entire website dedicated to denim ( and these are one of her all-time favorite pairs! Glad you love them – they look great! 

    I’m still thinking you’ll like James Jeans Twiggy… but they do have a higher rise, so perhaps not.  I think they come in a white wash…

    1.  I’ve come across a few times…I’ll have to give her site a better look over. ;)

      I’ve been looking for the Twiggy but haven’t seen to many around (even online). I’ll definitely give them a try, especially if they come in white.

      And you were right about the Current/Elliots. Size 23 fit in the hip, but I was swimming in the legs and thigh. =(

      1. Kelly – I drop to a 24 in C/E and they’re still large. Some styles will work for you in a 23 (the legging, for instance) but I’d recommend passing unless you really love them.

        And Erin’s SO right: these are absolutely, 100%, die-hard my current favorite pair of jeans!

        They look stellar on you!

  5. says: Katherine

    I love the Gweneveres too, I have the black versions – they are so comfy (though I agree that they can be really tight at first). These look fabulous on you! I was LOLing at the harassing a sales assistant on the phone – I’ve definitely been guilty of that! 

      1. says: Katherine

        Hmm…my black pair is that super stretchy material, kind of like the old Express ponte pants if that makes any sense…so they don’t fade. I have felt the regular black ones though and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were fading issues! Have you tried Siwy Hannahs? I love my black pair. 

    1.  LOL. First I called on the off-chance they had a pair sitting around in the store I could race down to go try on. After that was fruitless (apparently all the sale styles had already been moved to the outlets), I then went on to ramble about how I needed to know how they fit because I had a pair that fit perfect but then I tried on another pair in another color that fit big and I was scared to buy the online pair in case they fit like the big pair and did she know the olive version…and how does the grey version fit compared to the olive version…ramble ramble ramble.

      Luckily she was very nice, humored me, and assured me the grey, black and the olive colors all fit very similarly. =)

  6. says: SugarNikita

    I’m pretty sure you and I are almost body type twins, with you just being proportionally smaller all over than I am. I’ve got curves in the same places you do, and I can’t find jeans that fit FOR THE LIFE OF ME! (Small waist + round bubble butt = no good options!) That being said, I wish the jeans you like were less expensive so that I could buy them! Oh well. They look great on you!

    1. Yeah, I splurge on my premium denim brands…I’ve yet to find a cheaper brand that fit right, or with fabrics that aren’t too thin. Do you check sample sale websites? That’s where the olive pair of skinnies came from. Scored them for about the same price as a pair of full-price Gap jeans. =)

      1. says: SugarNikita

        The best fit I’ve found are $200 Elie Tahari jeans that I bought at a consignment shop for $20. So…that was kind of a one shot deal, lol. I have a really hard time finding jeans with a high enough back and pockets that are high enough and portioned correctly. They are always too big, placed to wide, and sage down below my butt. So annoying!

        Can you suggest any good sample sale websites? I’m around a 26P in jeans (my hips (or butt) at the widest point are 35.5″; my waist is 25″). My hips aren’t really wide…my hips bones stick out as does my butt! I’m hoping to try Levi’s Curve ID jeans in the bold or supreme curve…I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. :)

        1.  Let me know how the Levi’s work out for you! My favorite sample sale sites are Gilt Groupe, Ideeli and Hautelook. They send you an email every day, which can be annoying, but I love when they have their denim sales. I’m keeping an eye out for the 7 For All Mankind sales to see I can snag more of these skinnies. If you’re interested and need an invite to any of those sites, let me know.

            1. says: SugarNikita

              Just thought I’d update you. I found jeans that fit me almost perfectly by accident yesterday: Old Navy Sweetheart bootcut jean in 2 short. Turns out I need a classic rise (which I suspected), which are generally hard to find. I didn’t try petite as every time I order from them, nothing fits, and they don’t carry petites in stores. And they were on sale ($19)! I’m going to try the Sweetheart skinny jean when they get my size in…they were out. :(

              Still going to try Levi’s Curve ID as some point. But at least now I have jeans to wear.

              If you happen to hear about petite (or short) jeans with a classic rise and curvy fit, could you let me know? I like to keep a look out in case brands like to discontinue clothes I currently wear.

              Next up: I must design my own bras. Don’t even get me started…

  7. says: Patricia Yu

    Oh snap!! Those look amazing on you. So much better than the frankie B ones. Nice booooootay! Better make sure my boyfriend doesn’t see your butt in those jeans! :P

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