Metal Collar Necklace (and a DIY Attempt)

One of the more interesting statement necklace trends I’ve seen recently has been the collar necklace. Love wearing collared shirts? Then why not “collar” everything with a necklace! Genius!

The bad part…these things are expensive. There’s a lot of metal or chainmail going on in these necklaces, and even if they’re not a precious metal, all that can get expensive. I decided I wanted a mesh version, but by the time I was fully committed to buying one, the cheaper versions were nowhere to be found. I watched this BCBGMAXAZRIA (full retail $78! Ouch!) version online, waiting for a sale, but then it too disappeared.

After fruitlessly calling around & popping into stores looking for this necklace, I decided to try to make my own. I found a really big image of the necklace, and saw it was just a series of jump rings…not too bad. An afternoon at the craft store later, and I was knee deep in a DIY project. The results:

Hmm…not quite like the photo. My collar necklace wants weren’t satisfied.

Then one afternoon, while leisurely strolling through a beautiful outdoor mall, I walked past a BCBGMAXAZRIA store and decided at the last minute to see what jewelry they had. Lo and behold, there she was…on sale…and looking a million times better than my sad DIY version at home.

Side by side:

Yeah, the BCBG version is much better…

For more collar necklace eye-candy, check out Khatu wearing hers from ASOS, and Anh wearing hers from Topshop.

Outfit Details – BCBGMAXAZRIA Collar Necklace (tag) (rhinestone version) :: J.Crew Honeycomb Sweater, size xxs :: 7 For All Mankind “Gwenevere” Skinnies, size 24 :: Christian Louboutin shoes, size 35 :: GAP boy’s braided belt

Is anyone else sporting collar necklaces? How are you styling them?

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  1. says: SewPetiteGal

    Kudos for going the DIY route!  I think it just needs to be filled in and evened out but your skeleton looks good!

    I purchased a pearl collar necklace that I still need to photograph for a post!  I’ve been unimaginative with it though and have only worn it with a black sweater.

    1. Thanks! Coming from a DIY guru such as yourself, that’s a big compliment! Can’t wait to see your little pearl one on the blog! I’d imagine it would look wonderful with all the pretty mints & pastels coming for spring. Very girlie. =)

  2. says: Angie

    that’s awesome! of course i was actually wearing chainmail for nerdier matters in high school, but this is a great accent. you did a fine job on your first DIY chainmailing regardless :)

  3. says: Niomehulett

    I just ran to mall after reading your post and….bamm, there it was 40% off plus 20% off!!! So it the necklace ended it up being 24.95+tax!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. says: lorena

    I think yours turned out quite well – and with this post you just reminded me of several vintage collar necklaces I have had for almost a year that remain unworn !

  5. says: Couturecoco5

    Kelly, your outfit here is one of my favs and this necklace is now my most fav accessory on you – besides your Chanels :-) One of your best discoveries! OOoooh if only I could find one too, keep dreaming!

  6. says: Mahyaimura

    I always interested with your style, it really fit to my style. I’ve been loving this chain collar necklace but it’s hard to find the similar one and BCBG is too pricey to me. Do you happen to know or recommend me the dupes with affordable price beside  asos, lanvin, dannijo? thanks in advance :)

    1.  Hi Mahyaimura! The ones I know of right now are this one from Jewelmint:
      This one from an Etsy seller:
      And this one from Topshop, which is sold out online, but you might be able to find in stores:
      Also, the BCBG one is at outlets now, so it’s probably only about $30 if you can find one. Good luck!

      1. says: Mahyaimura

        BCBG is $30? I thought it’s  $79, okay i’ll check to the outlet. Thank you also for the other references

        1.  I was $79 when it was full retail. It’s gone on sale a few times. The last time I saw it, it was about $30. But they may be hard to find since they’ve already gone on sale & have been sent to the outlets. Good luck!

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