H&M Polka-Dot Button Down

Not the best fitting button-down shirt, but it’s proven to be a fun layering piece since I picked it up last week. I’ve had my eye out for more prints, especially collared shirts, that can be layered under sweaters and blazers, and this one fits the bill. With a slim torso that’s perfect for layering, a nice length on 4’11” me, and sleeves that are just long enough to peek out from under blazer sleeves, this has been the best polka-dot button down I’ve found recently, especially for the price.

From the Divided line, the shirt I’m wearing is size 2, and retails for $24.95. Here is the tag.

Despite it’s petite-friendly length and slim silhouette, this blouse is made for someone with a longer torso and broader shoulders than myself.  At 14″ the shoulder is a tad big on me, and I’m hoping a wash will eliminate some of the starchiness. If the shoulders relax a little, I might be able to wear it un-layered, but we’ll see how that turns out. From the back, you can see a fold of fabric just below my shoulder blades. This is because the waist of the shirt (the slimmest part of the shirt) is lower down on the shirt than where my natural waist is. The waist of the shirt finds a way to shimmy it’s way up to my natural waist, causing the fold of extra fabric. I’m also not a fan of those bright white buttons, especially those placed right at the giggle-worthy chest pockets. I’ll be replacing those with navy buttons before I attempt to wear it un-layered.

Typical of H&M shirts, the fabric isn’t very expensive, and collects lint easily. I spent a good 20 minutes de-linting it from when I wore it with the J.Crew Honeycomb Sweater. The polka-dot pattern is only on the outside, and the inside of the cuff. You can only fold the cuff up once if you want the polka-dot print to show. Otherwise, the inside of the sleeve is just navy blue. I wouldn’t recommend this shirt if anyone is actually looking for a quality item and good fit, but if like me, you’ve been looking for something similar, and finding even worse fit elsewhere, this shirt is a cute little trend item to add pops of polka-dot to your outfits.

Is anyone else on a polka-dot binge right now?

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  1. says: Michelle

    Glad you found such a nice layering piece. I am shocked at how slim fitting it is in the torso! It looks like you could be wearing one of those fabric clips in back! 

    Lol! about the white buttons! Navy buttons are a definite must if you plan on wearing it alone!

  2. says: Karen

    Polka dots are adorable on you! Too bad the back is kinda saggy though but the fit isn’t bad from the front. LOL about the buttons! Yay for semi petite-friendly finds!

  3. Kelly, do you happen to have a photo showing the side view of how this blouse fits? The bagginess only mildly noticeable from the back, but my issue tends to be how awkward it can sometimes look from the side (like I’m a hunchback, lol!) – I’m considering buying this shirt, and since I didn’t see at my local H&M, I’m just trying to decide whether it’s worth the additional effort of scouring the city for. :)

    1. Darn! I usually take one, but I didn’t this time around. I’ll try to take one tonight. The extra fabric causes more of a fold than a poof on me. It’s not hunchback-ish at all. If you have a longer torso than me, the shirt might be ok on you. I’m just so darn short, plus my torso is shorter than average, so I get this type of fit all the time. =P

      1. LOL I know what you mean – even though I think my torso is slightly longer, I still get that bunching at the back, especially with H&M button-downs. But if it’s not too bad on you, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and put a little effort into hunting it down!

  4. I saw it in your previous post about the cable sweater, and was wondering how it looks on its own and here it is! You can read our minds:) 
    It’s a nice color, looks good on you! I will keep an eye on it too and maybe pair it with white jeans in spring:)

    1. You and me both Aubrey! Have you see that shirt? It’s by Equipment and the fit is…um…roomy to say the least. I also tried a few gauzy silky versions and was swamped in all of them. I think our only hope is finding one for super cheap & altering the begesus out of them, or hoping AT, LOFT or BR comes out with a slim fitting one in petite. *fingers crossed*

  5. says: Kim

    Looks great! H&M has great pieces for more petite and slimmer women! How is fabric? Is it pretty stiff?



  6. says: Cee

    Yes to bingeing (sp?) on polka dots and stripes right now. I have a top with small polka dots but would love to find one with larger ones.

    I’m happy to hear you’re able to cross this off your list but do agree with the two wonky buttons and the fit. It sure did look great layered under your honeycomb sweater — so jealous of warm CA weather :)

  7. says: Anna Runyan

    It’s time for polka dot fever! :) Though its not a perfect fit but you look great on it. I also love your jeans. :) 

  8. I love this top so much.  Polka dots are one of my favorite things to wear.  I’ve had a lot of luck at H&M because their clothes run so much smaller.  Yes, they are a little cheaper, but you can add funky trendier pieces to your wardrobe without spending so much.

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